Top 6 Features to Expect From Your Digital Signage CMS in 2022

Using the most outstanding digital signage software, a company may better reach its target audience and influence their behavior. Regardless of the details, these critical features may be applied to every company's communication strategy.
Top 6 Features to Expect From Your Digital Signage CMS in 2022

To ensure that an organization's communication objectives are met, thorough research is required. It is essential to choose the correct balance of digital signage elements. The use of digital signage is increasing. In other words, technology is being used by an increasing number of businesses. Moreover, there is still a lot of untapped potentials out there. In 2022, the most outstanding digital signage solutions will successfully promote, educate, enlighten or amuse an audience by combining several essential components with established best practices and mandatory features.

Using the most outstanding digital signage software, a company may better reach its target audience and influence their behavior. Regardless of the details, these critical features may be applied to every company's communication strategy. In 2022 expect your digital signage CMS to have the following features for practical functionality:

Layout Designer

Your digital signage CMS should provide a powerful tool that allows you to split the screen into various sections and design a unique broadcasting structure. With the layout designer feature, you can do the following:

-Customizable areas

To play a variety of different materials simultaneously, you can divide the screen into many areas with readily adjustable sizes.


-Graphics editor built-in

You can customize layers, data fields, and typefaces in color, size and opacity. You can also adjust the ticker's pace and direction.


You can create adaptive layouts that look fantastic on displays with varying resolutions, aspect ratios and orientations.

Remote management 

Digital signage software must offer remote management as one of its most essential features. Brands will monitor and operate their signage network from nearly anywhere with this technology, which is excellent news for them. As a result, they can respond immediately to any changes in the audience's or content's demands or composition. 

With the addition of digital signage, network administrators can keep tabs on the health of their AV/IT infrastructure and solve issues remotely. For brands, this means monitoring and operating their signs network from nearly any location. It gives them the ability to respond immediately.

Remote management 

Digital Signage Apps

Right in your CMS, you should be able to rapidly generate your interesting dynamic content from social media, entertainment channels, news feeds and other sources. Make sure to place it in the designated area of your screen or blend it with any other stuff in your playlists

Digital Signage Apps

-Social Media Apps

You can find free, user-generated, and highly engaging material on social media platforms. Digital signage panels and video boards should display real-time feeds from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.


Viewers recall 95% of a message while watching a video, whereas just 10% are retained when reading a text message. Regarding a video, 51% of marketing professionals globally believe it has the highest ROI, and 59% say they prefer video for the same issue as both text and video. As a result, each digital signage solution should include YouTube as a standard feature.


An RSS or MRSS app will allow companies to show news on their displays. Information is widely appealing and will pull attention to the screen where your audience will notice your other vital messages and announcements.


Infotainment applications help minimize perceived wait times. They also provide exciting stuff and fresh morsels of information to increase your viewer's experience.

Interactive Features

Is there a need for touch screens? You do not have to write a single line of code to build the multi-layered interactive scenarios with your digital signage software. The right tool will provide you with the following systems: 

-An interactive catalog

You can create interactive catalogs that allow customers to explore and buy products without the assistance of a salesperson in your brick-and-mortar locations.

interactive catalog

-Information and feedbacks

Please get rid of paper flyers and put all of your most critical information on open-access touch screens. Obtain first-hand information from your clients and website visitors.


You can use game scenarios for various purposes, including increasing consumer and employee engagement, conducting e-learning, organizing promotions, and more.


To fulfill your commitments to play material on your digital signage, you need to be able to see that you remain true to that endeavor. As a result, an investment in a platform that provides reliable proof-of-play reporting is beneficial.


This data may be helpful for various reasons, including informing you and any customers or partners about when and where your material was seen. If you want to correctly understand how content is doing on your network, you should prioritize this feature. Remember, with the proof-of-play feature, you get real-time screenshots, online/offline indicators, content uploading status, and error notifications, among others. 

Third-party integration

Companies now have more SaaS-based tools at their disposal than ever before, allowing them to handle online marketing, monitor website visitor statistics, and manage customer information while maintaining product data. These services have become more accessible than ever before, yet maintaining several platforms may lead to data silos.


Incorporating these third-party systems into a company's website is another common problem. Depending on the sort of site or service you are using, whether or not a developer can install new functionality, and the type of experience you want to deliver for your site's visitors, deciding how to incorporate external data or functionality into your site may be complex. In 2022, you should expect your digital signage CMS to have the third-party integration feature to make your work more comfortable. 

To get the most out of your digital signage system, you need to incorporate these software features into your solution. If you are looking for a platform for your company, you should keep a few things in mind. You can create and develop a site that attracts, engages and delights your visitors with the help of a platform that integrates crucial elements. There is no need to invest in digital signage if it is not giving you the value for your money. Look for a CMS with all the features you need to move forward.