Interactive digital signs: Advantages & examples!

If customization is the future of business, then interactive digital signs hold the key. Here are some examples of interactive digital signs and their benefits.
Interactive digital signs: Advantages & examples!

It might be challenging to maintain client interest in your company. Your staff can only respond to so many inquiries at once. There's only much they can do to keep your clients interested and amused during any event. Because of this, interactive digital signage may be worth the cost. It can facilitate communication with target audiences by informing, entertaining and educating.

By 2025, the global digital signage market will be worth more than $31 billion worldwide. Demand for digital billboards has increased in tandem with the popularity of online advertising. The business and societal advantages of interactive digital signage are many. Public touchscreen digital signage has improved the past use of maps, timetables and directories.

A definition of "Interactive Digital Signage"

"Interactive digital signage" refers to specific digital screen advertising encouraging user participation through touch or other input methods (such as a gestures, keyboard, or mobile phone). For consumers, this means more control over their experience. In contrast, for companies, it means a deeper understanding of their customer's tastes and preferences that may inform the development of future encounters that more closely match those customers' expectations.

Excellent examples of interactive digital billboards

Explore the innovative ways that companies from all around the globe have turned traditional advertising into an interactive experience for their target demographic. You'll get a more accurate picture of how far you can take interactive digital signage and how it can influence people to buy. Here are some interactive signage examples:

Shanghai subway station digital out-of-home advertising by Nescafé


To advertise its cold brew coffee at a Shanghai subway station, Nescafe went above and beyond any previously established marketing conventions. Users may play a game on the digital screen using motion sensor technology and win a free bottle of the new coffee variety.

BOGOTA, Colombia's KitKat interactive DOOH


KitKat used an engaging out-of-home digital signage technology to give away free chocolate bars, sending customers wild. The commuters passing by were urged to join the dancing avatar on the digital screen. The dance-off winners received a free candy bar as a prize. Think of the participation this digital signage may generate!

Capitol Singapore Shopping Mall

Capitol Singapore Shopping Mall

Shoppers at Singapore's Capitol shopping mall may engage with the complex's extensive product selection through a moving interactive digital screen. They need only visit a single presentation to learn all there is to know about the topics that most pique their interest.

Arneg showroom

Arneg showroom

Visitors may peruse the showroom's map, locate entrances, and peruse the picture and video galleries in one fell swoop, thanks to the interactive digital display that greets them as they enter. The company has created a one-of-a-kind experience for its customers by fusing digital navigation with information and entertainment.

The Advantages of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage is a form of digital signage marketing that can be customized for each company. Compared to traditional signs, interactive signage provides a more cost-effective and versatile marketing channel due to its ability to exhibit different brands, products and promotions without effort and expense.

Take a look at these two mind-blowing facts about interactive signage:

  • Eighty-one percent of customers have acknowledged that digital signage and other interactive content are more successful at attracting attention than static content.
  • There is a 47% increase in consumer attention paid to interactive video ads compared to static or non-interactive ads.

Do you now have a strong desire to implement interactive signs? Consider the advantages:

Improved customer experience

Large, well-lit, and visually appealing, interactive digital signage is a great way for businesses to draw the attention of prospective consumers. You can improve a customer's experience with an interactive display to their interests and preferences, creating a memorable interaction.

Likewise, you can enhance the reputation of your business or product if users have a positive and easy time interacting with the signage. Digital signage with transactional connections gives consumers who would rather purchase without being hassled by a salesperson the option.

Cost-effective, dynamic advertising

Although interactive digital signage costs more upfront than static or paper signage, dynamic ad displays may make it a cost-effective marketing option. Displays that use dynamic advertising may cycle between several adverts preloaded into a server and controlled remotely, thanks to interactive digital signage software. It enables companies to experiment with various advertisements and benefit from the results. If two ads for the same product are published, one with a call to action suggesting the viewer visit a specific website landing page and the other with a different landing page address, businesses can determine which ad was more successful by analyzing the traffic volume to each page.

Brand awareness

Customers' familiarity with an interactive digital board aids in raising brand identification and awareness. Eventually, customers will associate the displays and signs with a particular business or brand. If consumers have a good impression of the company or the items after interacting with the signs, they are more likely to make repeat purchases.

The convenience of self-service


The widespread use of interactive display solutions has made self-service a breeze in various settings, including stores, malls, hospitals, and more. The convenience of self-checking in and out has greatly benefited the hotel sector. The convenience of "click-and-collect" has also facilitated consumer buying.

Have you ever researched what modern customers want from their shopping and service-seeking experiences? If so, the reply is "convenience, comfort, and tolerable wait times." Therefore, use interactive digital signs immediately if you want your consumers to leave your establishment happy today and return smiling tomorrow.

Boosting brand credibility

Brand trust is as important as brand awareness when making a good impression. Many businesses use interactive digital signage to maintain a good reputation by highlighting their charity work, donations, and other important causes likely to resonate with their core customers. As a result, trust between companies and their consumers grows, and repeat business from satisfied customers boosts earnings.


Your digital signage displays and the success of your campaigns will benefit from adding an interactive component. It will improve the quality and usefulness of the information you provide. The use of interactive digital signs will revolutionize your company. Don't wait around; get on board now. With Look DS, you can provide your target audience with reliable interactivity that takes their experience to the next level.