All You Want to Know about Gamification in Digital Signage!

Gamification is one of the best ways of transforming your digital signage from something that only passes information to something that encourages your target audience to interact with your brand and your specific goals in measurable ways
All You Want to Know about Gamification in Digital Signage!

Gamification is among the newest talks of town, and many companies are now using it to motivate and keep their workforce engaged. It involves using the elements found in games in non-game contexts. It is essentially another way of using metrics where anything measurable through time can be gamified. All you need is to have clear rules that are followed over a specific period. You will also need a plan for measuring progress, displaying it and the rewards for the winners.

Gamification is one of the best ways of transforming your digital signage from something that only passes information to something that encourages your target audience to interact with your brand and your specific goals in measurable ways. When used well, gamification can be a game-changer for any business.

Ideas for gamification in digital signage

If you are thinking about using gamification on digital signs, the following ideas should be helpful:

Make sure the information you display is visual.

People are visual and more likely to recognize things like pie charts, graphs and so on because of how engaging they are compared to a boring bullet list. What's more, data visualization is one of the best ways of making seeing and understanding information more comfortable and quicker. It is the perfect solution to capture the attention of your target audience as they walk past your displays while going elsewhere.

Showing the progress of the business’s goals

If you show where you are in reaching the company goals, it keeps everyone in the know of the organization's progress and encourages them to keep working towards the set target. You should ensure everything is integrated with your databases so that the information you provide is accurate and reflects real-time progress.

Displaying the current trends on your screens

If you are using digital signage for your business, one of the best use cases is presenting your current trends. Show your target audience what is new and keep them updated all through.


Interactive screens and kiosks

Gamification techniques suit interactive displays perfectly. For instance, if you have quiz questions for reinforcing safety or training measures, those who provide the correct answers can be directed to a refresher message and get a chance to try the question again after a while. It keeps them motivated to find out more about what they need, possibly because they can win a prize at the end of the process.

Gamification tips

If you are thinking about gamification for your digital signage, the following tips should help:

Think about the goal

The last thing you can afford in such a competitive industry is being vague. You must develop something specific and tangible. Like for instance, don't use a phrase such as "be green." People will brush it off the moment they see it. Instead, go for something like "recycle 75% of all paper" for a particular duration. Aim for something captivating every time.

Create buzz

Gamification is all about improving your displays. Use it in advertising contests and prizes. Make use of high-quality visuals which are attractive and enticing to your audience.

Ensure everything is voluntary

You can’t be using gamification and think that people will have to do everything that you want. It doesn't work that way. Instead, ensure it is voluntary, and as the early adopters start to discuss how much fun it is to participate, you will realize more people are coming on board.

Ensure its easy to play

If you are using gamification, it can't be something that the users can't understand or requires too much, though. Ideally, it would help if you let your customers play on interactive screens or use their mobile devices to access a particular webpage, send texts, or snap photos. When it is comfortable playing, you will reap many benefits from your digital signage solution.

Make it fun

Whatever you do, never make your tasks too straightforward or too challenging. The first consideration that should come to your mind is your audience. Depending on how they are like, you should experiment, evaluate and adjust along the way to make everything exciting for them. Remember, your customers are the most crucial people to your success.

Define your prizes clearly

As part of your strategies, it would help to choose popular items that people can use immediately. That is what customers want, and whatever you offer doesn't connect to your goal or theme.

win prize

Advantages of digital signage gamification

Since gamification's best application in digital signage is inviting people to see your content using fun and playful elements, you can expect it to have a handful of advantages. We will shortlist a few to give you an idea of what it would mean to your business.

Improving the learning of every kind

Most learners claim that their learning would be more productive if it were game-like. With gamification in learning institutions, for instance, attracts more attention. Digital signage gamification perfect use scenario is in employee training but can also engage, entertain and educate consumers.

Increases employee retention

Engagement plays a massive role in retaining employees for a long time. Everyone wants to feel important and think they have a personal connection to where they work. That way, they are not quick to leave even when another opportunity presents itself. Gamification is one of the best tools for increasing engagement. If used effectively, it creates friendly competition among teams and workgroups. Work becomes more interesting with it on board, and there is no real reason to look elsewhere.

Perfect for communicating with younger demographics

Gaming is part of the digital world, and you can't afford to brush it off. People from different age groups enjoy video games, which is why gamification will always catch their attention. The younger demographics are most interested in an entertaining and inspiring experience when they get to your store. Gamification can help you achieve all these while putting you ahead of the competition.

Gamification in digital signage is the perfect match and presents any business with many possibilities irrespective of the industry. If you want your target audience to be attentive to your communications, be actively engaged and work towards a goal that your company is focusing on, gamification got you covered.