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What do we do?

Look DS is a Digital Signage Software company, offering solutions available in both cloud and on-premise deployment options.

What do you need Digital Signage software for?

Digital Signage Software enables remote control of content on a digital screen or a group of screens.

In which countries is your software represented?

Look DS provides its cloud solution globally, in countries where Amazon cloud solutions are available. In other countries, the service can only be delivered as an on-premise deployment or as a local cloud deployment solution.

How does this apply to my business?

This solution is applicable to any business ready to modernize customer communication. It can be applied to advertising screens in retail, digital menus in quick-service restaurants, corporate TV in corporate networks, information and touch screen monitors in bank branches, etc. Feel free to check out the benefits and possibilities that a Digital Signage Solution can bring to your business in the “Solutions” section at our website.

How do I test the solution?

We offer a 14-day full access for testing with no functional limitations other than the ability to add a maximum of 2 screens plus a demo screen in the CMS and a watermark in the top right corner of the screen. The watermark will disappear immediately after you subscribe to any paid plan. Additionally, you can request a demo presentation from one of our specialists.

How do I become a partner and sell this solution to my clients?

Our affiliate program offers two options: Standard and White Label. In both cases, our partners receive a discount based on the selected option. To join the Look affiliate program, please fill out the form in the relevant section of our website.

Where can I download the player installation files?

All the relevant setup files for installation can be found on our official Downloads page. For installation on official Android OS and Amazon OS devices, we recommend using only official alternative app stores for installation and updates!


How does it work?

It’s easy. To get started, you just need to turn on your computer and open our CMS in any browser. Then upload your content or use one of the suitable free layout templates from our ever-expanding collection of layout templates, create a playlist and a schedule if necessary, and then send it to your screen or group of screens via a maximally secured cloud server. Your content will start playing almost instantly. Please check out the How it works section of our website for more details.

What platforms does your solution support?

We currently support any Android 5.1 or higher devices (Android-TV, Google-TV, tablets, set-top boxes, etc.) or any Windows 10 or higher devices (mini-PCs, digital kiosks, etc.), Linux, and Mac OS. You can use Look’s robust external media players to connect any other digital screens to the Look service. Software media players for Tizen OS and LG WebOS are currently being developed and will be available in fall 2024.

How do I launch the service on my own servers?

Yes, it is possible. To do this you need to contact us in any convenient way. For example, send us an e-mail to or fill out the form in the Contact Us section. One of our specialists from the relevant sales department will contact you and give you all the details.

Where can I find documentation or tutorials on how to use your service?

There is a lot of material out there. You can visit our Youtube channel. In our opinion, this is by far the most convenient way to get training information. You can also use our knowledge base and, if even this is not enough, our support manager is always ready to help you with any out-of-the-box questions.

What kind of support does Look provide?

We provide 24/7 customer support via online chat directly in Look’s personal accounts. Our clients can also send us an email or send us a message via our feedback form. According to our internal regulations, our support team must contact the client about the reported issue within the next 24 hours.

Does the Look solution only work online?

There is no need to keep your screen constantly plugged to the Internet. You’ll only need it when downloading content, updating settings, or in order to keep track of your current screen status. Due to the fact that all Internet-independent content, such as videos or images, is stored in the memory of the device itself, all media already downloaded to your players will continue to play even when offline.

How many players can I add to my Look account?

The number is unlimited. You can add as many as you need.

Does your software support vertical orientation?

Sure. You can change the orientation right on your digital displays or players, and you can also customize it in the screen settings of a particular screen within Look CMS by rotating it 90, 180, 270, or 360 degrees.
This feature may not work properly on some Android devices where this kind of rotation is not supported at the operating system level.

Can I use Look to control an LED screen?

In most cases, the answer is yes. However, it largely depends on the existing hardware infrastructure you are using in your project. In any case, if you want to connect it to our service, you need to use one of the external media players. You can pick a suitable one on the Players page or, if you are unsure, contact us for advice.

Can I create a video wall using your software?

