White Label as the best option to enter a digital signage software market

The best and fastest way to start playing in the digital signage software market and following I’d like to share with you the 5 main reasons
White Label as the best option to enter a digital signage software market

Nowadays every human being receives 5 times more information daily than just 3 decades ago. Of course, such a critical increase in the information flow sharply reduces the level and quality of its perception by the final addressee. Scientists have proven the average person gets 90% of all their information visually. However, only 40% of that information will be remembered. In the current situation for any business it is critically important to find a way of communication, that will not drown in information noise and will be able to get into this treasured figure!

It is obvious, that today, if you want to be seen by your target audience, you need to use actual visual communication tools! You have to surprise! You have to involve!

Well, perhaps, now one of the best solutions in this area is digital signage. According to researches, digital displays with dynamic content capture more views than the static or printed materials by 400% and create and upswing in the overall sales volume at least by 32%. The global digital signage market size was estimated at USD 19.78 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to reach USD 35.94 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2019 to 2026. Along with it, digital signage software market grows even faster and from USD 5.36 billion in 2018 is projected to reach USD 12.17 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 10.79% in the forecast period. Looks impressive, doesn't it?

Digital Signage market opportunity

Let’s say, you’re already in an industry and sell digital screens and turnkey solutions based on them or, probably, you know how to sell and are looking for the new areas to apply your skills? So how can you enter the digital signage software market? Well, there is only a couple of obvious options for that: develop your own software or resell a third-party solution.  

But… there is another one, which surprisingly combines the previous two. It calls the White Label option and, in a word, it gives you an opportunity to put your logo on a third-party solution and resell it as your own software.

Honestly, I treat this option as the best and fastest way to start playing in the digital signage software market and following I’d like to share with you the 5 main reasons why.

Professional software platform under your brand

If the business you run requires you to offer multiple services or products from third-parties, paying extra for white labeling on all the products you offer is a great way to increase the public’s awareness of your brand.You don’t waste your time and money to promote a third-party brand among your customers, you promote yourself. Moreover, you avoid a possible negative situation when your client leaves and buys the same product, but from a different reseller. Another big advantage is that you don’t need to build technical, sales, marketing, support, operations or something. You’re able to start with simply sales and grow from there.

Savings on your time and money

The cost of building a new product can be incredibly expensive. This is true for both time and money. You can spend many years building a product, only to launch and realize, that you don’t yet have product market fit. Why waste time for reinventing the wheel? White labeling will save months of development time which can be used to boost your business or you can spend it on more important activities. In a word, it will dramatically reduce your time to market. That’s why if somebody has already created a nice product, made and fixed all mistakes, the customers love it and its team is proactive, just say “Thanks”, pin your logo on it and start to get earnings.

Expertise and further development

If the product has paying customers and their number regularly increases, it means, that you’re dealing with MVP proven. And in its turn, it tells you, that the guys, who made this, at least, clearly know what they do. So, taking a White Label from them you can be sure, that you get the up-to-date product from the team, that specialized in this particular area and can provide expertise and revolutionary solutions here and for you there is no any chance to fail in this case. Moreover, it is likely, that they will continue to develop their product. This ensures the product you are selling will always be in line with the fresh market trends.

Value-added pricing opportunities

Needless to say, that for the same product the average customer from Sweden likely is ready to pay more than customer from Indonesia, for instance. You know your local market, its demand and pricing level better. And as the product is white labeled you are totally free to set your own price points when selling to your customers. White Label products often have extremely large profit margins.

High level of customers’ loyalty

Surely the third-party products that you’re selling in a White Label mode and adding to your offering are reliable and powerful. Would be strange, if they aren’t. And every time your customers use your white labeled product and see YOUR logo on the top, they associate it with convenience and quality, which the product brings, and their loyalty to your brand increases. So, investing into White Label option you, first of all, are investing into your brand and customers’ commitment to it.

Look digital signage service offers a White Label option as one of the levels of the Partner program. Within this option we customize the CMS with your logo and main color and deploy it on your domain name, also we provide a white labeled app player and access to the partner’s admin account, where you’ll be able to manage all your customers’ accounts. And comparing with the same option from the other vendors we do have a really favorable financial conditions for entering White Label level. To learn more details and leave an inquiry, kindly follow this link: White Label

We would be happy to start our cooperation and welcome you in the international Look family!

Take care and stay tuned!