Profits & opportunities for the Restaurants 👇

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Menu Updates Made Easy

Never reprint a menu again! With restaurant digital signage, you can change prices, add specials, and update sold-out items on your digital menu boards in seconds. 
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Reduce Wait Frustration

Keep customers entertained and informed. Share estimated wait times, facts about your restaurant, RSS feeds for the latest news, or engaging videos to make wait times feel shorter.
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Sell More, Naturally

Use short video loops to showcase desserts, appetizers, and signature drinks. Strategic placement can subconsciously prompt guests to add these items, increasing your average order value. 
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Build Credibility and Trust

Happy customers are sure to leave reviews and your digital displays are the perfect place to showcase them. Let potential diners see testimonials and positive feedback.
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Employee Communication

Keep your team on the same page with digital displays centralizing important announcements, shift schedules, and training materials. Streamline operations with clear, real-time communication.
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Boost Customer Autonomy

Interactive experiences give your customers the control they crave. Use touchscreen displays that let them browse menus, make or customize orders, and provide instant feedback to reduce potential errors. 

How it works?🤔

Our web-based interface lets you create content, schedule updates, or make immediate changes that ensure your menu boards, promotions, and staff communications are always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Content

    Create content

    Log in to the user-friendly interface, upload your content, or start customizing one of the free restaurant templates 
  • Schedule

    Playlist and schedule

    Create playlists and schedule transitions between daily specials, event announcements, and kitchen workflow updates.
  • Playlists

    Start playing

    Push your scenarios to all your screens at once with just a couple of clicks for immediate playback
Digital signage for restaurants, menuDigital signage for restaurants, menuDigital signage for restaurants, Look CMS

Why Сhoose Look for your Restaurant Digital Signage💥


Free Eye-Catching Templates

Find a vast collection of professionally designed templates ranging from menu boards to seasonal-themed layouts. Simply customize them and send them to your screens for display. 
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In-Built Apps

With Look's built-in apps, you can show off your social media feeds, five-star Google reviews, quick WiFi access, up-to-date time, weather forecasts, and more. Build trust, spark conversations, and attract new visitors.
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Remote Management 

You have total control over what displays on your entire network. You can create playlists or schedule updates well in advance for major events or seasons to avoid last-minute rush. 
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Connect Your Displays With Existing Systems

Via Zapier or API, Look allows you to integrate your digital screen with other restaurant software platforms. For example, integration with a POS system will allow you to instantly change prices and remove sold-out items from the digital menu.
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Customized Team Access

Use Look's multi-user access to assign specific roles with tailored permissions. For example, your kitchen manager will update daily specials, while your marketing lead oversees broader branding and promotions.
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We’re Here When You Need Us

Restaurants have unpredictable hours, that’s why you have our 24/7 support. Get help with setup, and troubleshooting via our online chat. For complex issues, a solution will be available within 24 hours. 
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Free digital signage templates for restaurants 🔥

Restaurants run on tight margins and even tighter schedules, where there's rarely enough time to create display content each time you launch a campaign. That's why Look CMS comes with a huge library of pre-built restaurant templates. Choose a template, customize it, and give guests mouth-watering shots of your best deals.
Digital signage for restaurants, templatesDigital signage for restaurants, templatesDigital signage for restaurants, template

How to turn your TV into a digital signage screen 🔌

You can use our digital signage software with any screens you already have or are only going to purchase. To connect your device to our service:
  • Install the free Look DS application

    For hardware powered by OS Android 5.1 and higher, or any devices based on OS Windows 10 and higher, OS Linux and Mac OS
  • Plug Look hardware player

    Into any available HDMI input of your screen, be it a commercial-grade TV, LED screen, video wall, or just a consumer TV
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