Top 6 Google Slides Templates Services to Refresh Your Digital Signage

Top 6 Google Slides Templates Services to Refresh Your Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the trending forms of marketing and has been fruitful for many businesses in the current digital world. It is a creative way of sharing engaging company messages professionally. Thankfully, if you choose to use Google slides to design digital signage content, it saves you time and resources. What's more, you can use them in corporate and non-corporate settings. Unlike other digital signage design programs that may bring unnecessary expenses, you get free templates for content creation with Google slides. If you are looking for excellent and free easy to use Google Slides, we will provide you with some of the top picks you can take advantage of.

What are Google Slides?

Google Slides is a presentation application featuring various pre-made presentations, portfolios and pitches. With free Google Slides templates, you can create and edit your presentations quickly to bring your marketing campaign to life. These programs provide several free themes, fonts, animations, embedded videos and other creative elements that help spice up corporate content. You can also store your creations in the cloud and collaborate with others on presentation when using the program. It is pretty convenient since whatever change you make is saved automatically, and you can go through the updates in real-time.

Most people compare Google Slides to PowerPoint because the slideshow presentation functionality is similar in so many ways. The difference is that Google Slides is a web-based program that allows several people on similar subjects to collaborate.

Top 6 free Google Slides templates services

1. Slidesgo

With Slidesgo, you get an extensive catalog of free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint presentation templates. Digital marketers get different options depending on what suits their needs. They include education, business, medical, infographics and multi-purpose free templates for various fields. You will never lack something suitable for whatever project you are starting.

Slidesgo is quite convenient since you get tutorials that teach you how to edit and build presentations that will start your design. You can customize your creations with all the editing features at your disposal. It is one of the template services that allows you to change the color and resize templates to suit your content.


2. Macfadden

Most single slide template providers offer free designs that are not up to standard, but Macfadden is as good as they get. It is quite an attractive website with all templates available with only a single slide. However, do not let that fool you. The designs of the slides are pretty impressive, making this website worth every bit of your time. Notably, the current templates library is relatively small, but the designs are unique with lots of creativity and worth incorporating into your presentations. If you are looking for single slide templates with an option to duplicate them to make a uniform-looking presentation, the templates at Macfadden are precisely what you need. Get that visual appeal that every digital signage solution deserves.


3. PPT Template

This is another top free website providing presentation templates. It is pretty convenient considering that its templates are available for both PowerPoint and Google Slides. Please note that this website is primarily used to download PowerPoint templates, but a button allows users to access various templates by opening them directly in Google Slides. It is an excellent option that gives you templates optimized to use for both websites.


4. Slides Carnival

Are you looking for an option that allows you to get access to templates you can use with PowerPoint or Google Slides? Slides Carnival got you covered. Usually, the templates open using Google Slides, but from there, you can download them offline. It is one reason why Slides Carnival is listed as a website that provides Google Slide templates.

Regardless, these templates have been optimized to allow usage with PowerPoint as long as you download them after opening using Google Slides. Do not let your digital signage campaign become unfruitful when you can use Slides Carnival as a convenient option for creating high-quality presentations. You get to use these slides for free, whether it is for personal or commercial use. You only need to relax then let the slides amaze your audience with distinctive visuals.

slides carnival

5. Slide Model

You need a top website if you want a successful digital signage campaign. With Slide Model, you get both free and paid PowerPoint templates, some of which come optimized for Google Slides. Unlike other free template providers, this option offers high-resolution presentation templates since Slide Model is primarily more suitable for professional presenters. The website also offers a vast collection of free templates with the same quality as premium templates. It is an excellent opportunity for trying out high-quality free templates before you dedicate all your efforts to a premium account. You get a free trial account, after which you can advance to a premium option if you wish to.


6. Slides Gala

One of the most remarkable features associated with Slides Gala is the handpicked and free Google Slides Templates, which allow you to design some creative presentations. With this website, you get access to an impressive array of free templates that range from business, creative, formal, playful to elegant and fancy. Slides Gala features different slide types with fully editable designs allowing you to change the photos, texts and colors as you wish. You can either use the slides as Google Slides themes or PowerPoint templates. Choosing the perfect templates will be a significant boost when designing a beautiful presentation with the best visuals to blow your target audience away.

Slides gala

Digital signage has introduced a new and effective form of marketing, and various brands are investing in developing compelling digital content that catches the attention of their target audience. With Google Slides, you get to manage your visual content comfortably to your students, group members, coworkers and keep them informed on different touchpoints.

In our Look Content Manager, we have convenient inbuilt Google Slides app, which allows you to share any PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations right to your screens and mix it with other content items as desired. Get started with Google Slides and transform your digital signage solution.