Digital Signage Solutions as a right tools for after-pandemic business!

Several important benefits of digital signage solutions, which can help you to build a smart and safety communications with your audience.
Digital  Signage Solutions as  a right tools for after-pandemic business!

It has been more than 5 months passed since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis and currently most of the regions, which suffered from the pandemic, starts to gradually remove quarantine restrictions. But the fact is, that the life after the acute pandemic period won’t get back to its previous course, at least in the nearest future. And the main questions for us now are: How this world will look like? How can we restore our businesses and adjust its normal operations in this new reality? What will be the main challenges and where to find the new opportunities? Well, here in Look, we truly believe, that digital signage solutions will become one of the key answers in this process, bringing a new significant value to the businesses and its clients.

Even just looking back, we can definitely conclude, that for businesses that remained open over the last several months, such as supermarkets, healthcare facilities, government offices, pharmacies and more, digital signage already played a really unique role. It helped to communicate security and prevention measures videos, repetitively disseminated important health and safety content in real-time mode to keep frontline employees and customers safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

Undoubtedly, after the crisis the need in such kind of tools will only increase. In this article we would like to underline several important benefits of digital signage solutions, which can help you to build a smart and safety communication channel with your audience in a new after-pandemic reality.

Actual info broadcasting

In the next months an information about the prevention measures, symptoms, rules of stay in public places and etc. will still play a key role in each facility. You will need to keep your employees, customers or visitors up-to-date with any information they should know. Digital signage provides you such an opportunity in a much easier and faster way than any other existing tools, like printed notifications, for example.

Safety change of the content

Usage of digital signage software allows you to manage all your screens remotely, without involvement of any line personnel into this process. Needless to say, that this is a much safety method comparing with the printed materials or content changing via the USB sticks, since it reduces the possibly unsafe communication between your employees to virtually zero.

Wayfinding kiosks advantages

Interactive wayfinding kiosks helps to direct people to their intended destinations through hospitals, government halls, trade centers or city spots more rapidly, enhancing social distancing efforts and reducing time spent searching while eliminating the need for paper signage and human interaction.

Smart queue and traffic counter

Queue management as a part of digital signage scenarios allows grocery stores, bank branches and other businesses to optimize visitors and customers flows while showing estimated waiting times, that allowed people to move around within or outside of a location to avoid long line pileups. At the same time traffic counter automatically starts to broadcast an alert on the screens, when the number of people in the facility exceeds the permissible value.

Touchless interactive features

Nowadays touchless interactive scenarios are quite new, but pretty important tools, which allows users to avoid potentially dangerous consequences of physical interaction with a screen. There are a lot of touchless triggers which can help to interact with a screen, like: voice, gestures, determination of gender, age, mood and more.

Possibility to stay in touch with an audience

For businesses that for some reasons will still be required to be closed during the several next months, digital communications provide a unique channel to stay in touch with their audience. From ads that directed consumers to their online stores to useful information about the terms and dates of front-door reopening.

Summing up, all of us clearly understand, that the first months after the Covid’s crisis will be a truly tough. However, a positive attitude, perseverance, focus on results and the usage of the right tools will certainly bring your business not only to the pre-crisis level, but open the new horizons for it.

Take care and stay safe.

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