What is a POS Digital Signage and Why it Deserves to Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

What is a POS Digital Signage and Why it Deserves to Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Digital signage in point of sales (POS) is visual communication that can engage audiences. It would help if you understood that 70% of buying decisions are made at the point of sales. As such, you need compelling POS displays which facilitate influencing the purchasing behavior. Businesses that use POS advertising have experienced fantastic results in capturing potential customers' attention right away to help increase sales. However, traditional POS displays have become ineffective and have shown little effect in the current market. In this digital era, you can’t afford to be relying on display stands, posters and shelf edging.

For this reason, POS advertising has gained significant momentum but with more emphasis on high-definition images which are professionally captured to persuade customers to buy on the spot. However, such images have evolved into more interactive imagery and videos. Now, digital signage is the trending sensation replacing the traditional POS displays. When used at the point of sales, they engage audiences in the best way possible. They have proven to be quite effective at communicating brand messages and capturing customer attention.

Usually, digital signage displays leverage LED and LCD technologies in displaying images, web pages, videos and infotainment streams. Whether it is for private or public areas, these are powerful electronic displays for indoor and outdoor services. Digital signage is excellent in increasing dwell time in-store premises while influencing customer behaviors. A recent study shows that Point-of-Sale digital signage advertising is quite effective and a trend that businesses should look to exploit. Most of these displays are pretty noticeable, but other than that, people take time to interact with them thanks to the engaging, dynamic content that is quite tough to ignore. The influence of digital signage at POS is pretty potent, and more often, people end up purchasing, which increases the store revenue.

So, why is there a significant emphasis on POS digital signage being part of every business's marketing strategy? Here is why!

Capturing consumer’s attention

Customers in a store can go through several rounds only looking for one specific product. The packaging alone cannot be adequate in impacting a customer’s purchase decision without a bit of visual help despite being catchy or visually appealing. This is where the display you use comes into the equation. The help of more prominent mediums like plastic modular displays or suspension shelf signs is excellent marketing tools. They increase the chance for buyers to notice your brand and make a purchase.

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Brand building

Digital signage helps build brand identity exactly how you want to. When your business has digital signage software, the screen and advertising will be all about your brand. You won't face unnecessary competition. It will just be your graphics and brand on a screen that doesn't do extra marketing activity not necessary for you. It is a convenient way of building a brand image that you will be comfortable with. You can't underestimate the power and ability of consumers to recognize your brand at the point of sales. It helps make more sales.

POS is measurable

One of the good things about POS is that it has a bottom line that can be measured and evaluated, enabling your business to maximize its ROI. For instance, you can take the approach of allocating the same POS spend across all your significant grocers then add a particular promotion to see if there will be a notable change in the overall sales. You will notice a more substantial return if you increase the spending for a particular grocer and lower it somewhere else.

With the help of POS specialists, it will be more straightforward to assess the performance of your campaigns, and if you notice something is not working, you can change the promotion with a couple of clicks. If the results are positive, you can adopt them as part of your marketing strategies. You can run several experiments to see what works and what doesn’t. Since POS is measurable, you can use data to drive additional sales for your brand.

Helps in targeting the people at the right time and place

One of the positives of digital signage is targeted communication. When used at the point of sales, it gives businesses an added advantage. You can't underestimate the impact reaching your audience at the exact moment where it matters the most would have on your overall sales. It would be best if you looked to trigger impulse purchase as much as possible. Most customers decide to buy a product depending on how it is presented to them. Leveraging digital signage brings into play the perfect displays to persuade customers to make a purchase decision.


It is easier to promote different products

The digital signage solutions used at the point of sales means you can showcase your products in a striking and impactful way. When people see some of the other things you are offering, it can spike their interest. You can also use it as an opportunity to educate your target audience about using your products. If you are in retail, you can show your clients some product combinations that suit their unique needs. How well you use digital signage displays at the point of sale can change a customer’s mind by showing them how two items can go well together.

Flexible and easy to update

Digital signage at the point of sale can be the difference between massive revenues and low ones. It would help if you had a solution that works for your business flawlessly. Thankfully, these systems allow you to make changes as they arise, thanks to their flexibility and ease of update. You can put the message you want to put across to your customers in the most appealing method.  

With POS digital signage, you can rest assured that your brand will remain relevant to your target audience, which is crucial if you want to survive in the current competitive retail environment. Digital signage is the latest sensation dominating building brand awareness across different industries. It is an excellent way of compelling customers to make on-stop buying decisions.