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I have added a new moderator but he hasn’t got an invitation.

Please, check the spam folder. If you will not find an email there, kindly give us a message at


Why is the screenshot feature not available?

What is the mistake? If you get the black screen photo instead of videos playing, then it is normal for devices without root rights available. Look players work with it perfectly. If you get the mistake "Failed to get a screenshot”, then it can be a problem with an outdated software version of Look app or with a lost internet connection.

Why doesn't my screen work?

It is necessary to check if it is online at the moment or offline. Also it is important to understand what is on the screens right now. If it is black they can be just switched off or an incorrect HDMI source could be chosen. Also the screen settings: time zone, sleep mode and schedule should be checked. In case all settings are correct, try to reboot the router and/or devices.

The image on the screen is too big so I can't do anything to get a code.

You should adjust the scale setting in the device display settings.

My TV turns off automatically after some times.

The energy save mode should be checked and deactivated if it is on.

My screen is not displaying vertical images correctly even though I have enabled this option in the Look CMS screen settings.

Unfortunately not every device supports vertical mode display. We guarantee that this feature works with Look hardware media players, and on Windows, Mac OS or Linux based devices. With other options, especially based on the Android or Google TV platforms, this feature can be unavailable.

I don’t see any code on my device. Where can I find it?

If you do not see the code by launching the Look application on your device try checking your Internet connection or there may be permission settings on your screen, after set permissions the code will be shown.


My web content doesn’t display.

First, please check the Internet connection on your device. If this is not the reason, please check the availability of the web source itself in any browser on your PC or other third-party device.

I can't upload content to the device.

Please check that the device is online at the moment, and try to reboot the device. Also check if the content is correct and designed without gaps inside. Additionally, you can check the memory of the device, it is shown in the screen settings (right sidebar). Another option is to check that the Loading time feature is inactive in advanced settings.

My content item is not shown anymore.

Go to the “Screens” section in the CMS and click “Add Screen”. Enter the code in the appropriate modal window. The steps that need to be taken further are described in detail in the adding a screen section in our knowledge base.


I've put the same playlist on several screens, but they have a small time difference when playing content.

Yes. Different devices can't play the same content simultaneously. There are a lot of reasons that affect it, from OS limitations and tech specs of the device to its internal time and the internet connection quality. In case you need them to play simultaneously you need to connect them to one external media player via HDMI splitter.


The scheduled playlist does not play at the exact time. Another playlist is played instead.

First of all, make sure that the time zones set in the CMS and on the device are the same. To check it in the CMS go to the Screens section, сhoose a screen you need and check the timezone in the right sidebar. To do this on the device you should connect a PC mouse to it, open settings clicking 5 times in the top left corner and open the “Date and time” option.


I see the black screen instead of my layout. What's the problem?

You need to check and fix the layers' order. Please, make sure that your visible layers are not covered by invisible ones.

Pictures look puzzled on a screen?

Please, check that your content item's aspect ratio fits your screen's one. In case you use Layout, you need to set the correct aspect ratio for the area of this content assigned in percentage.

I have two videos on every side of my layout and one of them isn't working? What should I do?

Try lowering the resolution of the files being played, or use a more powerful player model. For example Look HD-2222


Why do I have 403 error on my screen instead of GOOGLE slides?

Usually it happens if you share your google slides incorrectly. To share your google slides, please do the following:  Click Share  -> Under “General access”, click the Down arrow.-> Choose "Anyone with the link" -> Select Viewer role -> Click "Copy link" and "Done".

Instagram doesn’t work? It shows the “Insufficient developer role” mistake.

Well, sometimes the problem happens on Facebook's API side. But be sure that we are doing our best to solve this issue as soon as possible.


How can I avoid loading icons appearing before my playlist starts showing the weather widget?

It usually happens in case of poor internet connection or usage of devices with weak specs. To avoid it, you better add this widget as a layer in layout. It will look better and your clients will have necessary weather information when they need it.

When I try to save a layout I have got a message "failed to save the changes in the layout tree".

This means that something is  incorrect in the layout. Sometimes, it happens because of the long Button's widget. Please check it 150 symbols max.

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