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Connect all the screens in your ad network, been it LCDs, LEDs or video walls, to a centralized management system using our universal software or hardware media players.
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Advanced scheduling

Schedule your campaigns in advance by setting lifetime to your videos. Setup playback rules for videos based on tags assigned to one or another screen.
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Interactive ad

Run pay-per-click ad campaigns within the touch monitors network. Receive certain amounts from advertisers for the different targeted actions.
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Detailed statistics

Track statistics on impressions of the ad videos within the whole network or on the specific screens. Download it in excel format right to your PC and share with the client.
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Multi-level moderation

Delegate daily network management. Invite moderators and assign them the access rights to the particular sections of the CMS in accordance with their roles.
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Proof-of-play and Up-to-date status

Monitor server connectivity and content upload status for the specific screens in a real time mode. Use advanced filtering to quickly view basic parameters of the network operation.

How it works 🤔

From your PC or tablet

Create your playlists and manage your 
screens in the Look Content Manager using any web-browser on your PC or tablet.

To your screens

Your playlists will automatically playback 
on your screens wherever they are located.

Killer features 💥

Advanced Layout designer

Using a highly flexible tool, you can divide the screen into the multiple areas and create a unique layout for your broadcasting.

Interactive features

Using the Look, you can create the multi-layered interactive scenarios without writing a single line of a program code.

True 4K

We do not compress video files. If your device supports 4K, Look will play the content exactly in this resolution.

Offline playback

All the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode.

Best-in-class 24/7 customer support

We help our customers in solving of their issues through our 24/7 online chat available right in their personal accounts.

Happy Customers 🤝

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Digital Signage Apps  🎉

Quickly create your own engaging dynamic content based on social media, entertainment channels, news feeds or information services right in your Look personal account. Then just put it into the specific screen area or combine with any other content items within your playlists.
We plan to actively expand this section of our CMS and 
in the near future you will find a lot of useful digital signage apps there.

Players 👌

You can use our digital signage software with any screens, which you already have or only are going to purchase. In order to connect your device to our service:
  • Plug in Look HDMI Player to any screen with HDMI input
  • According to your requirements we can also suggest you the several lines of the professional hardware, with pre-installed Look Player
  • Install FREE Look App Player on any commercial screens, Android TVs, tablets or mini PCs powered by Android 4.4 and higher