What is SaaS Digital Signage and Why You Should Consider it for Your Project?

Digital signage is gaining traction in all industries, and now software as a service (SaaS) has changed the entire software development community.
What is SaaS Digital Signage and Why You Should Consider it for Your Project?

Digital signage is gaining traction in all industries, and now software as a service (SaaS) has changed the entire software development community. Are you wondering what digital signage software as a service entails? It is a cloud-hosted subscription-based service which is becoming quite popular recently, especially among display network operators, corporate users and small entrepreneurs. If you integrate digital signage into your business, you will be delighted to discover how robust SaaS solutions can be. SaaS has facilitated custom programs that should get business owners out of the no-win and cost-cutting game that the increasingly commoditized market presents.

The SaaS model has been an excellent gamechanger. More and more companies now consider deploying digital signage regardless of their size for various reasons. Whether it is the ease of use, lower costs, more features and functions, there are many reasons why you should consider SaaS digital signage for your next project. We take a look at why SaaS is the right choice for any user.

Ease of deployment

The advantages of digital signage are a handful. You get so many fantastic things by integrating it into your business, but it can be a massive challenge to build an in-house digital signage network. In most cases, you are more likely to get confused about the hardware, software and networking equipment you should use. You might struggle to piece it altogether if you don't get an expert's help. If you want to avoid all this hassle, it will help if you considered SaaS. You will be able to deploy digital signage more comfortably. With SaaS, you won't have to purchase server hardware or employ dedicated IT help. You will only need large format displays and a secure internet connection. It is an excellent solution to focus on the primary objective, which is delivering your message.

Reduced maintenance

If your business chooses the approach of hosting servers for an on-premises solution, it doesn't end with setting them up. Maintenance will be required, and often you will need a full-time IT department for that. What’s more, you will need specific facilities and equipment to house the servers, keep them cool while physically and digitally securing them. If something breaks or their functionality gets compromised, it is your responsibility to ensure service resumption. Likewise, you must be on the lookout for software updates and conduct them manually.

Thankfully, SaaS digital signage is as convenient as they come. You get web-based CMS, automatic software updates, and you won't have to maintain the servers. When something goes wrong, you get all the help you need from your provider. You may not realize it but not hosting the servers yourself can make a real difference.

Reduced maintenance

You get to enjoy the latest technology

SaaS providers are pretty good at their work. They give you the features, integrations, and applications available with the latest updates. As a user, you won't have to purchase the newest version or deploy updates to enjoy more recent services. Considering that businesses' profitability depends on technology, going with the latest updates gives you a competitive edge. Keeping track of it all with an on-premises team can be pretty challenging and leave you short of the latest technology.

Availability of a Pay-As-You-Go option

Your business's primary goal should be making a profit, and what better way to do that than by paying for only the services you need? SaaS allows you to pay for services as you need them. You can change your subscription along the way so that you only pay for the displays you are using. If you are on a monthly subscription, your fees are flexible. They will scale up and down depending on the number of displays that your business is using.

Flexible and easily accessible

Digital signage SaaS gives you excellent flexibility options that should work perfectly for your business. You get to access the software comfortably from any location as long as there is a secure internet connection. It means that if you have any changes that should be made, it won't be hectic. You can carry them out anywhere from home or even on your phone. What's more, the setup is relatively straightforward, and there is no complex IT equipment needed. You will also be glad to realize that the software is hosted by a provider off-premise, so changing your usage plan shouldn't be a problem, and you can do it without advance notice.


One of the biggest perceived fears concerning SaaS is security. However, cloud computing has gone through tremendous innovation, which is quickly changing that perception. IT professionals see developers using state-of-the-art technology for hosting and securing their facilities which minimize the risk. With credible SaaS providers, you get dedicated network security employees who constantly monitor and patch their servers to ensure they are updated and secure. What's better, the cost is spread out over a large client base, making it entirely feasible for many businesses. Self-hosted networks aren't quite convenient since the cost of a dedicated person to provide an excellent level of security isn't wholly justifiable.

Money count


Unfortunately, on-premises digital signage requires heftier setup and maintenance, and as a result, it comes with higher costs. Without going into the numbers in detail, it is clear that the servers and IT labor can’t come for free. However, the most significant difference comes in the upfront costs. If you were to choose an on-premises solution, you would have to pay for the servers and all the associated costs, pay for installation, and purchase the software that you will use to manage your content. However, with SaaS, you will need to pay for it monthly or annually, so your upfront costs will not be high. It is less expensive to set up, maintenance is more comfortable, and you enjoy remote content management.

It should now be clear why SaaS digital signage is the best solution for your next project. You can’t have it any other way if you want to take your business to the next level. SaaS does what technology is supposed to do, and that is to make your life easier.