How to grow your business with digital signage

The following are some specific ways you can grow your business with digital signage.
How to grow your business with digital signage

Digital signs, like every other business activity, are aimed at enhancing the bottom line. The signs should draw attention to an enterprise, convert leads into customers, and turn first-timers into repeat customers. The potential effectiveness of these signs is why there are more and more of them on shopfronts and in the main street.

These signs can do many things for your business. They can attract, educate and help retain customers. Thus, you need to have a clear goal for each sign to succeed.

The following are some specific ways you can grow your business with digital signage.

Attract and Help Connect with Customers

These animated signs easily draw the attention of passers-by. You should erect them in strategic places such as a window near a side-walk or on the street. These are two locations where many people will see them as they walk past the sizeable board.

Digital signs enhance your ability to connect with customers online. No serious business can afford to ignore e-commerce as it is a platform for marketing, connecting, and closing deals. You use these signs to promote your website and social media pages, thus encouraging customers to connect with your brand.

You can increase the reach of your marketing campaign by using signs that are away from your business. Having a cross-advertising deal with non-competing businesses is one way of expanding the reach. It could be a business that offers complementary services to yours; thus, customers will have you as their logical next stop.

Maintaining a connection with customers is a great way of turning walk-ins into repeat customers. You can achieve this connection by offering customers irresistible opt-ins on your digital signage. For this to work, a customer should be required to give their email address through which the business will follow them up.

The following are some deals you can use;

  • Free after-sales service
  • E-books, guides, newsletters, and other premium content
  • Free events
  • Exclusive content
  • Special discount coupons
  • Free trials for software and games

Educate and Entertain Customers and Staff

The ability of your staff to deliver is critical to your business success. Employees need to be happy and well-informed to serve their customers well, and digital signs can help you in both counts. You can also have a sign explaining a troublesome process, such as assembling a product, to customers in the shop.

Contemporary digital signs can display short infomercials in an interactive manner, thus keeping people well informed. Besides the product information, the signs can keep stakeholders updated on industry news. Updating your customers on developments in the industry establishes you as an authority, thus enhancing their faith in you.

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Millennials love to know who they are doing business with. This age group is now a major force in the market that no business can afford to ignore. You can make them feel closer to your business by giving them a personal story of how you started and grew the company.

Corporate social responsibility is another concern of many customers today. They want to know that you are doing good as you do well. The signs will help you show video clips of your philanthropic work to customers as they wait.

Letting customers know of your other locations, if you have any, enables them to refer others to you. You can have animated maps, videos of the other locations, and voice explanations on digital signage. You will then be able to highlight the main selling points for each of your locations.

Digital signs can promote change in organizational culture. They help you achieve the change by displaying messages of what the company requires of employees regularly. Through these messages, the staff gets to internalize their employer's expectations.

Highlight Rewards for Loyalty and Referrals

Satisfied customers help your business in two ways; constant revenues and referrals. You can make it worth their while to return to your business and bring others with them. Let the signage show what benefits the customer will get for their loyalty and referrals.

  • Possible highlights include;
  • Upgrades
  • Loyalty points
  • Cash gifts
  • Special discounts
  • Store credits
  • Free merchandise
  • Customer service weeks

Advertise Non-Competing Businesses on your Signs

Your digital signs can be another source of revenue. You can make more money by advertising other non-competing businesses in your strategically located signs at a fee. It is even possible to market a business on the digital sign at your lobby if it is offering complementary products and services.

All the above is possible with digital signs, but not all digital signs achieve these objectives. The following are some factors to consider to ensure your signs achieve their objectives.

· The Design

Let the design of your sign be attractive. Being attractive doesn't necessarily mean a sign that has all types of colors. It should be simple and easy to follow.

· Content

The content on your sign should be concise and easy to understand. Make sure the voice and picture are clear and that the audience only gets important highlights. These highlights should be carefully selected to answer the main questions that customers may have.

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· Include a Call to Action

The digital signs are meant to get the audience to act. Don't assume they will know what to do with the information, as some may not. A call to action informs viewers what to do with the information they have gained and prompts those already aware to act.

· Avoid Generalization

An effective sign will capture the uniqueness of your business. Make sure the design is specifically tailored to showcase your company's voice, culture, and identity. Aligning your sign with your business identity is the only way it can be authentic and interesting.

· Change the Sign from Time to Time

A sign becomes boring after being on display for too long. It no longer holds the interest of its regular viewers, and it may even become irritating and thus counterproductive. Change the design from time to time to keep things fresh and interesting for the audience.

Final Thought how to Grow Your Business

People see numerous signs every day. As a result of this great number of signs, audiences tend to ignore them altogether. Digital signs are the solution to this problem, where static signboards are concerned.

They are, however, increasing in popularity, which means your digital sign needs to stand-out. If you put up a common-place generic sign, you may not benefit fully, as listed above. However, your business will benefit immensely from these signs if they are carefully designed and properly focused.