What is digital signage CMS?

What is digital signage CMS and how to control your digital signs remotely? To understand how digital signage works and how it can be of benefit to you, you need to at least be familiar with some of the important elements of digital signs.
What is digital signage CMS?

Digital signage has garnered a lot of popularity over time due to its ability to attract the attention of multitudes 24hours every day. However, to understand how digital signage works and how it can be of benefit to you, you need to at least be familiar with some of the important elements of digital signs.

Digital Signage CMS

A CMS or a Content Management System is a program or digital signage software that delivers content to digital signs for broadcasting. It can deliver the content to one or multiple digital displays. The software is responsible for controlling the delivery and the timing across the digital display network if the content is being delivered to more than one digital display. An ideal CMS software will allow you to customize, monitor, schedule, troubleshoot your content across the multiple displays.

Accessing my CMS

There are several ways to monitor the Content Management Program and ensure it is running perfectly. Here are the CMS access methods.

  • Local access – You download the CMS on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Web-based access – The CMS software is hosted online by a website host services provider. This means you can access the CMS from any location in the world as long as you got an internet connection and a computer or smart device with qualified specifications.

Nowadays, software developers are building amazing software that allows for a range of deeply useful features. With a cloud-based solution, you can log in to your account from any location and send whichever content you want to the digital displays at whatever time. Some of these software solutions allows clients to monitor the status of all the digital sins and displays from a remote location including identifying problems if any.

Controlling Your Digital Signs Remotely

Numerous advancements in technology have made it very easy to remotely access and control digital signs in a network in various locations. Software developers are also coming up with robust digital signage software to ensure the smooth customizing, scheduling, and monitoring of digital signs and the content any day anytime.

However, you will need powerful media players or screens with OS inside that have met the minimum set requirements for particular solution in play to use from whichever location in the globe.

Controlling Your Digital Signs Remotely

How to Control Your Digital Sign Remotely

Over the years, most brands that rely on digital displays to broadcast their content to the world have embraced remote access to control the digital signs. This is the most recent technological advancement when it comes to Content Management Systems.

The worldwide web has made the world so small that you can access and control your digital signs from any remote location. The cloud is a server that you can access over the internet. They even offer storage space which allows you to save on space on your computer. With good internet access and the correct credentials, you can remotely access and control your digital signs. This means that you are either relying on a web-based interface to manage the digital signage and the content or an application you install on your PC with internet access.

The market is flooded with CMS solutions that offer stunning features and a great user experience for anybody looking to use the digital display to broadcast content to the public. What is important is to ensure that the CMS you choose to remotely manage your digital signs and the content has a range of options allowing you to make any changes and manipulate the content to your liking and the liking of your target audience.

Something else that is amazing about cloud-based access and control of digital displays is that you can control multiple digital signage across various locations with one personal account on your PC. You get to choose which displays to play which content at what time and for how long based on the activities of your target audience.

Remote access to digital signs is in use widely compared to on-premises access which is time-consuming and inconveniencing. Here are some of the benefits of remote access and control of digital displays.

Easy Content Deployment

As soon as you have the desired content ready, you can easily deploy it to any or all of your digital displays. You can install streamers on your devices and use them to deploy any content of your choosing anywhere anytime.

Easy Content Deployment

Easy Management

Like any other type of system, a digital display system or network needs management, and CMS allows for remote management. You can monitor activity on your digital signs, troubleshoot any errors and fix all the issues remotely. There is no need for premises management of any of the digital signs.


CMS is built with great precision to allow for high performance. Combined with the availability of bulk internet bandwidth, it is very easy to deploy content of HD quality and amazing sound from any location in the world and reach thousands in a very short time.


To ensure maximum efficiency with your digital signs, you need to keep them secure from tamper. Unfortunately, on-premises access and control are not as safe as anyone else with access can make all sorts of changes. With cloud-based access, only you get access and control of your digital signs at any time of the day. This also includes warning via email or notifications when someone else tries to access your digital signs or CMS.

If you still rely on onsite or on-premises control of your Digital signage, then it's time you upgrade to remote access and control of your digital signs.