Top 15 Apps to Create Your Perfect Connected Space

Smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices are changing how we interact with our surroundings. No longer are we bound by the physical limitations of our space, but we can now use apps to create a connected space that enhances our lifestyle and helps us be more productive.
Top 15 Apps to Create Your Perfect Connected Space

Smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices are changing how we interact with our surroundings. No longer are we bound by the physical limitations of our space, but we can now use apps to create a connected space that enhances our lifestyle and helps us be more productive.

The connected space and the various internet-enabled gadgets that contribute to it have recently received much attention and discussion. Luckily, having a detailed list of the apps that may be used inside each linked location would be of great use to you. It will be helpful once you understand the applications that will power and allow such environments to become more innovative. 

In this guide, we have compiled a list of 15 different apps that are now applicable to the connected space environment and have included them. We have investigated sensor systems, data trackers, digital screen applications, and other technologies that will make our workplaces, healthcare facilities and retail outlets far more intelligent than ever.


1. Scanalytics

Scanalytics uses analytics provided by floor sensors to determine the number of customers who pass over a particular area and the length of time they spend shopping in a specific section of a store. Monitoring the total number of customers and the time they spend in one place enables store managers to conduct more accurate analyses.

2. Look DS

This app is a digital display management tool that allows you to control various aspects of your digital displays, including content, layout and scheduling. For retail, it will enable you to manage your screens conveniently from anywhere at any time. With Look DS, you can control all audio, video, dynamic streams and interactive scenarios in many places.

3. AlertTech

AlertTech is another application that provides tracking solutions to the Internet of Things. These pick up total fitting room visits, numbers of calls to staff, and the staff response time, providing the shop owners with data that may be reviewed at an essential stage in the decision-making process.



4. GlowCap

GlowCap is a compact application that accurately measures daily doses of medications. Caregivers or people can better manage health drugs from inside a linked healthcare environment or from the comfort of their homes thanks to this technology. It also makes it possible for care teams or doctors to assess the frequency with which medicine is taken or skipped.

5. Zanthion

Zanthion is a wearable medical alert device that a patient may accessorize in the form of either an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry. The system is linked to sensors that may help determine where someone is located (for example, allowing them to decide whether or not they have fallen out of bed). The gadgets can then link to a smartphone app that loved ones may use to monitor how well an aging relative is doing at any given moment and interact with other relatives as required.

6. Up by Jawbone

Up by Jawbone is a fitness tracker which can be used to analyze all areas of health, including the user's weight, sleep patterns, activity levels and food. It allows the user to make better choices about their health based on the data collected by the device.


7. MIA Airport Official

MIA Airport Official is the name of a mobile app that has been introduced at Miami International Airport. This app draws its data from a linked network of 400 beacons. The primary purpose is to direct travelers to particular businesses or services, assist them in locating baggage carousels, and provide live information on their check-in status. On the other hand, the airport provides more detailed analytics on who did what and when.

8. Space Case

The Space Case is an intelligent suitcase with built-in fingerprint locks, speakers and GPS navigation. It lets travelers better monitor their baggage and makes it possible to determine the whereabouts of misplaced luggage in a matter of seconds.

9. Costa Express CEM-200*

There is no need for any actual shop workers when you visit the Costa Express CEM-200*since it is a self-service café that enables you to place your order through a touchscreen, pay without using cash, and see customized visual signs.


10. Voice user interfaces

Voice user interfaces, also known as VUIs, and digital signage are reshaping how teachers and administrators communicate with students in a connected learning environment. Helping students learn new information, news feeds, movies, photos and more may be accomplished via digital displays, which voice commands can control.

11. Seeing Artificial Intelligence app

Schools now can use Microsoft's Seeing Artificial Intelligence program, which can be operated on the student's smartphone or a specialized set of glasses. Students can hear and feel what is happening around them with the aid of the app since it provides a play-by-play account of people, items and even emotional context. It will provide a deeper learning and social experience for the students.

12. Glogster

Students who wish to compile material outside the classroom and present it differently might benefit from using Glogster, an interactive method of producing posters that brings together photos, media files, videos, audio and text.



13. Wink Hub 2

The Wink Hub 2 is a device that links together several different devices that may be used to manage your whole office environment. These devices include lighting controls and other intelligent technologies that transform your place of business into a connected location.

14. Netgear Arlo

The Netgear Arlo and other security gadgets provide a wire-free and water-resistant method for monitoring the surveillance of your place of business. In addition to the capacity to save video and take it with you on a USB stick, features such as two-way audio and recording triggered by sound are also included.

15. Philips Hue

Philips Hue allows businesses to manage their lighting systems on a large scale, ensuring the lights are turned off on the weekends and during vacations and changing the illumination so that it mimics the body's natural circadian cycles.

IoT applications are making a massive impact on the connected space. Gone are the times when you had to do things the old-fashioned way. Thanks to technology, there's almost an application for all your need.