Why Look Content Manager Makes Digital Signage Management Easier Than Ever Before

Digital signage is a powerful tool for any business and should bring new life to any commercial environment.
Why Look Content Manager Makes Digital Signage Management Easier Than Ever Before

Digital signage is a powerful tool for any business and should bring new life to any commercial environment. Static signs are becoming less effective, but digital signage is pretty good at catching customers' attention and delivering messages custom-designed to enhance their than ever before. Of course, it would help if you created beautiful eye-catching cases. Thanks to Look Content Manager, this is pretty possible. It is a fully featured cloud-based tool that allows you to deploy signage in the best way possible. The following are the digital signage management features you should expect from Look content manager:

1. Layout designer

Look Content Manager allows you to access a highly flexible tool that you can use to divide the screen display into several areas to create a unique layout that supports your broadcasting.

Look allows you to divide the screen in whichever way that meets your needs when running any displays. You can make the sections in different sizes and play your content on each of them simultaneously.

Whatever you display has to be perfect for your target audience. Thanks to Look Content Manager, you can use the color you see the best fit, choose the graphics' right size, and determine which opacity level you would like for different layers, data fields and fonts.

If you are interested in adaptive layouts to take your digital signage displays to the next level, you should be looking at the Look Content Manager. You can use different resolutions depending on where your display is and make adaptive aspect ratios and orientations.

2. Possibility to create interactive scenarios

If you have touch monitors powering your digital signage solution, you can benefit from Look Content Manager. You do not have to be a programmer as long as you have your personal account. Prioritization of activities to be handled by staff can have a significant impact on overall productivity. Your sales staff have many responsibilities, so why not free up their time by taking advantage of an interactive catalog that allows self-browsing and checking out products.

Feedback is essential when monitoring performance to help effect remedial action to help meet set goals. You no longer need printed leaflets when you can put all your information into the open-access on touch screens. Your customers or clients will tell you what they think, and you can use that information to make the right business decisions.

Interactive scenarios

Digital signage can be a powerful tool for driving engagement within your target audience. Look Content Manager allows you to design and take advantage of game scenarios.

3. Smart scheduling

Did you know you can plan your broadcasts earlier thanks to Look's flexible tools and other settings? Broadcasting information can be a daunting task, but Look Content Manager allows you to create a playlist you can use the entire day on the bright side. In addition, you gain more control of what plays on your displays.

Just refer to the calendar and program your schedule for a lifetime and how you would like your displays to broadcast. You can mute any content on display upon your wish. Of course, your displays need to be flexible as possible, and you can set up playback rules.

Organize your playlists to specific dates or weekdays. You get to decide what gets broadcasted on your displays for a particular amount of time.

4. Proof of play and update status

Whenever you have a digital signage system in place, you must take charge of what gets displayed on your screens. With the Look Content Manager, you can monitor server connectivity and content upload status in a real-time mode. Getting that quick monitoring might help to ensure that all the systems are functioning at their best. Screenshot feature is another thing, that helps you to learn what is exactly playing or, for some reasons, is not playing on your screen right at the moment.

5. Advanced filtering and tags

It would help if you used a solution to save time and reduce costs while making operations as effective as possible. Look Content Manager has advanced filtering and tags, allowing the user to quickly find a particular screen or group of content. Whenever you are looking for anything within your system, you can quickly access it, and if there are updates needed, you can install them comfortably. You can also check the status of network operation to ensure you never have to deal with a lack of content or your screens being blank at any time.

digital signage apps

6. In-built apps

With the inbuilt apps, you get a free option for the simple creation of gorgeous dynamic content. If you are having issues deciding what you should play on your displays, you are not the only one. At the same time, you may have found out what something fresh and eye-catching can do to your business and do not know how to come up with such content. If you find yourself in such a situation, Look gives you the solution you need in the shape of in-built apps. The likes of BBC News, CNN news, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google slides, RSS feeds, Weather forecast, Embedded code and others should allow you to create social media feeds or live streams to use within your playlists. Whatever is displayed on your screens plays a massive role in communicating with your target audience.

If you are not careful with digital signage, you can get it all wrong and fail to enjoy the numerous benefits it could bring to your business. Thankfully, with Look Content Manager, you can enjoy different features that should make your work more comfortable. You will have a better chance at improving your customers' experience and address their questions and concerns before they know it. Effective use of your signage system should provide you with more possibilities to build your brand identity.

Whenever you are ready, you will need to weigh every aspect of your digital signage plan, and content management plays a crucial role. But, first, you need a suitable platform, and there is no better way of doing it but with Look digital signage service.