Yes, you can. However, it is primarily a hardware solution. You need to use commercial grade video wall displays – they have a small frame around them, and can be connected to each other via DisplayPort serial interface or via a matrix splitter. In addition, you will need a powerful and reliable external player, and in this specific scenario it will definitely be our flagship model Look HD-2222. In the CMS, this will appear as a single screen, so you will need one player for a single video wall. Also, if your video wall needs to have an aspect ratio other than 16:9, you will have to develop video content with a customized resolution and a customized aspect ratio.

What file formats does the Look service support?

Currently Look supports mp3 audio and audio streams, JPEG and PNG images, MP4 and MOV videos, web pages and web archives, RSS feeds, video streams in HLS, and PDF files via Google Slides application.

How do I add widgets, RSS text or ticker to my screens?

Yes, we support different types of information widgets and applications such as weather, text or ticker with the ability to change and add fonts, interactive buttons, labels, date and time.You can add all this and more in a powerful tool called “Layout Designer”.

Can I divide the screen into multiple zones and play different content in each zone at the same time?

You bet! You can design it with our advanced “Layout Designer” tool. You can combine videos, images, different types of widgets (like weather ticker or news feed), our embedded apps (like Instagram or YouTube) on one split screen at the same time.

Is it possible to schedule broadcasts by day of the week or specific dates?

Yes, you can assign different schedules depending on the specific day of the week. This task is also accomplished for specific content items using the “Lifetime” feature that you can find in the Content Settings section.

How do I create groups of screens with different users in each group?

Unfortunately, you cannot go all the way here. What you can do is create screen groups, add users and give them different access to different parts of the CMS (screens, content, playlists, etc.), but you cannot give them access to a special screen or a special screen group as a separate entity. We are planning to extend this feature as early as this year to the level of assigning rights to tagged screens and content. The estimated update time is fall 2024.

Can I use Look APP with Samsung?

Samsung is essentially a Tizen-based device. Tizen OS support is in our future development plans. To use Look with Samsung now, you will need additional devices such as an HDMI player, media player or even a computer. You can purchase Look players with perfect performance from our official hardware store. You can also always choose third-party devices (players) from the ones we tested for our project.

How do I add more than one screen to one player?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, you should use an HDMI splitter. Connect the player to the input of the splitter and then use the signal on all of its available outputs.

How do I change the language in the weather app from English to some other language?

In the application settings, which open in the right-hand sidebar, select the desired language from the drop-down list. The app currently supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese.


How do I change my password?

Please proceed to your user settings. To do this, click on the avatar in the left-hand navigation bar. To change your password, click on “UPDATE PASSWORD”. Enter the new password twice in the required input fields and click “Update”.

How do I recover my password?

Use the Forgot Password function to change your current password to a new one. To do this, use the link on the login page and follow the reset instructions sent to the e-mail address you provided during registration. If you do not receive an email with a reset link, please check your spam box and make sure that your email address is correct.

There is a code on the screen. How do I add a screen?

Go to the “Screens” section in the CMS and click “Add Screen”. Enter the code in the appropriate modal window. The steps that need to be taken further are described in detail in the adding a screen section in our knowledge base.

How do I restore a screen that I deleted by mistake?

If you accidentally delete a screen, the player, while online, will display a new code. You can only add it as a new screen.It is a different case, however, when you delete or clean an application on the player, and the screen shows a new code, and at the same time it is in the CMS in the “Screens” section. Then you can restore this device by going to the screen settings and pressing the recovery device button. More details are described in the corresponding section of the knowledge base.

What do I do if the screen loses Internet connection?

The playlist stored on the device will continue operating as normal (videos, images), except for online applications and online content. The Internet-dependent content will be skipped in the broadcast timeline. It will not be possible to update the playlist or any settings until the connection is restored.

How do I open a preview of my screen before publishing?

You can use the demo screen feature to do this. You can add it to preview how your content, playlist, or layout will look on the screen. The virtual screen is added in a neighboring tab of your browser. Learn more about it in the demo screen section.

How do I set sleep mode by specifying the time and day of the week?

Unfortunately, you can only set a specific time. Learn more about sleep mode and other screen settings in the screen settings section of our knowledge base.

How do I change the content playback duration?

You can change the duration of content playback for any type of content except video. To do this, open the playlists tab, select the playlist that contains the desired item, then highlight the default time duration under the item’s frame and change it. You can also change the default play time for each content item in the company settings. The process of customizing a playlist is described in detail in the corresponding section of our knowledge base.

