Benefits of digital signage for public transportation 👇

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Effortless Real-time Updates

Offer passengers immediate route alterations, delay news, or other vital details. Update everything within moments, ensuring everyone stays in the loop for a seamless travel experience.
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GPS-Driven Content for Relevance

Provide commuters with pertinent information about vehicles on the move by displaying nearby stops, services, or landmarks to ensure passengers are always in the know.  
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Direct Customer Engagement

Deliver a personalized experience for every traveler by streaming tailored content like local news or curated adverts, enhancing their journey with relevant insights and recommendations.
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Efficient Wayfinding

Provide straightforward directions and route maps to ensure passengers can navigate with ease and confidence. 
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Safety and Alerts

Swiftly communicate vital information during emergencies, guiding passengers to safety and alerting them of any hazards or essential precautions.
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Dynamic Ad Revenue

Display targeted advertisements or promote local businesses, events, or attractions. Adjust promotions easily based on time, location, or audience insights.

How it works?🤔

Look Digital Signage software enables transportation institutions to quickly and cost-effectively update digital signage content
  • Content

    Create content

    Design your content or utilize one of our transport-specific templates directly in the CMS
  • Schedule

    Playlist and schedule

    Curate a sequence of content playback, setting them to air during rush hours or on particular days of the week
  • Playlists

    Start playing

    Deploy your content across individual displays or entire transportation networks and ensure timely communication to travelers
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Choose Look for your transportation digital signage💥

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Advanced Passenger Experience

Easily create displays with several active areas by modifying existing templates to simultaneously feature route details, date and time, safety guidelines, weather forecasts, and news feeds. 
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Uninterrupted Broadcasting

Should connectivity falter, you can rest assured that content previously uploaded will continue to display seamlessly, ensuring passengers never miss out on essential information. 
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Seamless Third-Party Integration

Changes in schedule or emergencies? Look CMS can synchronize with third-party platforms for live updates that reflect immediately on your screens. 
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Smart Scheduling

With a content schedule, you can seamlessly deliver round-the-clock updates, tailor content longevity, and customize messages based on days of the week or specific dates, ensuring passengers always receive timely and relevant information.
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Streamline Team Collaboration for Updates

Grant tailored access to the CMS to specific moderators based on their roles to ensure the right personnel manages relevant content and updates for passengers. 
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Interactivity for Enhanced Navigation

Install interactive wayfinding digital signs at transit stops and train stations that provide real-time information about routes and transportation options. Collect customer feedback to ensure continuous improvement of transportation services.
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Free digital signage templates for transportation 🔥

Need engaging content? Customize dozens of free transportation-themed templates to create the perfect infotainment channel for your passengers. Show advertisements, local news, weather forecasts, transport changes, safety guides, traffic jam maps and much more in full screen mode or in multiple areas of the screen simultaneously.
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How to turn your TV into a digital signage screen 🔌

You can use our digital signage software with any screens you already have or are only going to purchase. To connect your device to our service:
  • Install the free Look DS application

    For hardware powered by OS Android 5.1 and higher (Android TVs, tablets, TV boxes and etc.) or any devices based on OS Windows 10 and higher (mini PCs, digital kiosks and etc.), OS Linux and Mac OS
  • Plug Look hardware player

    Into any available HDMI input of your screen, been it commercial-grade LG/ Samsung TV, LED screen, video wall or just a consumer TV
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