Top 6 Mounts for iPads and Tablets Used as a Digital Signage

There is an increased need for sharing content like social media reviews, digital menu boards, and more on a small device. What’s more, it should be somewhere your target audience can access and interact with it.
Top 6 Mounts for iPads and Tablets Used as a Digital Signage

There is an increased need for sharing content like social media reviews, digital menu boards, and more on a small device. What’s more, it should be somewhere your target audience can access and interact with it. This brings the need to look for an excellent solution that ensures the iPad or tablet remains safe and secure while still looking excellent. It will help if you look for the top solutions for iPad and tablet mounts.

Since digital signage is one of the best technological innovations that your business can incorporate into its processes, you must keep everything secure. We have looked for some of the best solutions to help you keep your small screens intact as they provide a visually enticing display to your target audience. The following are examples of some of the best mounts you can get for your iPads and tablets:

1. The fusion

If you have an iPad or a tablet that needs superior security and protection, fusion enclosure is your best option. You get a variety of different wall mounting options. The wall mount features a durable case with a steel faceplate and ABS backing, which is lockable to keep your device secure. With fusion, you get the following mounting options:

  • Directly mount the case to the wall in either landscape or portrait mode
  • 90-degree rotate short mount. The good thing with this option is that it allows users to access the iPad or tablet at a comfortable 45-degree angle while allowing the device to rotate between portrait and landscape mode.     
The fusion tablet mount

2. Bouncepad  

The Bouncepad is among the top screen holders you can come across. For instance, if you are looking to fix iPads or tablets onto your tradeshow booth, this is the go-to option. Depending on your needs, you get to choose between counter or wall mount options for your screen. There is also the option of whether to mount in portrait or landscape positions. If you are worried about whether it will be ideal for your iPad or tablet, you will be delighted to find out that the Bouncepad supports all iPads and the most popular Android and Windows tablets. You can refer to it as a "one size fits all" solution regardless of your display device's size and type.


3. The Freedom Mount

Based on the name, you can almost guess what type of amount this is. The Freedom is one of the sleekest mounts out there. It does not require a case, clamps, brackets or cables to secure the screen. It observes security measures, and you do not have to be worried about your iPad or tablet's safety. The Freedom does not have a casing meaning all the ports and buttons are fully accessible, so you can display your device as it was meant to be.

If you opt for The Freedom stand, you can mount it directly to the wall and include a quick release screw, a 270-degree swivel, and the ability to rotate the tablet. It could be in either portrait or landscape mode. The flexibility ensures an excellent user experience, which is among the top requirements for digital signage solutions. You cannot be putting your brand out there in a way that your target audience is not comfortable with.

The Freedom Mount

4. PadTab2

The PadTab2 is among the best mounts in the market. It is pretty convenient and comes with excellent safety features. It’s quite versatile and holds various iPads, tablets and even Smartphones safely to a wall or counter. The PadTab2 uses an industrial-level adhesive that sticks your mount to the wall. It is an excellent option if you do not know how to use tools well. Likewise, if you wish to avoid having something permanently fixed within your space, this is the best option.

The flexibility allows you to mount your screen device in either portrait or landscape format within a few minutes. Please note that while the PadTab2 is clear-colored, you can paint it if you wish so that it matches your specific environment. However, when sticking it to your wall, you may want to avoid textured surfaces to avoid compromising its ability to stick. Ensure you read all the instructions before starting the installation process.

5. VidaBox

Why VidaBox out of the so many solutions out there in the market? Well, they look excellent. They come with a sleek design to help your iPad or Tablet sit flush against the wall and other suitable surfaces. The color as well comes in different varieties to suit different environments. You can even add a custom logo or brand name with this mount if you wish to. What's more, the availability of many mounts for nearly all popular tablets, such as iOS, Android, and Windows, allows you to keep all your mounts looking uniform.

The mount also comes with some practicalities that will suit your needs effectively. First up is the power connection. Secondly is the positioning of the home button (whether exposed or hidden). Be sure to look for an option that suits your use case.


6. The Edge

Simplicity can be quite attractive on many occasions. That said, if you are looking for a super-simple wall mount, the Edge is the option you should be turning your attention to. It is a secure iPad stand designed with a single beautifully formed 3mm thick steel faceplate. The edge mounts directly to a wall, which gives the viewer a 45-degree viewing angle. If you are interested in the Edge, you should know that it is best suited to landscape mode as it does not offer much flexibility.

Whether you are looking for an iPad or tablet mount, you should know that every screen is unique. Likewise, different mounts have different screens and weaknesses. Depending on the application, you should be able to determine which choice is superior. Take your time to find a solution that suits your needs. Remember, your digital signage solution is all about your target audience. It would help if you found suitable mounts that your customers can use conveniently.

The Edge tablet mout