Key things to know about digital signage for shopping centers

Digital signage has become pivotal for most businesses, and malls aren't any different. Here are a few key things to keep in mind about shopping center digital signage.
Key things to know about digital signage for shopping centers

Shopping centers have a lot to offer, which is one of the reasons why they flood with people daily. These areas see significant foot traffic with different segments, products, and services. There are also the aesthetics that these establishments provide. But what makes them so attention-grabbing? The most probable explanation for retailers is a mix of factors.

To be competitive, many shopping centers no longer focus only on these traditional success factors. The owners of shopping centers hope that by modernizing and digitizing their venues, they will be able to attract customers from the "born digital" age.

Step in digital billboards

Do you know those displays with fast-moving, appealing material in shop windows and storefront walls? They act as a unit thanks to indoor digital signage.

One of the quickest, most cost-effective, and least time-consuming methods to attract customers, promote items, and create an atmosphere that makes them want to purchase is digital signage. The most effective forms of digital signage for shops and malls are adaptable and constantly changing. It makes it simple for stores of any size to adjust and add new material, ensuring your displays are constantly current. For instance, with pricing signs for retail, you can share your prices with your customers better. Compared to more conventional kinds of advertising, such as static billboards and signs, digital signage is undeniably an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

The benefits of digital signage to shopping centers are undeniably worth considering. According to research, eight out of ten people walk inside a business after being drawn in by a digital sign. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the retail industry will experience the greatest growth in digital signage networks in the next few years, with over 40 percent of consumers saying that digital displays may influence their purchases due to the delivery of relevant information near the point of purchase.

Some stores are quickly adopting retail digital signage; Burberry is a shining example. Mirrors at their flagship London shop serve as video digital signage displays. Employees are equipped with iPads, and RFID-enabled screens broadcast catwalk footage relevant to the item being tried on.

Setting up digital signage

If you want to build a digital signage system for your retail mall, here are three steps to arrange it using a powerful yet affordable Look digital signage solution.

Get your digital signage hardware

digital signage hardware

At a shopping center, you need two components to put up a digital signage wall that displays and distributes information:

  • You can use Android TVs (Android TVs, tablets, or TV boxes) with our free app player or any other TV screens with HDMI input using any devices based on Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. In the second case, for the best compatibility and installation simplicity we recommend selecting external media players made by Look. Start with the LOOK HD-2222, Look HD-2214, or LOOK HD-2218 PRO if you're looking for a digital signage-ready device that can withstand heavy usage over time. These LOOK players alleviate customers' problems with deploying and configuring many screens. 

Install the app

Next, connect with what's happening on the screen by installing the right LOOK DS app depending on the operating system of your device by this link or from one of the App Stores listed below:

  • Google Play Store - (from your Android TV, media player or tablet)
  • If you're using a Fire TV Stick 4K or any Amazon device, you can access the Amazon App Store.

Connect your gadgets and software

After downloading the app, you may open it. A pairing code is the first item that will appear. Create an account or sign in if you haven't already. To add a new screen, choose "Screens," then "Add Screen," and input the pairing code above. So long! You have everything you need to start to convey your messages to your audience.

Pay attention to digital signage content

digital signage content

It's great to have displays, but what use are they if you have nothing to display on them? Here are several examples of the content types that work best for shopping centers. 

Exhibits on social media

Why not include social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in your retail signage displays at the mall? Social media lets you bring customer comments, suggestions, campaigns, and news into the store. It will remind others to follow you, which can help you get more followers.

Social media-enabled retail signage is a way to increase your following and pique the interest of new community members. It's also easy to set up. You may use LOOK to access social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, News App, Google Slides and Weather updates. Social media dashboards make it possible to make aesthetically pleasing social media walls without prior design knowledge.

Image galleries

Images are one of the quickest methods to convey meaning visually. You can capture the attention of your target audience in only a few seconds. Photo galleries let you show off not just your work but also that of sponsors and advertisements.

You may utilize the Dropbox Gallery app to import whole photo albums onto your in-store digital signage in various formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. When you wish to change the photos on the screen, you should upload the new ones to your Dropbox folder, and your digital signage program will take care of the rest.

Using the playlist feature, you can also make your image showreel by uploading pictures, giving each one a certain amount of time to play, and then letting the whole thing run in the background.


Static images have their place on digital signs, but video can make the experience better. Planning out your video's purpose and ensuring the footage enhances, rather than detracts from, your message is crucial. Remember, people are more inclined to pay attention to and remember moving visuals, according to studies.

Videos are ideal for digital displays, especially in shopping malls. All it takes is engaging content that fits in with your larger marketing plan. For instance, with 3D videos on the LED screens of the mall façade and attention-grabbing ad videos within the indoor digital displays, it becomes easy to pass the message across. Likewise, inside the stores, you can convince customers to purchase a product by playing videos on how to use it or how it can make their life easier. 

Instant updates

Does your permanent signage become obsolete quickly? You can update notices whenever you desire using digital signage. Store openings, parking hours, and safety notices may change instantly. You can schedule your displays using your software and play your broadcasts content conveniently. 


Shopping center signage with digital displays are here to stay. They may work especially well in shopping centers to advertise services, stores and charities. These can help your shopping center streamline operations, free up staff time via automated display systems, and devote more attention to other tasks. You can enhance customer experience with the use of appropriate material on signages. Want an intelligent and user-friendly digital signage software to control information on all the displays in your shopping center? The Look DS service is a reliable solution for managing your screens comfortably.