Healthcare digital signage: Benefits & opportunities

Learn how you can leverage healthcare digital signage to provide vital information to patients, enhance their experience, and streamline operations at your hospital.
Healthcare digital signage: Benefits & opportunities

Digital signage involves displaying personalized content on digital displays like LCD screens. In healthcare, this technology can help communicate vital information to patients and staff. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have the challenge of creating a warm, inviting environment in a setting where many patients arrive in discomfort and fear. Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on clear, understandable communication to enhance the patient experience, encouraging better health outcomes and raising brand awareness. Digital signage is currently the most efficient means of disseminating crucial real-time healthcare information.

Benefits of healthcare digital signage

Below are the reasons to consider using healthcare digital signage:

Improved communication

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Digital signage can make communicating critical information, such as safety instructions, easier for patients and their families. You can also display important health tips and education on medical conditions and treatment options. Digital signage can help keep visitors, patients, and staff updated with the latest information. This technology can also lower the risk of medical errors as patients can access information about their health and medications. Hospital signage can enhance patient outcomes and experience.

Improved Compliance

Digital signage can inform visitors and staff about policies and regulations, like visitor restrictions and hand hygiene protocols, to help reduce the risk of spreading infections and provide a safe environment for everyone visiting the hospital. You can also display safety reminders, such as wearing personal protective equipment during a pandemic or following standard operating procedures to prevent injuries or direct contact with certain hospital equipment. You can also program the signage to display different hospital policies throughout the day to ensure everyone sees them, which can create a culture of compliance in the facility.

Provides valuable data

You can use medical signage to showcase real-time information about medical updates, patient wait times, and appointment schedules, which can give patients control of their healthcare experience. Healthcare providers can also use this data to identify ways to reduce wait times, inhance operations and improve patient care and satisfaction. Additionally, the signage can collect data on patient behavior and preferences. For instance, data on different healthcare topics can give you valuable insights into the content patients find more engaging and helpful. You can then use this data to personalize your content to meet the needs of your visitors.

Creates a cohesive brand

Hospitals that leverage digital signage solutions achieve unity and coherence, making them stand out to patients and visitors. This concept creates trust in the organization and fosters a sense of familiarity and belonging. When people see consistent signage and branding, they can experience belonging to a larger part of the community dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services. You can use cohesive signage to create a consistent visual identity that aligns with your mission and values to attract new patients and improve your facility's reputation.

Targeted communication

You can use digital signage to tailor your message for different departments in the facility. For instance, the displays in pediatric wards can showcase child-friendly content such as games and educational videos. Similarly, the signage in a cardiology department can display information about healthy heart habits and cardiac care. Targeted communication can improve patient engagement, reduce stress and anxiety and improve treatment outcomes.

Opportunities for healthcare digital signage

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Healthcare digital signage offers several opportunities for healthcare facilities to streamline operations and improve the overall patient experience.

Celebrate donors

You can use hospital signage to engage and thank donors by featuring messages of appreciation and gratitude which can foster a sense of connection and communication. The upside of recognizing donors is that it can strengthen your relationship with your supporters. Additionally, when donors see their names on your signage, they may experience a sense of connection to your facility, which can encourage them to continue supporting the facility. Also, this gesture can inspire potential donors to contribute to the growth of your facility, benefitting the entire community.

Makes way-finding easier

Hospitals can be mazes sometimes, making it difficult for patients and visitors to locate their loved ones. Waiting room signs for doctors' offices makes it easier for patients to locate different offices easily, preventing confusion and commotion in the hallways. Your signage can display directions to various places in your facility, including patient rooms, cafeterias and clinics. The technology allows visitors and patients to move around without needing staff assistance, allowing your staff to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, the signage can showcase information about important landmarks and floor maps, making orientation easy.

Emergency alerts

During an emergency or crisis, digital signage can display evacuation procedures to help patients navigate to the exits safely. This technology is especially beneficial if the patients have limited mobility, which could make it difficult to evacuate quickly. Additionally, the signage can keep the patients and visitors updated on the developments to reduce the risk of injuries and prevent panic. For instance, if your facility experiences a power outage, you can use digital signage displays to provide updates and ensure everyone is informed to prevent anxiety and confusion.

Patient entertainment

Digital signage is more than advertising your brand. You provide them with entertainment options such as games, TV shows and movies to keep them engaged. This can improve patients' moods and experience, reducing perceived wait times and promoting faster recovery. Additionally, you can provide a more personalized experience for the patients by allowing them to access their favorite movies and shows, which can reduce their focus on their illness and improve their mood. Digital signage software like LOOK DS can enable you to make real-time updates and customizations to ensure your patients can access the latest and most relevant content.


Healthcare digital signage offers several benefits and opportunities for hospitals to enhance patient experience and improve communication. From staff communication to patient education and entertainment, this technology provides a medium for delivering real-time updates and personalized messages to promote health and wellness and boost revenue. As technology advances, this solution is bound to become an integral part of the healthcare industry. Look DS offers you the power to entertain and educate visitors, reducing dwell time in waiting areas.