Top 20 Workplace Break Room Ideas to Boost Your Staff Engagement

Staff engagement is key to the success of every firm. Learn workplace break room ideas to help your staff stay engaged and productive.
Top 20 Workplace Break Room Ideas to Boost Your Staff Engagement

A workplace break room is more than just a place for employees to take lunch or grab a coffee. It is a vital part of a work environment where employees can connect with their colleagues, relax and recharge. A calm and appealing breakroom can influence employee engagement and production. Let’s explore various exciting ideas for your breakroom to create a positive work environment.

A workplace break room should inspire hospitality, confidence and warmth among members of staff. Below are fun break room ideas you can consider:

1. Birthday announcements

Recognizing and announcing employee birthdays on bulletin boards or digital signage displays can show your employees how special and appreciated they are. You can also organize a happy lunch hour in the office break room for them, which can create a sense of belonging and increase employee satisfaction.

2. Corporate TV displays

Corporate TV displays can showcase different content, including team-building activities and company policies and procedures. You can also use office signage to personalize the achievements of various employees, which can encourage other employees to step up their game. Corporate TV displays can foster a sense of community and motivation among colleagues as they relax.

3. Community puzzle

Providing community puzzles for employees to solve during downtime encourages teamwork while relieving stress. This activity can allow your team to set aside their tasks and participate in a low-pressure activity, which can liven the office. Additionally, completing a weekly puzzle can create a sense of fulfillment, further boosting employees’ morale.

4. Photo wall

Photo wall

This idea involves isolating a wall space in the employee break room where your team can display group photos of recent events, such as a team-building retreat. You can also come up with weekly prompts such as "a photo of your proudest moment." Employees sharing bits of their personal lives can create deeper connections and teamwork. 

5. Team lunches

Mealtimes are excellent opportunities for your employees to interact and know each other better. Although it may be difficult to have daily team lunches, you can organize weekly team lunches dedicated to team bonding where you can share meals or even take turns preparing a meal for colleagues.

6. Coffee/tea station

A coffee or tea station provides employees with a convenient space to relax and re-energize. You can offer a variety of quality tea or coffee options so that each employee can make their drink to their liking, which can create a sense of satisfaction. This investment may seem small, but it can significantly improve employee engagement.

7. Question of the week

Each week you can post a new question on the break room bulletin board, which can encourage your employees to discuss and share their answers. These questions can be work-related or fun and personal. Question of the Week is a low-cost way of brainstorming and helping employees recharge during their break.

8. Snack bar

A dedicated space with various beverages and snacks can help employees satisfy their hunger and create camaraderie among each other. A snack bar may seem like a minor solution, but it can create a sense of appreciation and promote productivity.

9. Exercise equipment

Providing workout equipment can promote physical and mental health. Exercise can allow your employees to release stress, lowering the risk of mood disorders such as anxiety. Exercise equipment in the break room shows your team that you care about their health which can lead to employee retention.

10. Craft time

Providing craft materials like glue, coloring paper, and scissors may seem trivial, but it can be a great idea for helping your employees to unwind and also boost their mental health. Additionally, craft time can enable employees to learn new skills, which can influence their professional and personal growth.

11. Reading materials

Magazines, books, and newspapers can offer a refreshing break from stressful work and improve employees' critical thinking and communication skills. Offering diverse reading materials caters to different interests, which can make your employees feel at home. A happy employee is bound to contribute towards the growth of the company.

12. Suggestion boxes

Suggestion boxes allow your employees to offer suggestions and feedback anonymously, which can create a sense of psychological safety. Implementing these anonymous suggestions during decision-making can make your employees feel heard and valued.

13. Cafeteria menus


Introducing a cafeteria menu of nutritious and tasty meals with the help of digital menu boards can enhance staff engagement. A well-curated menu can instill healthy eating habits, promoting the overall wellness of your employees. 

14. Plants

Plants are a fantastic way to add an aesthetic appeal to a break room at work. They also create a calming effect on your employees, improving air quality and reducing anxiety.

15. Personal lockers

Personal lockers allow employees to safely store their belongings, creating peace of mind. A personal locker can also create a sense of ownership and belonging.

16. Ergonomic furniture

After long work hours, your employees deserve a comfortable couch or chair to relax without experiencing physical discomfort. Ergonomic furniture shows that you care about your employees' comfort, which can enhance overall workplace satisfaction.

17. Natural lighting

Natural lighting in a breakroom creates a calming and relaxing effect. It can also help reduce stress and improve mood, which can improve employee performance. Ample natural lighting in the break room can leave your employees feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on any task.

18. Media wall

A social media wall is a large screen that you can use to display social media feeds, videos and images to keep your employees engaged. Another great option is an interactive wall that can be built and changed by your employees using specific hashtags. In this case you can incorporate Look DS to help you keep the content fresh and relevant.

19. Whiteboard


A whiteboard can serve as a space for employees to write inspirational quotes, share ideas and express their creative side. A dynamic and interactive breakroom can increase job satisfaction.

20. Water dispenser

A water dispenser provides easy and convenient access to fresh water. A designated spot for your employees to refresh can help them stay hydrated and create a sense of contentment.


Introducing creative and engaging workplace break room ideas into your place of work can enhance employee engagement and production. A low-pressure environment away from work can enable employees to connect and recharge, fostering a positive work culture. Look DS solution can help you create a fun, interactive break room while keeping your employees informed through the vivid digital signage displays.