Best 7 UK digital signage installations!

The UK has embraced digital signage, especially for marketing. Here are some of the best UK digital signage installations.
Best 7 UK digital signage installations!

Brand advertising has expanded into new realms since the dawn of the digital age. The advent of digital signage might be seen as a technological sea change. Several popular businesses use it interestingly to maintain contact with their audience and get their message out. Companies employ digital billboards to present their product catalogs and service offerings in an eye-catching format. Animated GIFs, videos, and other visually engaging content can grab people's attention and convey the brand's message.

Top 7 UK digital signage installations

Digital signage installations may reach various people for different purposes, including marketing, advertising and entertainment. In the United Kingdom, digital billboards are everywhere. Here are seven of the very finest.

1. The Piccadilly Lights, a London Landmark

The Piccadilly Lights, a London Landmark

The Piccadilly Lights in London are one of the most famous sights in the world because they are one of the first and most well-known public signage installations. It is a must-see for tourists and people living in London because it is right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus.

There are six displays, and they rotate between advertising and news updates. It is one of the most visible places to advertise, drawing major businesses worldwide. Stroll around Central London, and stop by Piccadilly Circus to see the bright displays!

2. Tube advert screens

Tube advert screens

These digital ribbons in the UK comprise 15 to 25 TV screens with a 42-inch screen size lined up side by side and span the length of tube escalators. This configuration enables full motion creative to run up and down the length of the escalators as passengers climb and descend into stations.

Each character is developed in 3D using computer-generated imagery (CGI) software, which enables the complete animation of the suitcase identities. This allows for the highest possible engagement and interaction on D6 digital billboards in various London rail and subterranean stations and the Victoria Underground station platform projections.

3. Canary Wharf: Bridging the Digital Divide

Canary Wharf: Bridging the Digital Divide

This next piece is set in Canary Wharf, one of the world's most exciting business areas. You can find office towers, stores and eateries in this neighborhood. There's also a big park right in the midst of it named Canada Square Park.

Canary Wharf has two enormous displays on either side of the park as part of its digital signage installation. These digital display screens show unique information but may also show the same thing simultaneously.

This structure was designed and built by Grand Visual, a London-based firm. The goal was to bridge the gap between the professional and recreational spheres. One screen may include information on a local business's upcoming product launch. The other screen may show content about a concert in the park. Moreover, the screens are interactive, allowing users to modify their viewing experience. In case you were wondering, solar panels provide the energy to run everything.

4. Pepsi Max Bus Terminal

Pepsi Max Bus Terminal

Pepsi Max: Live, for Now, is another iconic London digital signage. The company employs AR to spread the word about its product and make its mascot more relatable to consumers. The digital screen in a London bus shelter on New Oxford Street turned the shelter's glass into an interactive signage display for augmented reality content.

In 2014, Pepsi made waves with a revolutionary experiential campaign that used cutting-edge technology, such as augmented reality, to create a memorable brand experience for consumers. The beverage company used cutting-edge digital signage technology and a team of creative specialists to successfully bring its trademark drink's magical, otherworldly character to life, surprising and delighting viewers worldwide. Thanks to digital signage technology, this amazing campaign demonstrates the potential for imagination and originality to establish a lasting connection between a business and its audience.

5. Chiswick Park: State-of-the-art outdoor digital signage

Chiswick Park: State-of-the-art outdoor digital signage

As another day ends, you take one last walk through the beautiful Chiswick Park. It's been a great day. You got some good deals at the stores, and now it's time to go home. But as you walk by the lake, you notice something.

It's a big computer screen that goes around and shows movies and pictures. You stop momentarily to take it all in and then realize you don't want to go home. It is the power of digital signage: it can create an engaging experience that draws people in.

Chiswick Park is one of the most famous parks in London, and its digital signage design is right up there with the best. It has cutting-edge technology and some eye-catching images, which can surprise anyone who sees it.

6. DOOH weather-responsive McCafé

DOOH weather-responsive McCafé

McDonald's promoted its iced drinks using digital totems in city centers around the UK during summer, rather than their usual digital menu boards. There was a catch, however; each totem changed appearance according to the weather. The brilliant DOOH campaign put all its eggs in the British weather basket. The information on each digital panel was adaptable and could be tailored to its specific position.

If the thermometer read more than 22 degrees, the campaign promoted McDonald's "Strawberry Lemonade" and "Millionaire's Frappe." However, if the temperature was over 25 degrees, the totem's content was altered once more to reflect the current temperature and the city's name. The system pulled data from a weather API feed to alter ads dynamically.

7. Old Street Roundabout: Digital Signage Installation in the Outdoor Space

Old Street Roundabout Digital Signage

The Old Street Roundabout ranks one of the busiest in London, so where better to put a digital signs screen? It was made to help improve traffic flow and eliminate traffic jams. Around the circle, the tower has 12 LED screens that show real-time traffic statistics.

It also shows transport for London (TfL) announcements, such as those announcing road closures and maintenance. It is a great example of how digital signs can help keep drivers aware and improve traffic flow.


The UK and its towns are always changing, and this has never been more clear than in its digital signs business, which is growing all the time. Digital signage has everything you need for displays that get people's attention or help keep your staff up to date. The LOOK DS service provides seamless software and hardware if you want a digital signage installation that delivers.