Look Touch Screens WF Line: The Best Choice For Your Interactive Digital Signage

We want our customers to know and have an access to only the best digital signage solutions available, which definitely include the Look WF displays in combination with the powerful possibilities of the Look digital signage software.
Look Touch Screens WF Line: The Best Choice For Your Interactive Digital Signage

Based on the example of many customer use cases, we definitely know how difficult it can be to find high-quality and preferably affordable hardware to implement your ideas in the field of digital signage. The issue of full compatibility of the required hardware with the software you chose for your project does not make this process easier. After all, the key characteristics of any software/hardware solution are the final stability and performance of its work.

Of course, all of the above fully applies to interactive displays, the popularity of which only increases from year to year. In fact, they are game changers in the industry, providing a better user experience based on the newly emerged habit of the modern human being to receive information by touching the screen of a particular gadget.

As I already noted at the beginning, our review will not be quite ordinary, since today we will be testing the displays produced by Look. And as you probably already guessed, these displays will have touch screens! So, kindly meet the Look WF line, which includes sizes from 10 to 55 inches. Look displays are widely used to implement the scenarios with interactive customer experience within the different vertical markets, like retail, banking, healthcare, education, hospitality, fitness clubs, corporate and more. With a wide range in line, powerful features and a modern design, this impressive hardware solution can become a reliable tool for building an effective channel of communication with the target audience, bringing new opportunities for business to increase profitability and customer loyalty.

Needless to say, that the Plug'n'Play Look firmware with all its powerful features for creating multi-layered interactive scenarios is already preinstalled on these displays. We will not bypass this moment either, and a little bit later we'll take a look at what kind of amazing use cases can be created using this software/hardware solution.


But first things first. In today's review, we will take a closer look at the displays of 3 popular sizes. These are 10.1, 15.6 and 21.5 inches. You can already view two of them installed on my desk, and now we're going to unpack the third one to take a look at the standard setup for this line. So, everything is packed in a fairly dense cardboard, which is important when transporting such fragile equipment as LCD screens. Everything inside also looks safe enough. We see the display itself, which is in an additional protective case and a modern power supply unit with a detachable cable and plug, which makes it easy to use in different countries. There is also a basic instruction and, well, that's it.

Look WF connectors


Now to the general characteristics of the entire line, since they really deserve your attention. And the first thing that catches your eye is that all the displays in line are powered by a modern powerful 6-core Rockchip RK3399 CPU with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in memory and the ninth Android on board, which looks, if not impressive, then certainly more than worthy within the market. The LCD screen with a brightness of 300 nits and a maximum resolution of Full HD is equipped with a very responsive 10-point capacitive touchscreen. Glass type is acrylic. The available interfaces: one SD and two USB connectors, one HDMI output, as well as inputs for headphones and power supply. The connection to the network can be carried out both via wifi and a LAN options. The operating temperatures of the devices have standard parameters for indoor hardware, namely: from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. On the back side of all devices there are holes for VESA mounts. Well, and one of the indisputable advantages of any professional hardware is that the displays of this line are designed to work around-the-clock.


Well, now let's move on to the previously promised use cases:

  • Let's start with how a self-service information display might look like in your furniture store. After all, you are not able to place all the positions from your warehouse in the show room. But the screen is able to! Consumers will definitely appreciate the opportunity to independently run through the full range, its characteristics and prices. And this is how it looks in the Look CMS. It's so easy to swap one element for another, and the change will instantly display on your screen.
  • And here is a great option to deploy at the hotel reception. While the manager is busy with another client, guests can always independently browse the room options and the additional hotel services; after checking the weather forecast, hottest sights and the best restaurants, to plan their day in the city; to leave a review or to even register themselves. In the CMS, the case also looks like a constructor consisting of clickable elements leading, for example, to the specific pages of your website or any other external sources.
  • And for dessert, an information screen for the registration desk of the medical center. In default mode it displays different kind of ad, weather forecast and medical news, but at any time it can turn into a useful assistant for your receptionists. Using it, they can show the patients a list of services and its details, make an appointment with the necessary specialist and help them, for example, to register a loyalty card. Again, no special skills are required to change the scenario details. Everything is done in a few clicks and is limited only by your tasks and imagination.
touchscreen hotel case


According to the test results, it should be noted that the displays of this line, thanks to a powerful CPU and a modern touch screen, quickly and accurately work out complex multi-layered scenarios with a large number of clickable and dynamic elements simultaneously placed on the screen. But, in general, you saw it while we were overviewing the cases.  With these specs, versatility and an extremely competitive price, the Look WF line is an excellent option for implementing projects based on interactive scenarios, regardless of the business area.

You might tell: "this is a fake review, the guys are just promoting their product". Well, yes, we promote it surely! Because we want our customers to know and have an access to only the best digital signage solutions available, which definitely include the Look WF displays in combination with the powerful possibilities of the Look digital signage service.