6 Tips to Run Your Dental Digital Signage in 2022

Because of its effectiveness, digital signage has become commonplace. For any business or organization's communication strategy, the ability to present dynamic information like videos and graphics in stunning high definition is a game changer.
6 Tips to Run Your Dental Digital Signage in 2022

Because of its effectiveness, digital signage has become commonplace. For any business or organization's communication strategy, the ability to present dynamic information like videos and graphics in stunning high definition is a game changer. Digital signage has a much more significant impact on viewers than traditional poster boards. We live in the digital age, and as a result, people are used to seeing information presented in digital form.

Using digital signage at your dental practice may help you attract new patients and significantly reduce wait times. As a result of this technology, your clinic can move forward into the future. Stressful waiting rooms are not uncommon among patients. Remember, a health issue is always dealt with when a patient visits the dentist. Preparing for a visit may wear down their nerves. Unhappy customers are generally those who are in a state of despair. As a result, your clinic's patients must get first-rate care when they walk through the door.

For example, you might use dental office digital signage, a technology that lets you present material in your waiting rooms and around your clinic's grounds through screens. When you have that influence, ensuring that the customer is happy with the visit is much simpler.

Dental digital signage's adaptability and diversity enable you to try various materials to see what works best for you and your clientele. Here are six possibilities for digital signage in dentist offices.

1. Introduce the staff

Dental digital signage is a terrific way to assist your patients with the use of your waiting room signs. The more familiar a dentist or doctor is, the more relaxed their patients will be. Produce a digital slide show or a weekly feature on a member of your team. Every week, spotlight one individual from the dental office, such as a receptionist, janitor, hygienist or doctor. You will seem more trustworthy if you indicate that your company appreciates its workers. Even though you are the "leader" of your dental team, you don't see yourself as "superior" to your coworkers.

dental reception

You might include a person's qualifications, schooling and work history if appropriate. You might also have the chosen employee's humorous nuggets (that aren't too personal). It might be anything from their favorite meal to a famous TV quotation. It provides your clients with something enjoyable to occupy their time.

2. Boost interaction on social media platforms

Adding social media information to your displays is a beautiful idea, whether it is a ticker at the bottom of digital signage or complete postings from your social networks. Encourage social media sharing by giving discounts or other rewards to patients who mention or tag your clinic on social media.

Showcase the words of happy patients who have taken to social media to express their gratitude. Your cloud-based CMS allows you to add these features in seconds. A combination of all of the above can help you get more followers on social media.

3. Show crucial information

When dental facilities were initially permitted to reopen after the pandemic, patients were required to wait outside until an employee called them in. These precautions were taken to halt the spread of the virus and keep the workplace population down. The reopening of waiting rooms is being done gradually, albeit with stringent restrictions and little patient capacity. Thanks to digital displays outside and within the clinic, you can keep patients entertained while they wait for their appointment. You can also utilize them to offer crucial COVID-19 treatment or clinic-related information, such as informing patients about your dental facility's latest health and safety measures. Give your patients a sense of security so they may get the dental care they need.

4. Promote your services with dentist signage


Menus aren't only for restaurants; showing them to someone with a toothache may seem cruel, but this isn't about food! An itemized list of the dental services your clinic provides and the associated prices may be seen on the menu of your dental office. Showcase your wide range of services and treatments with a digital menu board.

What is the significance of having a digital menu? Isn't inquiring about treatment accessibility from the receptionist or dental assistant much more engaging? Even if you have a good point, today's customers are used to instant gratification and are eager to save time whenever possible. Menu boards let customers quickly determine whether you have what they're looking for.

You can have a comfort menu in each patient's room, outlining their many options. Special ergonomic pillows, laughing gas (also known as nitrous oxide), blankets, moist towels, bespoke music selection, and slipper socks are all examples of additional amenities.

5. Queue management 

Managing a queue is one of the fundamental and most significant functions that screens may accomplish. A patient has to be sure that there will be no delays due to long lines the minute they enter your clinic. Let's face it; no one enjoys waiting in line at the doctor's office. As a result of screens, you have complete control over how the queue is structured, and your customer can see exactly how much time they have remaining. Customers will be more satisfied with your services if you reduce their wait time.

6. Share health advice

You may utilize your digital signage displays to directly communicate dental hygiene recommendations to your patients instead of distributing a leaflet. While they're waiting, you may teach them more about healthy oral practices by cycling important health messages.

Video tutorials on how to clean and floss your teeth might be shared, and instructional films on the importance of flossing. According to research, 75% of people who see a digital sign at a healthcare facility remember at least one message. Up to 35% of this reduction in perceived wait time occurs when people can read and appreciate their communications. Google Slides, Noticeboard, or an image or video file may be used to generate and distribute this sort of information.

Digital signage is beneficial to your company. You have every incentive to invest in them, from allowing you to educate and amuse your patients to providing you with a powerful marketing platform. However, remember that digital signage installation is just half the task. One side of the job is ensuring the material posted is understandable and exciting to the reader. An expert in display design and management might help bring originality to your content.