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Social Media Walls

Keep the conversation flowing with constantly updated social media feeds. From behind-the-scenes moments to attendees' selfies that seamlessly integrate with your digital displays.
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Sponsorship opportunities

Boost your sponsor’s visibility through curated ad placements on your screen network to maximize their ROI, translating to increased event revenue.
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Cut Recurring Expenses

Reduce ongoing expenses associated with printing brochures or flyers. Simply update your designs and distribute them across your entire screen network.
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Crowd Management

Strategically place your wayfinding digital signs to direct traffic flow and quickly relay critical information and evacuation instructions in case of an emergency.
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Stay trendy and entertaining

Use high-quality visuals and multimedia content to brighten your event and create an experience your attendees will never forget.
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Event Registration

Save time with paperless check-ins where attendees can easily register by scanning QR codes on digital signage at designated entry points.

How it works?🤔

Look Digital Signage software enables event organizers to quickly and cost-effectively update their event signage content.
  • Content

    Create content

    Log in and use the intuitive interface with free templates to create your content with ease
  • Schedule

    Playlist and schedule

    Utilize smart scheduling for seamless transitions between announcements, ads, or presentations
  • Playlists

    Start playing

    Get your message across your entire display network in just one click for instant playback

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Infotainment at Your Fingertips

Enrich your event ambiance with live social media feeds using our built-in apps. Make use of the Countdown Timer app to build anticipation and heighten excitement during the show.
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No Internet Required

Don’t worry about connection issues. Once uploaded, content is stored on the device's memory for uninterrupted playback, ensuring your attendees never miss out on essential information.
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Content Management In One Place

With Look CMS, you can centralize your content management tasks from content design, precise scheduling, and remote control of your entire network. This unified approach streamlines your workflow, saving time and ensuring consistency across all displays.
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Streamlined Team Collaboration

Easily delegate daily network management by granting team members customized access to different sections of the CMS to enhance collaborative efficiency.

Instant Updates with Third-Party Integration

Stay adaptable at your event. Look CMS syncs with third-party platforms to ensure any schedule changes or urgent announcements are promptly displayed on your screens for real-time information.

Tailored Content Delivery

Utilize smart scheduling to display timely information at your events. Customize content duration and tailor messages for specific times of the day or dates, ensuring attendees receive the most relevant and up-to-date information throughout the event.

Free digital signage templates for events 🔥

Accomplish limitless possibilities with Look DS free templates for your event digital signage. Utilize business options or seasonal formats, such as Valentine's, Christmas, or Halloween, shaping your event into the brilliance your visitors will love. Try them today!
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How to turn your TV into a digital signage screen 🔌

You can use our digital signage software with any screens, which you already have or only are going to purchase. In order to connect your device to our service:
  • Install FREE Look application

    For hardware powered by OS Android 5.1 and higher (Android TVs, tablets, TV boxes and etc.) or any devices based on OS Windows 10 and higher (mini PCs, digital kiosks and etc.), OS Linux and Mac OS
  • Plug Look hardware media player

    Into any available HDMI input of your screen, been it commercial-grade LG/ Samsung TV, LED screen, video wall or just a consumer TV
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