Digital Signage for Shopping Malls: Types and Opportunities

Since shopping malls attract many people, they have become one-stop access points for brands that aspire to meet each customer's needs. As such, there is massive competition on who gets to attract a larger audience.
Digital Signage for Shopping Malls: Types and Opportunities

E-commerce continues to grow daily. People are turning to digital spaces whenever they need anything. Online shopping has become popular, but still, shopping malls are considered a favorable hangout spot for a significant number of consumers. There is always something about the atmosphere found in a mall that can never be replicated elsewhere, and it never gets old. This sounds pretty promising as it shows there will always be opportunities to attract more customers as a retailer. However, in shopping malls, you will find dozens of other shops, and there is a high possibility that some will be in the same niche as yours. It becomes quite challenging to stand out from the competition, which is where digital signage comes into the equation: It allows you to be unique.

Since shopping malls attract many people, they have become one-stop access points for brands that aspire to meet each customer's needs. As such, there is massive competition on who gets to attract a larger audience. All these factors have made it crucial to use innovative technologies like digital technologies. Businesses are looking for a competitive advantage to help them stay afloat in the market. It is one of the reasons why we will continue to see digital signage do pretty well in shopping malls. So, what are the types and opportunities it presents?

Dynamic digital signage on the façade or in a central hall

Dynamic digital signage is one of the popular forms of digital signage and involves displaying stunning eye-catching images and videos in a full-screen mode. It could be outdoor or indoor spaces that rely on LCD and LED technologies for visually appealing content. Now it can be even 3D content, which creates an amazing and memorable augmented reality experience for visitors. With dynamic digital signage, you show your content using a predefined schedule, and you establish a duration using some of the best digital display practices. This type of screens is designed to increase traffic inside the shopping center, increase the rate of return visitors and support an image of the shopping mall as one of the perfect places to come with a whole family.

Advertising digital signage inside of the stores or in the windows

The amount of competition in shopping malls is not for the faint-hearted. If you are not doing something right, you can say goodbye to attracting customers. Digital signage is among the best tools for showcasing products for purchase. It could be through in-store ads showing specific items, the commercials on television, or people discussing a particular product and what makes it stand out.

Advertising digital signage are LCD-type displays that use specialized software and have high levels of brightness. It is a comprehensive system that provides users with advanced display reports considering that people invest significant amounts of money into seeing the advertisements work. Some of the opportunities that digital advertising signage provides include showing movie trailers or ads, video games and stock availability. All these are ways for a business to get its brand out to the public and drive many sales.


Attention-grabbing displays

One of the good things about digital displays is the eye-catching content they play, thanks to their backlite screens and HD images. They are bound to attract more attention than traditional prints. However, nearly everyone has electronic displays in shopping malls, meaning you must invest in a unique solution for grabbing shoppers' attention the minute they see it. It might not be easy, but with digital signage, it is possible using the following techniques:

  • Interactivity

If you want to stand out, you cannot rely only on highlighting a product and hope customers notice it. It would help if you made it interactive by using touchscreen displays to navigate the menu system and gain more information about the product you are selling.

  • Reward your target audience

Digital signage offers endless possibilities, and you can reward your customers for paying attention to your ad. If you are playing a promotional ad, you can include a QR code at the end where users can scan it with their phone and get additional information concerning a product directly. It could also be to display a discount code redeemable on your online platform.

  • Consider playing related videos

You can't focus on playing your promotional videos only. Mall shoppers are tired of commercials present in every direction. Consider getting creative about it. For instance, play other videos related to your product but stop someone in their track and see your content. Attracting an audience is not as straightforward as it may look, so try to be smart about it.

Wayfinding digital signage

Shopping malls are significantly big and not the most accessible place to keep track of. Whether it is a mall with many floors or a single floor with many stores, it can be easy for shoppers to get lost and not find where they want to go with ease. Digital signage helps ensure customers do not get confused or lost. With digital wayfinding signage, shopping malls can indicate the present stores and show customers where they currently are. It could also show the route to the bathroom, telephone, and the exits in the mall.

Wayfinding digital signage

Most malls display a single large screen that shows what each floor has. However, with interactive screens being introduced, they have maps that display specific floors to enable shoppers to find their way around more comfortably. These wayfinding solutions can also show store hours and other animation ads that occasionally capture shoppers' attention. They are more comfortable to use than the traditional printed displays and don't require much work.

Digital signage has gained a central spot in marketing. With all the displays, it also sets the mood for the store. It could be because of the content playing on the screens or the interactive screens that could get the attention of many shoppers. Floor games in the mall are also another use of digital signage that keeps everyone interested and well-engaged. Ultimately, with digital signage in and outside the mall, you get a spectacular shopping experience and improved turnovers for the different stores. When every thriving business is investing in digital signage during this new normal, you can't afford to be left behind.