How do I duplicate content items in a playlist?

You can add any content to your playlist as many times as you want. Here are the instructions.

How do I group my content? Can I create folders?

We have nothing against “folders”, but we recommend grouping and searching content by tags, which is more effectively done in most modern services today. How to search and filter content is described in detail in our knowledge base.

How do I know my space limit for content?

The information is listed in the company settings tab.

Why is my content displayed in the CMS grayed out and not playing on the screen?

This means that your content is still being delivered to the screen. If it is taking too long, please check the Internet connection on the device side.

How do I show my content on a specific day and exact time of the day?

To do this, use the “Lifetime” function and set the start and end times for your content. After this time has elapsed, the content will be automatically blocked. Please find more information about the content blocking function in our knowledge base.

What are Webhooks used for?

Webhook is a way to notify the system about an event. With Webhooks you can collect statistics about content playback. This feature is described in the content customization section of our knowledge base.

Is it possible to play videos from Instagram?

The Instagram app allows the users to play back publications from this popular social network, but shows only text and images or the first few frames of a video. Please read more about Instagram app settings in our knowledge base. A better solution will be to upload your video as content or use another app to play videos through Look.

How do I add a web page?

Click the “Add Content” button on the page navigation bar, select “Web Content” in the modal window that appears, select the content type and click “Add”. Please find detailed instructions on how to add content in our knowledge base.

Is it possible to add multiple playlists to the screen?

Yes, it is. You can combine multiple playlists in your broadcast grid. Detailed instructions can be found in adding a playlist to your screen in our knowledge base. You can also add a playlist as a content item.

How to show multiple playlists at the same time?

You can play playlists one after another in a loop or display them simultaneously in different areas of the screen. You should use the layout for the second case. One playlist will be displayed as the main playlist and the other will be added to the neighboring layer as content.

How do I create a layout?

Go to the layouts tab in the left-hand toolbar and click the “CREATE LAYOUT” button. You will have a choice between a blank template and one of the proposed templates created by our professional designers. Sort the templates according to your preference and area of business. Learn more about creating and editing layouts in our knowledge base.

How do I send a layout to the screen?

Currently, there are several ways to add a layout to your broadcast.
1. You can use the created layout as a content unit and alternate it with any of the other content units.
2. The layout can be the main template of your screen; you may divide it into zones and display different content and playlists in its areas.
Please find more information on adding layouts using these methods in the Adding Layouts to Screen section of our knowledge base.

Can I use my own fonts?

Yes, you can upload them in OTF or TTF formats. Please find instructions on how to do that in our knowledge base.

How do I use scenes?

A scene is a tool that allows you to create multiple independent layouts within a single layout project and switch between them automatically or by using the buttons. Using scenes, you can create complex interactive scenarios such as multi-page websites or mobile applications without writing a single line of code. Please learn more about creating scenes in our knowledge base.

Which keyboard shortcut is used for the “Undo” action during editing a layout?

You can use the standard CTRL+Z combination to undo the last action. However, this is not the only hotkey combination. You can find the table of keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the Layout Editor.

How do I create a button that leads to a website?

You need to create a button in the layout and link to it a website or any other content that will be displayed when the button is clicked. The website or content should be already added to your content list. Details on how to create buttons and customize them are described in our knowledge base.

How do I use a transparent background for a layer or button?

You can set “color” and “transparency” in the layer settings. To access the settings, select the layer in the workspace or in the layer list and click the Settings tab.

How do I get statistics for a certain period of time?

You can filter your statistics by screen and by content, but, regretfully, not by time interval. However, if you download a statistical report every month with a simple Excel formula, you will get a report by month, week or even day. It depends on how often you download it. Please read more in the statistics section of our knowledge base.


Which player to choose?

We have prepared a list of supported devices: set-top boxes, sticks, and other professional solutions, which you can read about on the special Players page. Look DS is also a manufacturer of its own hardware, and specifically Look HD-series media players.

How do I purchase Look players?

Look HD-2222 series players are available on the official Look store page. We ship our product worldwide using reliable express methods from the leaders in the delivery market.

How do I move a player to another account?

