Safety Digital Signs

COVID-19 Statistic APP & FREE VIDEOS about methods of preventing virus for your info safety sign.
Safety Digital Signs

Covid-19 dashboard

Coronavirus is the main global concern for now and that’s why it is quite important to be timely informed on its current status. Probably even in a real time mode.

Today we want to share with you one simple tool, which will allow you to stream Coronavirus data updates or another safety information right to your screens placed in the private or public venues. To my mind, mostly like it can be useful for Healthcare, Education or Corporate TVs safety signs networks.

For this purpose you should be registered in the Look digital signage service. You will find a link below this video. The easiest way to connect your screen or media player based on Android to the service is to install free Look app player right from the Google Play Store. In any other case you will need to purchase external Look media player (link to the shop in a description).

Then just enter your personal account in the Look Content Manager and connect your screen according to the video tutorial placed in the description. After that follow to the App section, choose this one and click “Add content”. This item will be shown in the Content section.

Well there are only 2 simple steps left: Create a playlist with a Coronavirus content item and send it right to your screen. It will start to broadcast there literally immediately.

Looks easy and hopefully will be useful for you, but not for a long time.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Free COVID-19 videos for your safety sign

These days we are all going through tough times, and only by joining forces we can hasten the end of the pandemic and returning to our normal everyday lives.That’s why for all of you, whose screens, despite the quarantine and other restrictions, are still on air, we have prepared a completely free package of short informational videos aimed at knowledge of the Covid-19 symptoms and methods of preventing.

In order to upload the videos on your language right into your Look’s personal account, just use “Add content” button inside of the Content section in the Look CMS.

Continue to be a useful info channel for your employees and customers. Now it is more important than ever, because it can save lives!