7 leading digital signage companies in Australia

With many businesses trying various advertising methods, digital signage Australia is growing rapidly. Here are some of the best installations.
7 leading digital signage companies in Australia

Digital signage is a content distribution technology that you can use to play digital material on one or more displays or screens from a single location. The screens you use for digital signage may display various information. The signage represents electronic displays that broadcast media like television programs, menus, information and advertisements. Retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings are examples of public and private spaces using digital signage. Although you may see led digital signage in various settings, the most noticeable and effective ones are those found in retail storefronts, which advertise sales and new products.

The Australian digital signage market

You can break down Australia's digital signage market into size, kind of component, type of display, interaction, application and end-user vertical. This piece includes the results of an in-depth examination of the market environment, market dynamics, and strategic analysis. In 2022, digital out-of-home advertising in Asia and the Pacific was worth US$ 8.1 billion. According to an IMARC Group forecast, the market will increase at a CAGR of 13.07% between 2023 and 2028, reaching US$17.9 billion.

The growing number of young adults in advanced countries like Australia is fueling the digital signage Melbourne industry thanks to the generation's shared interest in the engaging media that digital billboards can provide. Also, Australian SMEs are increasingly adopting digital signage software because of the ease with which they can manage, access remotely, scale up and implement material at a reasonable cost.

The fashion sector is a major contributor to Australia's booming e-commerce market, which threatens traditional retail expansion and has knock-on effects for the sign business. The trend of consumers favoring Internet shopping might continue. In the Australian signage market, the percentage of people who use the Internet will likely rise from 80% in 2019 to about 90% in 2024.


The best digital signage companies in Australia

If you are looking for a digital signage company in Australia that can provide excellent solutions, this piece can be resourceful. Here are Australia's top 7 digital signage companies:


oOh! is a cutting-edge media organization revolutionizing Australia's Out of Home market. Roadsides, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, bus stops, office skyscrapers, and colleges are part of their vast network of over 37,000 digital and static asset locations. Regarding Out of Home, think beyond the box of only advertising. oOh! Contributes to financing vital public infrastructure in the areas where it works by designing exciting spaces that seek to educate, amuse and inspire locals. The company's mission to improve public areas is reflective of this.

In addition, the company has made significant technological investments, making it a frontrunner in using advanced data approaches to help customers get the most out of their advertising budgets via superior audience targeting.

Empowered Vision

Empowered Vision

Empowered Vision is a pioneer in the Australian market, offering cutting-edge technology in rental and fixed projects, including high-resolution, next-generation LED and LCD screens and signs, commercial signs, and electronic message boards. Thanks to their endless scalability, their digital display systems have been utilized for everything from inside bar and club promotions to outdoor shopping center adverts, highway billboards, and even school message boards. Their LED digital signage is particularly eye-catching.

The company provides a comprehensive digital display solution, from the first consultation to the final teardown, including custom content management system (CMS) software for your signs. The technical expertise and service quality of devoted and experienced employees continue to propel this company’s reputation.

Amped Digital

Amped Digital has a wide variety of the latest and greatest outdoor digital signage displays from respected manufacturers all around the globe. The company can help you choose, implement, manage, and maintain any solution. They help you find the perfect match by preparing everything from the budget to the design. Amped Digital got you covered whether you are looking for promotional screens, menu boards, video walls, interactive kiosks or outdoor kiosks.

Aria Digital Screens

Aria Digital Screens is a one-stop shop for all your digital signage needs, providing everything from strategy development and planning through implementation, maintenance and updates. When you buy from Aria Digital Screens, you receive more than just a digital screen - you get a comprehensive communications solution guaranteed to get the job done. This company provides one of the most exciting and forward-thinking technologies. The organization provides a service that ensures quality results and provides audiences with material that inspires and surprises them.

onQ Digital

onQ Digital

onQ Digital offers a wide variety of LED and digital signage displays, giving you a screen in whatever size or form you want. From 1mm to 100mm in indoor, outdoor, and bendable designs, they provide a lot of room for imagination. They have integrated LED display systems that provide crisp, high-definition visuals. They provide various design options from 1mm to 100mm in indoor, outdoor, and curved configurations.


SureVision provides the highest quality digital displays designed specifically for your retail setting to stimulate shoppers. This company understands that retail digital displays should have a WOW factor. SureVision is the best partner in retail screen solutions because of its experience in solution design, cutting-edge technology, premium after-sales management, content, and advertising solutions.



Signpac's signs are designed to be cost-effective for educational institutions. Affordable school signs and other promotional items are their forte. They have assisted educational institutions in Australia for the last quarter of a century in enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Banners, flags, school mascots, scoreboards, lecterns, entry signs, and more may be purchased. Moreover, they provide digital LED and LCD signage to promote the institution and make announcements. Both digital screens suit indoor and outdoor settings, such as a library or a football stadium. Their digital signage Sydney is reliable and has been for a long time.


The digital signage suppliers mentioned above are among the finest in the Australian market. They are well-versed in delivering customized digital signage solutions to their customers. Australian companies can assist you in various ways, whether you want a unique digital sign or are searching for a supplier with a wide variety of LED screens. Cloud-based digital signage solutions allow you to control your screens from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are! It is time you consider LOOK digital signage solutions to revolutionize how your clients see you.