Several tips to select the best digital signage placement!

Digital signage placement is crucial in creating an effective marketing strategy. Below are tips to help you select the ideal placement for your digital signage.
Several tips to select the best digital signage placement!

Digital signage has become an indispensable tool in marketing and advertising, helping companies to relay their messages to a larger audience. However, more than simply installing your digital displays is required to guarantee the signage's success. Before setting up your signage, it helps to thoroughly analyze your audience, the purpose of the signage, and the ideal location. After all, placing your digital sign in a low-traffic area with poor lighting may not get the expected results.

Factors to consider when choosing a digital signage placement

There are several factors to consider when selecting your digital signage location, including:

Determine your target audience

Before choosing your digital signage placement, you should understand your audience's lifestyle, behavior and preferences. These details can help you place your signage in a location that captures attention and creates the most impact. Choosing the right placement for your signage can attract attention and make your message memorable.

Assess the lighting conditions

lighting conditions

Lighting determines the visibility, engagement, and readability of your signage. It helps to consider positioning your signage in a location with plenty of artificial and natural light while factoring in its direction and intensity. For instance, if you position your signage to face sunlight directly, it can cause glare, making it difficult for your audience to read the message. Similarly, if you position your signage in poorly lit areas, the audience may fail to understand your message. Before installing your digital screen displays, thoroughly inspect the location, considering the intensity and availability of light sources and the position of other displays or objects that could reflect or block light.

Test the location

After identifying a location where your signage can flourish, test it to see how it looks. It helps to test it from various angles and distances, its readability and visibility in different lighting conditions. This test can allow you to make necessary adjustments to your signage to make it more visible and engaging. You can be able to identify problems such as glare and determine the best angle to avoid such problems. Additionally, when testing the location, you can request other people to view the display and provide feedback on the visibility and readability of the signage. This feedback can help you fine-tune your signage and placement to maximize your investment's benefit.

Choose the right screen size

The screen size choice depends on the size of the signage location. For instance, if the space is large, you can consider a large screen to make the message easier to read from afar. However, small digital signs may be ideal if the space is small.

Digital signage placement options

The ideal digital signage placement relies on your goals and objectives. Below are various digital signage placements.


Lobbies are high-traffic areas, making them an effective digital signage placement option. You can use lobby signage to capture visitors’ and staff's attention and provide them with important updates. For instance, in an office building lobby, you can use digital signage to display meeting schedules, company news and important announcements. You can also use digital lobby signage to showcase your organization's mission and vision and advertise your brand.

Food courts

This is a popular destination for people to enjoy various food options. You can place your digital displays in these areas to display your specials and menu items. This information can encourage your customers to try out new food options.

Information desks

Information desks provide a prime location for displaying vital information about your organization. This location has high traffic, making it an ideal digital signage placement.

Elevator waiting areas

Elevator waiting areas have an audience with a high degree of dwell time. You can place your displays in this area to entertain and inform your customers and employees as they wait for elevators. You can position the displays in a direct line of sight but not in a way that obstructs the flow of people entering and exiting the elevator.


Before choosing a strategic place in a café to install your signage, you should assess the layout and flow of the café. For instance, the entrance or the ordering counter can be ideal as it is visible and easily accessible to all customers. Additionally, ensure that your signage blends in with the aesthetics and ambiance of the café to ensure it communicates your message without overwhelming your audience.

Customer service counters

Customer service counters are strategic areas for placing your signage. You can display promotions, important information, and entertaining content to engage your visitors as they wait for assistance. This information can make them understand what your business offers, enabling them to make informed decisions. The digital signage displays can also showcase company policies and answer frequently asked questions.

Foot traffic interchanges

Foot traffic interchanges inside buildings, such as those in public venues like shopping malls, healthcare and government facilities, can be an ideal placement for your digital signage displays. Such locations have a high volume of foot traffic, and a high degree of dwell time.

Building facades and entrances

You can place video walls or large LED screens on building facades and entrances to showcase information about your brand, products and offers. These strategic areas have high foot traffic which makes them easily visible to the people passing by.


Location is a significant factor in signage placement decisions. Surveying different locations can help you identify where your signage will flourish. However, considering other factors, such as your target audience, for instance, would be best. Before choosing your digital signage placement, conducting thorough research and analysis can help maximize your signage's readability, visibility, and ability to engage your audience. The right placement strategy can help you achieve your marketing goals, develop your customer database and drive sales.

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