20 Ideas for Good Digital Signage Content

Below is a list of 20 different types of digital signage material you can use to make yours stand out.
20 Ideas for Good Digital Signage Content

Digital signage is a wise investment that may help a company stand out from the competition. You may use digital signage for several purposes, including drawing in more customers. But, what about the content itself? You can be both educational and entertaining, or even fiercely competitive, with the appropriate mix of material and media.

To help you get started, below is a list of 20 different types of digital signage material you can use to make yours stand out.

1. Customer reviews

The most effective strategy to increase customer confidence, provide social proof and solidify your brand is to display real-life case studies. In addition to marketing your product or service, customer testimonials assist in establishing your company's reputation and establishing a better online presence. If feasible, provide images of the folks whose words you are quoting to demonstrate that they are genuine.


2. Content in the form of video

Video is the ideal content option because consumers are more likely to notice dynamic digital signage material (10 times more probable) than static messaging. You may use a video of your demo reel, a current film of your work, or even a video of a satisfied client praising your company on digital signs. You may either post directly to your screen playlist or use an app like YouTube or Vimeo to do so.

3. Images

Digital signage can display pictures from various sources, including business training, events and product demonstrations, thanks to the wide range of image formats it supports. Upload the photographs, specify the time of each one, and then leave the Playlist to run the images in a showreel.

4. Motivational quotes 

Any opportunity to spread hope and inspiration is a brilliant idea. Employees in companies, kids in schools, and gym-goers may benefit from seeing motivating phrases shown on digital signage material. It is possible to plan them at regular intervals to keep the digital signage's dynamic nature alive with diversity.

You can find motivational quotes all over the internet, but it is always appreciated if they are related to your field. You may also show motivational quotations in the form of banners and tickers with other information.


5. Displaying company information 

You can use your digital signage to play snippets about your history or mission, keeping everyone well informed. If you operate in a restaurant, fast food business, or bar, this is one of the most crucial content displays you'll develop.

6. Connect to your social media accounts


If you are looking to connect with your consumers, social media is a terrific area to do it. Let your social media posts work for you in your in-store digital displays. With just a few clicks, you can extend the reach of your social network posts to those who already know and love your business by displaying them on your digital signage.

7. Entertainment

Laughter is universally adored. Our emotional and physical well-being is enhanced by our ability to cope with stressful situations. Use films of beautiful animals or newborns to liven up your signage. Have some jokes shown on a screen to get everyone laughing. Not focusing only on the company's finances might be beneficial to businesses.

8. Weather


Is there anybody who doesn't like finding out the weather outside? You may get your audience to stare at your display for a more extended period by showing them the current weather conditions. The more time consumers spend on your ad, the more likely they will engage with it and keep your brand in mind.

9. Coupon code

Are you running a special offer, either online or in-store? Promo codes and discount codes may be changed and updated as required to provide savings and promote sales. If the offer is exclusive to your digital displays, you will be able to track the number of visitors that interact with your signs.

10. Display the most recent headlines and developments

For the most part, most of us have a go-to news source that we use to stay up to date on global events. If you integrate a news app into your signage playlist, you'll never miss a story. Customers and visitors will spend more time in your coffee shop and welcome area.


11. Science and technology-related news

You may tailor your digital signage to provide more technical information in addition to the general news. From Buzzfeed to your corporate blog or specialty news, any material you choose may be accessed using RSS feeds.

12. Emergency messages

You may quickly and easily add new information to your boards with digital signage.

13. Photographs

There are various ways to inspire your workers to feel like they are part of a larger group, and photos are one of them.

14. Electronic menu boards

Since food has such an important place in our lives, it is only logical that we should be attracted to visual representations of it. This is where an electronic menu board with a digital display comes in.

Electronic menu boards can also be used as the entertaining noticeboards. You can switch out the menu options for items you are focusing on or entertaining summaries of your team members at events or as a cafeteria setup.


15. Frequently asked questions

Give clear, concise answers to your most often asked questions, and then display them for everyone to see. As an example, this may include payment conditions, security issues, or your merchandise location.

16. Health and safety information

Digital signage may serve as a safety net for the public, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

17. Display the calendar

You can highlight critical dates, meetings, and activities using calendars.

18. Updated trip information in real-time

If your clients or workers need to travel often, displaying a real-time travel information board on your digital signs would be an excellent use of your resources.

19. Employee recognition 

Recognize the best of the best in a way that is readily apparent to the public. It is a great approach to boost employee morale and maintain transparency inside your company.


20. The sales dashboard

Digital signage may be linked to your CRM so that everyone on your team can see precisely how you are performing.

We could go on and on about the possibilities of content for digital signage for hours. These displays have a more comprehensive range of uses than standard posters do. They may be used several times and show any number of elements that a firm wants its consumers to view. You can use these content ideas to boost consumer engagement and show the public what a brand is all about.