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Common Questions

What is Digital Signage Software?
Digital signage software gives an opportunity to remotely and centralized manage the digital signage networks. It allows you to manage all the content, been it audio, video, dynamic streams or interactive scenarios at any time and from any place. Can be deployed Cloud-based or On-premise.
How it could be applied for my business?
This solution can successfully work for any business, which is ready to communicate with its audience in a modern way. It can be applied for ad screens in retail, digital menu boards in QSR, corporate TV within the enterprise networks, info and touch monitors in the bank branches and etc. Feel free to check the benefits & opportunities, which digital signage solution can bring to your business in the Solutions section of our web-site.
How it works?
It's so easy to operate with. In order to start you need just to turn on your PC and open our web-based CMS in any browser you want. Then upload your content, create a playlist and send it to your screen or group of screens via our secured cloud-based server. Your content will start to play almost immediately. You can find the detailed info on this question in the how it works section of our web-site.
What types of hardware I'm able to use with this solution?
You can use any Android based devices (Android TVs, tablets or TV boxes) with our free app player or any devices based on OS Windows 10 and higher (mini PCs, digital kiosks and etc.), OS Linux and Mac OS. Also you can use any other screen with HDMI input using our external media players. Software players for Tizen OS, LG Web OS are coming soon.
What kind of support does Look provide?
We provide 24/7 Customer support via online chat right in the Look personal accounts. Also our customers are able to send us a message via email or feedback form. Acoording to internal rules our support team should get back to the customer concerning an issue within the next 24 hours.


What platforms does your solution support?
Currently we support any devices powered by OS Android 5.1 and higher (Android TVs, tablets, TV boxes and etc.) or any devices based on OS Windows 10 and higher (mini PCs, digital kiosks and etc.), OS Linux and Mac OS. To connect any other digital screens to the Look service you're able to use our external media players. Software players for Tizen OS, LG Web OS are coming soon.
Does you solution work only in an online mode?
There is no necessity to maintain a permanent internet connection on the screen's side. You only need it when uploading content, updating settings or to monitor the current screen status. Due to the fact, that all internet independent content, like videos or images, is stored in the memory of the device itself, all the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode.
Does your software support vertical orientation?
Sure. You can change an orientation right in your digital screens or players, but also you're able to set it up in the Screen settings of the specific screen inside of the Look CMS, by turning it to 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees.
Can I use it to power video wall or LED screen?
In most of the cases, the answer is yes. But it depends on the existing hardware infrastructure you use in your project. Anyway in order to connect it to our service you need to use one of our external media players. You can choose the suitable option on players page or, in case you're not sure, feel free to contact us.
Is it possible to deploy the service on-premises?
Yes, we offer on-premises deployments. For more details, please, contact our Sales team at


Can I manage the screens in the different locations centrally from one place?
This is the main idea. You can add, delete and group all of your screens, manage a content, create the playlists and schedule broadcasting remotely at any time and from wherever you are.
Can I upload my own content?
Just enter a "Content" section, click "Add content", drag' n' drop your files and click "Upload".
What types of the content does your platform support?
At the moment Look supports mp3 audios and audio streams, images in jpeg and png, mp4 videos, web-pages and web-archives, RSS feeds, Video streams in HLS, widgets (weather, time, text or ticker, buttons).
Can I divide the screen into the multiple zones and play different content in each of them at the same time?
Certainly. You're able to arrange it using our advanced Layout designer. You can combine videos, images, different types of widgets (like, weather or ticker), our inbuilt apps (like, Instagram or Youtube) on one screen at the same time.
Can I add widgets, RSS feeds or tickers to the screens?
Yes, we support different types of widgets, like weather, text or tickers, clickable buttons, images, time and date. You can add it to the whole playlist or to the specific content item.
Is it possible to make the schedules by weekdays or specific dates?
Yes, you can assign different schedules depending on the specific day of the week. Also, this task is partially solved for specific content items using the "Lifetime" feature, which you can find in the "Content settings". In the near future we will release Advanced calendar scheduling, which will be much more convenient for that purpose.
Can I reboot the player remotely?
You can reboot our app player on any device, but rebooting the device itself requires root rights in the device's firmware. For example, Look media players and touch monitors can be rebooted remotely.
Does your software support ppt or pdf files?
It is not possible to upload a presentation directly into the CMS, but you can import it into your Google Slides account and then to use the corresponding application in our service to forward it to your screens.

Pricing Plans

How much does it cost?
The pricing depends on number of screens you're going to manage via our service. It starts from 15 USD per screen per month, in case you use 1-5 screens in your network and gradually decreases to 6 USD, if you have more than 200 screens. Also we offer additional 10% discount for annual payments. You can browse the details on pricing page.
Can I try Look before purchase?
Sure, we provide 14 days free trial, which automatically starts right after your registration in a service. It is fully-featured, that's why you're able to test all the powerful functions of the solution. The only limitations are: ability to connect only 2 screens and Look watermark in the right top corner of the screen, which certainly will be removed once you'll move to "PRO".
Have you any discounts for partners or resellers?
We always open for cooperation regardless of whether you are an experienced player on the digital signage market or a beginner. We have an official Partner program with 2 levels inside: Standard and White Label. Each level has its own conditions, incl. different discount sizes.
Is it possible to pay for the service by bank transfer?
Yes, along with the credit card and PayPal payments we also accept wire transfers by invoices. In order to request an invoice, please, contact our Sales team at
Can I transfer my subscription from one device to another?
Yes. Just install our app player on the new device and use "Recovery device" feature inside of the Screen settings.
Can I cancel my paid tariff at any time?
Definitely you can change or cancel your plan at any time you want with just a couple of clicks and without the necessity to contact anyone on the team for that purpose.

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