Key powerful features overview of Look digital signage platform⚡️

Create beautiful eye-catching cases with fully-featured cloud-based tool, which can bring you an outstanding user experience.
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Layout designer 💥

Highly flexible tool, using which you can divide the screen into the multiple areas and create a unique layout for your broadcasting
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    Customizable areas

    Divide the screen into several areas with easily customizable sizes and play different content items in each of them at the same time
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    Inbuilt graphics editor

    Choose color, size and opacity level for layers, data fields and fonts. Set the speed and direction of the ticker
  • scene


    Design several scenes within one layout, set transition conditions between them, make your scenarios multi-layered
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    Create adaptive layouts that look equally great on the screens with different resolutions, aspect ratios and orientations
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    Free templates

    Create your own dynamic layouts using a set of highly customizable templates designed for different industries
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Interactive scenarios 🙌️

Use touch monitors? With the Look you can create the multi-layered interactive scenarios without writing a single line of a program code right in your personal account.
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Any other ideas? Well, you're limited only by your imagination, because you already have a tool.

Third-party integration 🔗

Using this display signage software you’re able to temporarily or permanently change the state of your layout by execution of the external requests via the API or through integration with various applications on the Zapier platform.
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Offline Playback 💪

There is no necessity to maintain a permanent internet connection on the screen's side. You only need it when uploading content, updating settings or to monitor the current screen status.
Due to the fact, that all internet independent content, like videos or images, is stored in the memory of the device itself, all the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode. So, no blank screens or service messages ever!
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24/7 Support 👂

Yes, that's true! We are in touch 24 hours 7 days a week. There are supermen in our support team, who sleep with one eye open.
Well, but seriously, through our online chat, available directly in your personal account, we help both our current and prospect customers in a real time mode to solve about 90% of questions and issues, that arise while testing or using the service.
For the remaining 10%, we automatically create the tickets, with feedback on which we return no later than in 24 hours from the moment of their creation.

Smart scheduling ⏰

Plan your broadcasts in advance using the flexible tools and settings available in the service.
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    24 hour cycle

    Set the start time and broadcasting duration for a whole playlist or for the individual content items inside of it.
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    Lifetime and playback rules

    Schedule a calendar lifetime for individual content items. Quickly block any content in broadcasting. Setup playback rules for content items based on tags assigned to one or another screen.
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    Assign different schedules depending on the specific day of the week.
Smart sheduling

Multi-user access 🤝

Delegate daily network management. Invite moderators and assign them the access rights to the particular sections of the CMS in accordance with their roles.
UI UsersUsersUsers
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True 4K
If your device supports 4K, Look will play the content exactly in this resolution.
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Screens grouping
Group your screens according to their purpose in order to play the same scenarios.
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Screen settings
Remotely change an orientation, set sleep mode, reboot time and etc.
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Add weather, RSS streams, text or tickers, time or images on top of your playlists.
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Multi-language support
Currently we support the 7 most spoken languages in the world.
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Proof-of-play and Update status
Monitor server connectivity and content upload status in a real time mode.
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Advanced filtering and tags
Quickly find the specific screen or group of content. Check the status of network operation.
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Inbuilt statistics
Track and download the statistics on the content impressions within your playlists.