5 Tips to Create Your Hotel Digital Signage Strategy

Your hotel may take advantage of a wide range of digital signage options. There are several ways hotels may use digital displays, from making a favorable first impression to giving help via manuals, guides and navigation to selling different products and services and even for the benefit of their employees.
5 Tips to Create Your Hotel Digital Signage Strategy

It's all about the digital displays in the hotel industry. When your guests first catch a breath of your hotel's aroma, they will be greeted with a digital screen on the wall and a mobile phone in their hands (you know the one). The customer journey is increasingly dependent on technology, which is a good thing, mainly because digital signage is now simpler than ever to use in your hotel environment.

Your hotel may take advantage of a wide range of digital signage options. There are several ways hotels may use digital displays, from making a favorable first impression to giving help via manuals, guides and navigation to selling different products and services and even for the benefit of their employees.

As a result, how can you implement a hotel digital signage strategy?

1. Expedite check-in

A horrible check-in experience might lead to unfavorable ratings that are difficult to erase. By allowing visitors to check in automatically or directing them to the information they need, digital signage makes the check-in process easier for everyone involved.

Automated or self-check-in is available in many digital signage technologies. Guests use a touch screen to check in, leave their luggage and tour the city. It helps alleviate some of the stress on your front desk staff during high turnover.

Even in the absence of self-check-in, there is still a reduction in wait times. You can cut queues at the front desk in half since guests can answer their queries without standing in line. Digital signage solutions have been found to help reduce front desk wait times by 20% or more. A self-service information point with more information than we can provide in a regular check-in is an efficient approach to engage with visitors through the lobby touch screen.

2. Streamline orientation and navigation

If your hotel is huge or vast in its layout, you may get lost in a maze of similar hallways and rooms. A fantastic option to deliver maps to your visitors is via digital hotel signage. Using interactive maps and digital signs, you can also tell your visitors where they are in the building and even offer a step-by-step tutorial (similar to Google Maps) on how to get there.

You can improve wayfinding using digital signage in the following ways:

  • Make it easy for your visitors to find their way around your hotel.
  • Sending a message outlining how they can go to their chosen destination.
  • Make information available about any relevant details, such as meal hours at a nearby restaurant that may be of interest.
  • Keep your visitors up to speed on what's happening at your hotel and provide them with regular newsletters.

3. Offer virtual concierge services

Not all hotel visitors appreciate a human touch as hotel technology advances. Virtual concierge services fulfill guest demands on digital screens, including anything from suggestions to traffic information. The electronic signage at hotels may convey information about the property, introduce visitors to the region, list a few local facilities, or even help them register for activities or events, similar to how concierges help guests adapt to their new surroundings.

It is OK if individuals don't want to engage with a concierge in person to acquire this information these days. You can show information such as daily hotel activities, neighborhood events, weather forecasts, and even more hotel services on digital displays for guests' benefit. Likewise, you can show fine print concerning your hotel, gym restrictions or even pool guidelines here. Even if you don't use it, your signage is still a valuable tool for the concierge.

There are several advantages to using a digital display system, such as providing passengers with real-time trip information. A hotel's digital signage may help guests feel more at home by providing relevant information. Even though traffic and travel delays might be frustrating, visitors will appreciate knowing about them in advance. It is thus possible to show your visitors information about flights, buses and trains.

Instead, you may show local, regional and national news. Alternatively, you can display all three. Guests may access up-to-date weather information here, which might be helpful if they are planning a trip.

4. Incorporate digital menu boards

Check-in kiosks, concierge stations, in-house promotions, and in-room restaurants all benefit from the same advantages that digital signage provides. If you want to reduce the amount of time spent in lineups and increase the number of high-end menu items purchased on impulse, digital menus are a great solution. Thanks to digital signs in restaurants, customers have learned to expect sophistication and modernity from the hospitality sector.

Modern travelers expect more than pleasant and helpful employees, typical facilities and careful interior design. It has become common knowledge that businesses may achieve outstanding technological integration when selecting the proper digital signage.


5. Manage events easily

The usage of digital signage may simplify event planning and prevent guests from becoming disoriented. Outside event halls, conference rooms, and across the property, put up signs that assist people in locating their next meeting. Include venue names and event details to keep the event on track. Prevent the front desk from being overburdened by personalizing welcome messages, providing instructions, and making WiFi available to everyone in attendance. Suppose you want to make a conference as simple as possible. In that case, digital signage technology has capabilities that interface with your current event systems and a single platform for managing all of your conference's material.

There are several advantages to using digital signage in hotels. A digital screen is an excellent approach for hotels to guarantee that they are giving an exceptional client experience. Digital signage provides many incredible benefits to any hotel trying to increase its overall customer satisfaction rating. Still, printed materials and genuine face-to-face human interaction with hotel concierge will remain a vital component of any hotel experience.

When print and staff engagement falters, digital displays may fill in the voids and provide genuine benefits to customers and employees. Using digital signage at a hotel is an excellent idea for the future-oriented establishment.