Digital Signage Solution for your QSR

We would like to present youthe implemented QSR case, using as an example fast food “Plov&GO"
Digital Signage Solution for your QSR

Nowadays there are a lot of directions and spheres where Digital Signage solutions can be applied. One of such spheres is certainly Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). And it’s quite easy to guess why, because a bright digital signboard not only attracts customers and stimulates appetite (cause, for example, a nicely displayed burger on such panel will look very yummy), but also, it’s a perfect and easy method to show all the menu items. Not without reason all the giants of the QSR market are actively implementing digital signage solutions into their restaurants in order to draw the attentions of customers.

Look perfectly understands all the modern trends and offers convenient digital signage solution, which will help you to realize any of your ideas or already prepared business case. Using Look service, you can quickly optimize screen content. It all leads to creating WOW effect, and the customers during waiting for their orders can learn the information about your brand and all special offers.

We would like to present you the implemented QSR case, using as an example fast food corner “Plov&GO”. In this case in order to create the attractive board menu we have deployed  commercial LG monitors, powered by LOOK HD-2214 media players. It gave our customers an opportunity to manage dynamic content on all screens remotely and at the right time. It is not just more engaging for the customers, but is also really cost effective for the owner, because there is no need to have special staff to change the content in any specific location and you don’t need to print any static signboards anymore at any time you want to update the prices or to make a hot offer. According to statistics, the average recoupment time of such project varies from 6 to 18 months.
And we believe, that today consumers have come to expect such technological solution in every quick service restaurant.