1. You need to remove the screen from its current account and get a new code on the player, provided the device is connected to the Internet.
2. Another option is to clear the data on your device. To do this, you need to connect a computer mouse to the device, find the Look app and either clear the application data, or reinstall it.
After you are finished with either of these two options, you can add this player to any new or old account.

How do I access the settings while the Look app is running on an Android device?

Connect your computer mouse to the device and click 5 times in the upper left corner of the screen. Once the settings open, simply select the desired section. If our app keeps restarting and won’t let you do what you want, go to the “Apps” section of the settings, find the Look app and click “Force Stop”. Once you have completed the necessary steps, simply launch the Look app again.

How do I quit the Look application on a LINUX device?

Try pressing Alt+f4 or Ctrl+W, depending on your version of LINUX.

How do I access the settings and the desktop on Windows devices?

Press F11 to exit full screen mode, Win+D to minimize all windows.

How do I change the time zone on my device?

You can change it directly in the CMS. This setting is described in the screen settings section of our knowledge base.

When I turn off the TV, my player goes into sleep mode. How do I remedy this?

You should disable the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) mode on your TV. This function may have a different name on some TV models, for example anynet+ on Samsung.

Is it possible to prevent Look from running on top of other windows?

No, the Look app will always run on top.

How do I get logs from Android devices?

Connect the mouse and USB drive to the device, allow ES-explorer to run, go to the internal memory, find the LOOK folder, open it and copy the LOGs folder. Then open the USB drive and paste the folder into it.

What is the best device for custom LED panels?

For this purpose, it is better to use Windows or Linux-based devices.

How do I set permissions to run Look on Android-TV, Google-TV?

For the application to work properly, you need to allow access to certain functions of operating systems adapted for TVs and set-top boxes from Google Android. These operating systems are installed on most of today’s popular media players and TVs. Here are a few examples: Sony Google-TVs, Xiaomi Mi Box, Google Chromecast, Xiaomi Mi Stick, Philips TVs, Nvidia Shield. Please refer to our knowledge base for detailed instructions on how to set permissions for these devices.

Subscriptions and prices

How much does the Look solution cost?

The price depends on the number of screens you intend to manage through our service. It starts from 15 USD per screen per month if you use from 1 to 5 screens in your network, and gradually decreases to 6 USD if you have more than 200 screens. We also offer an additional 10% discount if you pay annually. You can view the details on our pricing page.

Trial limitations

We provide a 14-day free trial that automatically starts right after you register with the service. It is full-featured, so you can test absolutely all powerful features of the service. The only limitations are the ability to connect only 2 screens and the Look watermark in the upper right corner of the screen, which will immediately disappear once you upgrade to any of the “PRO” tariffs.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to the subscription management section in Look CMS, open the company settings by clicking the “Company Settings” icon in the top navigation bar, click “Manage Subscription” in the sidebar that opens, then click “Manage Subscription” in the information block with the terms and conditions of the current plan. Click “Cancel Subscription”. You can do this at any time, but the amount previously charged is non-refundable according to our rules described here.

How do I resume my subscription?

In the event when you have not used the service for some reason but decided to resume your work with Look, you can do so at any time. To do this, go to the company settings in Look CMS and click on the “manage subscription” button. Then simply select the tariff you need.

Where can I see my balance?

Unfortunately, there is no option to see your balance, but you can see how many prepaid days are left. To do this, go to the company settings and click the “Manage subscription” button. Details on how to manage your subscription are described in our knowledge base.

How do I download an invoice?

Under the tariff calculator block in the subscription settings, there is a table with the history of all payments. The data can be sorted by date or amount of payment.To download an invoice, click on the icon of the same name opposite the desired payment.

Can I request a refund if I paid more or decide to cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, according to our terms and conditions, all paid subscription fees are non- refundable, except as provided by law. The paid amounts will remain on your balance, so the next payment will be processed later due to additional payable days if for some reason a larger amount has been paid, although this is not provided for by our debit system.

Can I pay for the service by bank transfer?

Yes, in addition to credit card and PayPal payments, we also accept wire transfers by invoice. To request an invoice, contact our sales department at

What currency do you have your prices in?

Our prices are in USD (American dollar). If there is a need to pay in another currency, this can be done in the format of payment by invoice. To do this, please contact our sales department at

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