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Look DS is an international software team based within several locations worldwide. Our key product is the Look digital signage service. This is an award-winning simple and reliable software solution for remote management of digital screens networks of various scales and purposes, like, ad screens in retail stores or digital menu boards in restaurants. It allows to manage all the media content, been it audio, video, dynamic streams or interactive scenarios in an unlimited number of locations at any time and from anywhere.
Along with the software solution, Look is engaged in the production and sale of own hardware media players and touch monitors.
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What we do 💡

We help small and medium businesses to build a smart communication channel with their audience at any time and from anywhere, by giving them an easy-to-use and reliable tool, which safes their time and money, at quite a reasonable price.
We have a passion for creating elegant and simple solutions for average people, and not just for professional system administrators.
So, we love to think, that we help entrepreneurs (like we are) to safe their energy for focusing on what really matters.
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