7 Tips on how to design the most exciting digital signage content ever!

Digital signage is the secret to giving life to your commercial environment. With technological development, static signs are slowly losing impact
7 Tips on how to design the most exciting digital signage content ever!

Digital signage is the secret to giving life to your commercial environment. With technological development, static signs are slowly losing impact, while digital signage, on the other hand, is becoming a crucial element for any successful business. It is the easiest way to capture consumers' attention and send them customized messages for a better experience. With digital signage, you can display graphics, video, written content and any other form of content of your choice on anything from huge video walls to small screens depending on your intention.

However, the only way you will enjoy digital signage's fantastic benefits is by working on the quality of the content displayed. You may think that you have everything figured out by investing in reliable digital signage software, but your efforts are bound to be in vain without relevant content. Have a look at some essential tips to help you create the most exciting digital signage content ever!


The first and most important facet of designing relevant content is research. You need to understand the ideal brand style for content creation and the essential guidelines to help you develop content that can sell. You will gain insightful ideas on the colors and graphic visuals, and acceptable styles in your industry by researching. The good thing is that you can easily find the information online by checking what other companies in your industry have done. Check the color schemes, fonts, and guidelines around the logo and make yours better.

Understand your audience

Keep in mind that people react to content differently. Some aspects, such as age, play a huge role in determining the kind of content that would work best for a particular audience. For example, if you target individuals over 60 years old, you should refrain from content that revolves around social media interaction. Only a small percentage of people in that age gap access social media, so you will experience little to no content engagement. If you are targeting the youth, incorporating social media will be a good catch. While at this, consider the suitable color scheme based on your business environment.

Integrate branding where possible

When your audiences come across your digital signage content, you want them to figure out what your business is all about automatically. Branding makes things easier for them and helps you draw attention without trying very hard. This is where you include your business logo, use unique fonts, color schemes and other design elements unique to your brand. You may also incorporate branding hashtags if you wish to include social media in the content. This tip helps you to acquire exposure both on the signage screens and the web.

Integrate branding where possible

Localize the content

Location plays a significant part when establishing the ideal type of content for the signage. Where do you intend to put the displays? Whether you only intend to place them in one location or several spots in the city, you must ensure that the content does not seem generic or detached from the people in that area. The content should be unique to the specific location, and you can achieve this by incorporating differentiated text and graphics. For instance, you may use a South Beach photo as the background image when creating content for your Miami Signage and use the Manhattan skyline for your New York's content. Such aspects show that you relate well to different locations and the things people love doing.

Use quality graphics

Graphics or images are essential for capturing the audience's attention from afar. If you are not good at writing messages, using relevant pictures will do the message just fine. Nonetheless, you should not pick any images and expect to enjoy high returns. You must ensure that they are up to your business standards. Look for high-resolution, vibrant photos to match what your business offers. Besides the photo resolutions, make sure they are of the right size to ensure they are visible from far. Going out of your way to finding good quality images shows that you take your campaigns seriously and people love being associated with such brands. If you are working on a budget, worry not, as you can find free, high-quality images on the internet for your campaign.

Use quality graphics

Utilize content creation tools

Fortunately, we are in the digital era, where there are tools nearly for everything. With so many tools and apps available online, you do not have to be an expert content creator to come up with exciting content. You have a range of cloud-based tools and Android programs that allow you to venture into graphic design with the little skills and expertise you have and still develop killer graphics. You can easily access the tools from anywhere and share your designs for collaborations. Some of these tools include PowerPoint, Adobe illustrator and Canvas. They come with comprehensive instructions to guide you in every step, and you can create nearly everything with them. The applications allow you to come up with graphics that can fit any screen size. If you involve your creativity, you will undoubtedly create unique videos for maximum conversion rate.

Apply the principles of design

Digital signage content is mostly about design. The way you present your ideas will establish if they are going to sell. The aim is to maximize visual appeal and make the content easy to read and understand. You do not necessarily have to hire an expert graphic designer for the job, especially if you are experiencing financial strains. All you need to do is focus on the critical areas of design and use the mentioned tools to achieve your desired look. Some important aspects include the font of the content, color scheme, composition, readability and content motion. Ensure that the font is big enough to read from far, avoid too bright colors as they give readers a hard time and use motion moderately, keeping in mind that moving text is hard to read.

Your digital signage campaign is only as effective as the quality of content used. Follow the tips above to create head-turning content without breaking your budget and get to maximize returns.