6 Crucial Facts You Need to Learn Before Building Your Out-of-Home Digital Signage Network!

The world of online advertising keeps on growing, and many industries now view it as one of the best ways to capture their audience's attention
6 Crucial Facts You Need to Learn Before Building Your Out-of-Home Digital Signage Network!

The world of online advertising keeps on growing, and many industries now view it as one of the best ways to capture their audience's attention. However, when there is the need to spread the word quickly about a product or feature, the preferred solution is always out-of-home digital signage. It is not uncommon to see many businesses buy billboard ads once in a while. But, if you are wondering what out-of-home digital signage is, it includes billboards, indoor and outdoor signs, street furniture ads, and place-based ad media such as what you see in stadiums or cinemas. These different forms of digital signage are being used in multiple locations worldwide and on an excellent course.

Any business that invests in effective out-of-home digital signage campaigns can expect to enjoy its many benefits. It allows you to use the location, and you can zero in on context. You get to deliver a more memorable message at the right time and place. It is a solution that well-executed can drive retail foot traffic, increase brand awareness, or trigger impulse purchases. Still do not think out-of-home digital signage is the way to go? Below are six essential facts you should learn when building your network:

1. Out-of-home digital signage is better than traditional media formats

Advertising aims at promoting your product or service to your target audience. The reason why out-of-home advertising is making the difference is its ability to gain a solid grip on the audience. Regardless of the digital advancements making in routes, out-of-home digital signage never gets affected. People are more connected to mobile devices, and reaching them requires creativity and using the right platform. It is easy to format OOH to reach a specific audience than is the case with traditional media solutions. What's more, to maintain the progress of OOH, you should use data streams that help gain a better understanding of the audience develops efficient campaigns.

2. Consumers spend at least 70% of their day away from home

If you advertise your brand, you should know that people spend most of their daytime away from home. People will always be out and about, whether commuting from work, going shopping, walking around the city, or picking up the kids from school. It is a fact that during the day you will never lack people outside. With all those numbers, imagine if you could capture that market. Many brands are now joining in on the fun, and they understand that using the right advertising channel is the way forward. Anyone using out-of-home digital signage stands a better chance of gaining brand recognition from their target audience.

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3. Increases mobile click-through rates

If we are precise, click-through rates increase by 15 percent when supported by out-of-home digital signage. The good thing with OOH is that it is one of the best media formats for implementing cross-channel strategies. Out-of-home digital signage networks have a massive reach. When potential customers are exposed to a particular ad, they can be retargeted using the mobile device with a follow-up ad or call to action. All these are made possible thanks to the new geotargeting feature.

Geotargeting and programmatic are the rising marketing strategies since they allow brands to make more precise decisions depending on the target audience they are dealing with. Various brands are now interested in using solutions that reach their target audience instead of wasting their time on the wrong course. These are efforts to try and avoid resource wastage.

4. The demand for out-of-home digital signage is real

The first thing to come to your mind at the mention of out-of-home advertising is billboards. They are everywhere, whether it is bus stands, airports or subways. Likewise, when you are stuck in traffic and lift your head, there is a high possibility you will be overwhelmed by the number of billboards that will meet your sight. They are responsible for at least 70% of all outdoor marketing. Thanks to improvements in technology, billboards remain a constant charm, and their demand remains high and is expected to get even higher.

5. Most consumers make shopping decisions when outdoors

With so many responsibilities, people are spending less time at home compared to travel. It could be traveling to work, taking a walk, picking up kids from school, or attending to other duties. There are various reasons why people will always be out and about in the streets. Just imagine the times that you have found yourself stuck in traffic. Probably many times! You are not alone and since it is a recurrent theme, imagine the billboards and truck advertisements you encounter annually. Having your brand, product, or services displayed while consumers are on the road can have many benefits to your business while increasing top-of-mind awareness.

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6. Out-of-home digital signage allows you to sell with more accuracy.

If you are looking to invest in an OOH solution, you should be thinking about your audience. It is possible for you to conveniently and effectively target your audience using this advertising solution. For instance, if you want to post an ad about a college recruitment campaign, then to be more accurate, you will need your display placed in an area where college-aged people pass by frequently. It will bring more value to you by reaching your target audience better. You get to enjoy a higher level of transparency, and you can measure how successful your marketing efforts are.

The advertising sector has changed a lot, and the traditional marketing techniques are slowly losing their grip on the market. Businesses need to get creative in how they reach their target audience. Out-of-home digital signage is one of the best marketing solutions and has increased productivity while utilizing the available resources. It is essential for you to understand the facts to have a clear idea of what OOH is all about. The last thing you need is to build something you don't know how it works or how it will benefit your business. It costs a significant amount of resources to have in place out-of-home digital signage, which is why you should strive to get it right the first time.