Digital Signage Player Look HD-2218 Pro Overview

We've looking forward to the moment, when I could unpack and present to you our flagship media player model.
Digital Signage Player Look HD-2218 Pro Overview

We've looking forward to the moment, when I could unpack and present to you our flagship media player model. And finally, the time has come. So, kindly meet Look HD-2218 Pro - a player with true 4K support inbuilt into the system by default. This surely does not mean that it will not be compatible with lower resolution screens.

Well, let's try to explain you why. The fact is that Android firmware always has a certain fixed output resolution, and this will always be the same, unlike desktop platforms, where the system can check the screen resolution via HDMI and accordingly change the settings of the GPU output resolution. Here at Look, we've made this resolution being 4K at the firmware level and even if you'll set the resolution below this one in the system settings, the output will still give you 4K with downscale.


Now let's take a look at the hardware part to figure out what allows this player to work smoothly with constant 4K output. The heart of this device is the 6-core flagship 3399 CPU model from Rockchip. It has 4 Gb of RAM and a 32Gb SSD, which looks really powerful and not only for use in regular digital signage cases, to be honest. Also, I would highlight the 1 gigabit LAN, wifi of 5th generation, usb 3.0 and type C connector, which, by the secret, can be an output for the second duplicate monitor, but already only with FullHD resolution.

So, let's finally open the box and check what we have here. On the top there is a device itself. Then, under double bottom, we find everything you might need to successfully plug and power it on:

  • HDMI cable included,
  • a power supply unit with connectors for any country and region, just select the one you need and connect it.
  • the remote, which honestly is required only to agree with two permissions at the start.
DIgital Signage Player Look HD-2218 Pro unboxing


Ok, now let's connect it to our TV. Just want to underline, that this device is as Plug & Play as it's possible and you don't need to download anything or log in anywhere. And this option significantly saves your time, especially when you try to deploy a large-scale digital signage network.

Further all things work as usual. We can see the code, add it to the CMS and after a couple of seconds we're able to assign our standard test playlist with usage of several zones, dynamic content and 4K videos. As a proof of my words above, we can see a proper information about the resolution of this media player within the Screen settings inside of the Look CMS. But, I think, this is not enough. Let's arrange a super stress test for our challenger. To do that, we divide the screen into 4 areas and add a weighty 4K video to each of them, thereby making a player to render all of these at the same time.

Now... right to the screen.

Well, here's a complete picture without visible errors, distortions, delays or interruptions. Frankly, I did not dare to send it to any device in the price category up to $100, cause I think the result would be deplorable.

Well, here is the conclusion:

If you're looking for the robust and really powerful media player to quickly and professionally deploy your Digital Signage network, you definitely should take a closer look at HD-2218 PRO. This versatile media player supports both horizontal and vertical orientations and is capable to work with any types of the screens from regular TVs to LEDs and video walls.

Seems like I do not have any other to do than to leave a purchase link for this outstanding item! And, which is important, wherever you are, we're ready to ship it to you with fast and affordable delivery from multiple warehouses around the world.

So, make your best choice right now and, as always, don't forget about likes and subscriptions to our Youtube channel.