Digital Signage Apps to Create Your Own Eye-catching Content with Ease

Digital signage uses video screens to display dynamic content. Unlike standard static signage, digital signage is vibrant, eye-catching and can be changed in seconds.
Digital Signage Apps to Create Your Own Eye-catching Content with Ease

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to build your brand and grow your business. Whether it's a simple display showing a diner's menu, a video wall showing crucial information about an event, or an interactive touchscreen map that helps visitors navigate a location more effectively, digital signage offers major benefits.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage uses video screens to display dynamic content. Unlike standard static signage, digital signage is vibrant, eye-catching and can be changed in seconds. There are many kinds of digital signage: simple displays showing a rotating selection of images, ordinary flat TV screens showing informative or promotional content, video walls and scrolling describers are all examples of digital signage. Digital signage can improve your customers' experience, promote products and deals, build your brand identity and attract people to your premises.

It's not just your clients and customers who can benefit. The right signage can improve your workplace for your employees, too. By providing up-to-the-minute information, digital signage can keep your staff on task and ensure that nobody ever misses a memo.

The key to getting the most out of your digital signage is having the best content for your specific needs. Properly positioned signage with the right content can have an immediate positive impact. To achieve the results you want, however, you need the right content. Bland, repetitive or irrelevant content is almost as bad as no content at all. You can choose to use generic content or content produced by a third party; however, this may not match your vision for your business.

That's where digital signage apps come in. Apps allow you to make your own content -- quality content that's tailored to your client base, branded with your logo, colors and unique identity. Look Digital Signage's software includes a range of quality apps that you can use to make your own tailor-made content.


Whether you're looking for content to impress visitors to a bank or something for diners to watch while they wait for their food in a restaurant, most people will be interested in keeping up with the latest news. Apps like CNN News, BBC News and Euronews Live will help visitors and employees alike keep their fingers on the pulse.

BBС App screenshot
BBC News APP from Look


Everyone likes to talk about the weather. Adding weather content to your playlist will engage customers' interest and keep them from becoming impatient or distracted. Our beautiful weather application gives your clients a full-screen display of the latest weather news. Best of all, it's geolocated based on the position of your screens. Your weather content will be localized, up to date and relevant to your visitors.


Looking for content to show in a bank or other finance-related context? Your corporate and finance clients will be impressed with business content created by you and supplied via our easy-to-use apps. Look DS offers a Google Slides app that lets you add presentations to your content with ease. Our embeddable code app gives you a unique opportunity to add your own code or code from a third party to your digital signage feed. Add custom widgets to your playlists and make sure that your content stands out.

Social Media

Social media feeds are an endless source of engaging content, from images to video clips that will enthrall your viewers. Our Instagram app delivers a feed directly from your corporate Instagram account or from a selection of relevant content tags, bringing your clients an enticing stream of visual treats. We also offer a Twitter feed that can show visitors your company's wall, or a newsfeed that you collate. Facebook Video app gives you an ability to arrange online broadcasting right from the most popular social media in the world.

Instagram app look
Instagram APP from Look


If you want a constant and unlimited feed of quality videos, our YouTube app is ideal. You can curate your own feed or use one of YouTube's mixes to deliver fantastic content for your viewers. Whether it's appetizing cooking shows in a diner, intriguing crafts or DIY for your hardware store, or business content in a corporate office, YouTube is an excellent option.


Our RSS app is a powerful way to create a custom feed. This app delivers content from your favorite RSS feeds or from a feed you compile yourself. Our RSS app lets you curate a tightly focused, high-relevancy feed based on the best websites, blogs and platforms around. This app works with any RSS link. Keep your visitors entertained with quirky anecdotes, news and opinion, or great content relating to your sector. Signage in a gym could display an RSS feed relating to health and fitness, bank signage could display a feed relating to finance and business matters, and signage in a school or college could display useful advice on study and time management. This is an incredibly versatile tool that helps you deliver perfect content in any sector.

About Look Digital Signage

Look Digital Signage delivers a range of high-quality digital signage software solutions. We offer outstanding digital signage software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small organization with a handful of locations or an international enterprise with premises in multiple countries, Look's simple yet powerful digital signage apps allow you to create content that will win over customers and make your business stand out from the crowd. Our system takes a few minutes to set up and requires minimal hardware -- just connect one of our plug-in media players or an Android device running our free app.

If you're interested in the digital signage sector, why not consider our Partner Program? Our program includes a range of levels, including a white label option for those who want to create quality digital content. This includes a customizable CMS that you can brand with your logo and utilize with your own domain. You'll have access to an individual admin account which allows you to manage all of your customer's accounts with ease. There's even a white label app player that you can brand with your organization's colors and logo. Our software allows partners to create the most eye-catching content and deploy it with ease. Why not find out more about Look DS today?