White label option by Look digital signage ⚡️

Create your platform according to your brand book! Invest into your own digital signage software already now!

What you will get 💥

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    Customized CMS

    Your customers will use a platform under your brand and on your domain.
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    Partner Admin account

    We provide and access to the Partner's account for managing of your balance and your customers sub-accounts
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    Inbuilt billing

    You'll able to connect your Stripe or PayPal accounts in order to charge your customers and get your earnings automatically.
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    Partner discount

    We offer the increased rate of discount for our White Label partners, which will be automatically applied upon any charge from your balance.
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    Customized app player

    Optionally the Android app player with your own name and logo can be produced and placed right under your Play Store account.
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Fully customized players 👌

With the Look White Label option you'll be able to use the various types of devices in your projects.
You will have an opportunity to get the versatile white labeled or fully customized app player placed right in the GooglePlay Store.
Furthermore by your request we can produce our powerfull hardware players under your brand name.
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Where to get earnings 🤔

Just a few ways to make money with the Look White Label Digital Signage Software:
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    Partner discounts and value added

    You know your market better and are completely free to set any prices you want.
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    Deployment and installation fees

    Implement a turnkey solution for your customer, taking over both software and hardware parts of the project.
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    Maintenance services

    Provide post-sale support and receive regular maintenance payments from your customers.
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3 steps to your own platform

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