Ugoos AM6 as a Digital Signage Player

As usual, first of all, let's go through the specs declared by the manufacturer. We've going to start with the “natural diamond” of this console. It is the newest top CPU from Amlogic, called S922X.
Ugoos AM6 as a Digital Signage Player

Today we have just received flagship AM6 from Ugoos for our testing. I should say, that we have been following the development of this brand for some time and it looks like these guys are definitely moving fast and confident to the leadership positions within the modern Android-based TV boxes market.

As usual, first of all, let's go through the specs declared by the manufacturer. And I'm going to start right away with the “natural diamond” of this console. It is the newest top CPU from Amlogic called S922X.

This is a significant leap in power over previous Amlogic's S912 Octa Core. The performance is much better thanks to the Cortex-A73 cores.

So, what opportunities do we get with this CPU? Of course, this is a robust support of 4K (60FPS with HDR) resolution, 1 gigabit LAN connection and 5th generation dual-band Wi-Fi. By the way, the manufacturer promises to upgrade it up to WiFi 6 in the near future, which is not too necessary, but would be nice surely.

Fully-featured Android 9 on board with all the deepest customization options, unlike most of Android TV's trimmed firmware, allows you, for example, to take an advantage of such useful Look features, like: screen orientation, remote reboot, video screenshot and etc.

Ok, it’s time to take a look inside the box.

Well friends, this is metal. At last I hold in my hands a very stylish metal device with well-designed cooling. Already before our review we had information about the presence of a full-fledged large removable radiator on the main board and this speaks, first of all, about the readiness to work constantly without overheating, which is most important for use in Digital Signage systems, especially if it’s deployed to work 24/7.

What else is in the box? There are 2 removable antennas to ensure WiFi operation in two bands, HDMI cable, instructions and a fairly standard remote, which for our task, traditionally, is only needed for the initial setup, although with Android interface I prefer to work by connecting a standard PC mouse.

ugoos unboxing

Let’s connect and set it up!  

There is large amount of unnecessary for us pre-installed apps here. Most can simply be removed in order at least to have more storage space for the content. Following we install the Look app player from the Play Market, launching it and adding a screen to the system. We repeat this procedure in each of our reviews, so we're not going to stop here.

Certainly, we will use all the stress test scenarios that we have previously created, including the simultaneous playback of four 4k videos. Be note! In order to ensure the normal performance of "reboot" feature, you need to enable Root rights on this device. Along with it, enable the determination of geolocation and, finally, change the internal orientation settings, so that you can control the rotation of the screen directly from the LOOK CMS. And yes, this is the first third-party device within all our tests, which fully support screen rotation.

Here we come with a result.

I do not see any problems with the playback of the same cases as we used with other consoles from this price range. Besides, I am sure that this player still has a huge margin in performance and, which is important, full-fledged Android allows you to use all the functionality of the LOOK DS without any exceptions.


The device seems to be suitable absolutely for any projects in the digital signage sphere. The only drawback is that the installation and launch process is not so fast, so you have to make a lot of clicks and not forget anything, which might be quite time-consuming, especially if there are a lot of screens planned within your network.

From our side, we see a huge potential for Ugoos hardware within the digital signage market. Definitely we're going to keep our hand in and to get back to you with new product reviews and possible future collaborations.

Please see a video version of this tests as well! Big fingers up and subscribe to our YouTube channel!