Profits & opportunities of digital menu👇

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Time savings

Change your menu in all the locations within a couple of clicks from the convenience of your home. Save your team time for what really matters.
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Reducing Fixed Costs

Cut the recurring costs you spend for printed menus and their placement. Simply modify your current creative or design a new one, then send it to all screens at once.
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Special offers on time

Always show actual offers and menu options depending on the time of day or day of the week.
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Average check growth

Encourage your customers to spend more. Use engaging content and specials, offer add-ons to the placed order before payment.
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Easy scaling

Are you opening new restaurants? Simply send premade templates to your new digital menu boards and they'll start playing right away.
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Total network control

You will always be sure that your menu and specials are up-to-date and your customers can see what you want them to. No delay! No human factor!

How digital menu works 🤔

With professional software you can update your digital menu easier, faster and cheaper compared to printed or a USB stick options
  • Content

    Create content

    Design your own menu from scratch or use one of our free templates directly in the CMS
  • Schedule

    Playlist and schedule

    Create a playlist and schedule your broadcast according to the time of day or days of the week
  • Playlists

    Start playing

    Assign your content to a screen or group of screens with a couple of clicks and it will start playing immediately
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Why choose Look for your digital menu board 💥

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Advanced Layout Designer

Create and edit your own digital menus directly in the Look CMS simply replacing images, text and colors in the ready-to-go templates we provide
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Convenient scheduling

Schedule your broadcast in advance depending on your tasks. Choose the right dates and time to show your customers up-to-date offerings
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Use online/offline status and a live screenshot feature to make sure that your menu boards are active and show the right content at the moment
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Offline Playback

All the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode
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Multi-user access

Delegate daily network management to moderators and assign them the access rights to the particular sections of the CMS in accordance with their roles
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Users of digital menu 🌟

25 000+

Free digital signage templates for digital menu boards 🔥

Сreating digital menus with Look is easy and cost-effective. Just choose the option that suits you from dozens of free digital signage templates available in our service. Then customize colors and logos according to your branding, replace the menu positions with yours, add some actual photos, specify prices and you're done. Need to change the price tag? You can do it on the fly.
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How to turn your TV into a digital menu board 🔌

You can use our digital signage software with any screens, which you already have or only are going to purchase. In order to connect your device to our service:
  • Install FREE Look application

    For hardware powered by OS Android 5.1 and higher (Android TVs, tablets, TV boxes and etc.) or any devices based on OS Windows 10 and higher (mini PCs, digital kiosks and etc.), OS Linux and Mac OS
  • Plug Look hardware player

    Into any available HDMI input of your screen, been it commercial-grade LG/ Samsung TV, LED screen, video wall or just a consumer TV
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