Digital Signage for Pubs and Bars: Key Benefits & Opportunities!

The use of digital signage in pubs provides a chance to catch this attention, improve customer service and increase profitability. Digital displays, whether installed in the window, on the wall or behind the bar, provide a variety of advantages for public houses.
Digital Signage for Pubs and Bars: Key Benefits & Opportunities!

You can increase customer satisfaction and revenue by investing in digital signage for pubs. We are used to watching sports and the news on TVs in bars. While relaxing at our favorite hangouts, we have become nearly used to keeping an eye out for them.

The use of digital signage in pubs provides a chance to catch this attention, improve customer service and increase profitability. Digital displays, whether installed in the window, on the wall or behind the bar, provide a variety of advantages for public houses.

Promotions and deals for drinks

Even though the pub is a popular meeting place for people from all walks of life, its function is lost if it doesn't provide any beverage. Therefore, it is essential to direct customers' attention to the drinks you want them to purchase. Putting up an eye-catching show is sure to get people's attention. If you are going to attract customers to the bar, you should use digital signage to catch their attention and keep it. Offers like '1+1=3',  "student discount," or "cheap beverages" may only attract customers if prominently displayed.

You may offer a seasonal promotion, such as a Christmas deal. The program would enable you to choose a date and time for the offer you desire, according to your bar's requirements. It is also possible to schedule multiple offers for other days of the week by utilizing the same functionality, for example, a 20% discount on chosen beverages on Tuesday's promotion. If you want the offer to run on Tuesdays, you may set it up in our program, which you can access via our website.

It is not only the beverages and food that get discounted in pubs. There are a variety of facilities that may benefit from the usage of screens, such as an underutilized dartboard, games room or event area.

Use social media to build relationships with your customers

Of course, smart gadgets are in constant use by the general public. It is thus possible to benefit from signature benefits by using social media and digital signage. You can publish social media home pages for bars and pubs on various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Connecting with customers is a snap with digital signage's built-in social networking features. Visitors and diners alike depend significantly on online reviews and other sources of information like social media and other specialized websites before making a trip to a new restaurant. As a result, you must design your pub's social media channels to entice customers to investigate further.

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Pub hosted events

One of the most popular past hours in pubs is the pub quiz. People dream of the day when they can sit down with a pint and some pork scratchings and prove their intellectual value. Your guests must be informed of the dates and times of your activities, especially when there's excitement around something so basic. You can accomplish this with the help of digital signage.

Thanks to cloud-based software, a leaderboard and results can easily be displayed on the screens. Congratulate the victors each week, and you are halfway there. Instead, you could put up an ongoing leaderboard on your screens, with the results of quiz teams, skittles competitions and darts competitions, pool tournaments, table tennis tournaments and other events the pub hosts every month or so. It would increase competition and the likelihood that people would return the following week.

For example, if the bar has a function room, digital signage might display information about the events there. You will boost engagement with those functions because of the displays' comparable offering.

Intuitive menus for drinks

Even while physical drink menus are excellent, not every customer in your bar will carry one around for the entirety of their stay. What about on days when it is particularly crowded? It's not worth your time. The whole bar can view your drink menus in their entirety, thanks to digital signage. Showcase your bar's beer and drink menus and other offerings. Even if the waitress has already collected the table menu, computerized drink menus keep diners interested in what they will order next.

Give space for advertising

Providing advertising space for local or national firms may help offset the installation costs of your digital displays. Local and national companies realize that they may earn from the many clients who come in and out of your bar daily.

It is unlikely that your clients would get annoyed if you provide information that is not simply a continuous stream of adverts for other firms. At the same time, you will be able to recoup some of your costs by providing highly sought-after advertising space.

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Display other live sports events

You may also show updates and highlights from athletic events around the globe and live games on the digital screen. Why? That doesn't mean that everyone at your bar is enthused about the sports you are presenting live or interested in maintaining tabs on more than what they are viewing live. It would help if you focused on as many sports and events as possible to keep your customers interested while they are in your pub. Also, you may use these signs to quiz your guests on sports knowledge and other brief games.

For pubs and bars, digital signage is a godsend since the audience is already there. If you don't serve your clients quickly, they will spend all of their time debating in their heads about the items they want to eat or drink and which ones are the most incredible deals. You might also suggest that your audience is more readily persuaded to go for one of your 2 for 1 offers if you add 1 or 2 drinks along the way.

Having a bar means that your clients aren't simply there for a drink or two. They are looking forward to relaxing and having fun with their buddies. Because digital signage allows you to show a wide variety of material, you can also have some fun with your visuals and produce dynamic movies that contribute to the feeling of enjoyment that your visitors will want to experience.