AV Industry Trade Shows and Digital Signage Expo in 2021: What to Expect?

AV industry trade shows and digital signage expo offer guests an exciting chance to see and interact with a wide range of professional hardware, integrated systems, and management software of different purposes.
AV Industry Trade Shows and Digital Signage Expo in 2021: What to Expect?

There are many Digital Signage trade shows scheduled for this year. While many events were arranged for early 2021, they have been canceled or postponed into the spring or summer. Some expos are postponed until October at the latest or offer a wide range of webinars and conferences throughout the year.

AV industry trade shows and conferences offer guests an exciting chance to see and interact with a wide range of professional hardware, integrated systems, and management software of different purposes. Find out how to improve your business' trademark and visuals with cutting-edge LED and digital signage.

In-person and Virtual Events in 2021

Due to Covid-19, all in-person expos and conferences are postponed in 2021. These expos are organized with all the health protocols to ensure maximum safety for guests. Online programs are also an option. If you cannot travel to events in person, there are many online options available to view and interact with exhibits, suppliers, and manufacturers. Training and workshops provide a useful way to learn how to integrate new AV technology into your home or business. 2021 offers many options to explore the newest and best digital options and management systems for all businesses.

Integrated Systems Europe 2021

If you're looking for one of the world's leading shows for cutting-edge audiovisual systems integration for residential and commercial use, you'll find a lot more than other exhibitions and trade shows at the Integrated Systems Europe. Features include a main stage, conferences, workshops to engage in, and various zones for hands-on up and coming technology and special interest areas.

The event was originally scheduled for March and has since been moved June, 1-4 in Barcelona, Spain. The event's website features a thorough overview of the event, with a brief video of AV and how new tech can influence your business. There are both in-person and digital events to attend in case you can't participate on-site. Attending remotely allows participants to get involved from all over the world!

D=SIGN: Digital Signage Expo

The largest and famous Digital Signage Expo offered the in-person look into the most current technologies within the worldwide AV market. Since the event's cancellation, in December 2020 the conference was presented in virtual sessions for online registration with over 2500 of attendees in total and was renamed to D=SIGN. After the first successful event there will be future events scheduled throughout the year, beginning in February. A series of webinars and training sessions are open from February to May 26, 2021.

The virtual tradeshow and conferences open in three sessions: June 1-4, August 24-26, and October 20-22, 2021. Also the organizers are planning to arrange the in-person version of D=SIGN in June 2021 at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando. Avixa conferences are featured worldwide, and updates on worldwide events are available on the company's website.

Digital Signage Conference

FESPA European Sign Expo in 2021

The FESPA exhibition was initially scheduled to begin from March until October 2021 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event has been moved to open October 12-15, 2021, at the same location. FESPA will combine the Global Print Expo and the 2021 European Sign Expo. The event features the leading digital signage and VA communication in Europe. The expo will offer a wide range of digital signage product and service solutions from manufacturers and new technology to provide the top available options for customers.

GITEX Technology Week

Offering an impressive trade show of the leading tech companies globally, you'll find everything from small, new startups to large government-backed developments. Scheduled to begin October 17, 2021, in Dubai, featured trends and the latest exhibits will offer everything from Android-based technology, 5G an AI to cutting edge apps, Cloud-based software, Edge, and more.

GITEX offers numerous opportunities to connect with businesses, global resources, and remote management tools. Conferences and workshops offer in-depth sessions for new marketing strategies, helpful apps, and cybersecurity solutions for all your business needs. Interactive X-labs and over 300 global startup businesses will feature new and innovative solutions.

Sign China

Featuring the world's leading event on digital signage for advertising, textile printing, LED, and commercial and retail design, Sign China is ready to provide numerous displays and booths September 16-18, 2021. The event will offer both in-person and virtual, interactive events for guests. A list of vendors, exhibitions, and a gallery of last year's event is available on the expo's website. A live, online webcast will also be available for Sign China. Other features include inkjet printers, commercial LED lighting, laser equipment, and digital printing supplies.

InfoComm 2021

Scheduled for June 2021 in Orlando, Florida, at the Orange County Convention Center, the Info Comm show will offer a valuable combination of education, exhibits, networking, and new products for your home and business. Protocols will be in place due to Covid-19 to create a safe environment. Conferences can be registered for June 12-18, and exhibits will be ready June 16-18, 2021. You can register with the website to receive updates and regular correspondence by email about the show.

InfoComm 2021

The Digital Signage Event

A fully virtual digital signage expo available anywhere worldwide, this exhibition has a lot to offer in digital signage. Available for a single day on March 4, 2021, the event is hosted by SCN and AVNation, two of the most forward-thinking and experts in the AV industry. You'll discover a lot of education, virtual exhibits, the latest technology in digital signage, and a solution for all your business needs.

Participation in this event opens the doors to networking and learning from professionals in the industry. You'll learn how to create, connect, and introduce new and innovative technology platforms into your business. When you attend, you'll have the option of meeting and conversing with top experts in the field about the freshest digital signage manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Registration is available online.

Participating in Online and In-person AV Industry Trade Shows and Digital Signage Events

Getting involved with digital signage and AV industry events is one of the top ways to improve your business in 2021. Many conferences and tradeshows are available online through virtual conversations, exhibitions, and workshops. You'll have many great opportunities to learn about new and upcoming technology and how to implement digital signage hardware and software into your business.