Best 7 Digital Signage Screens to Supply Your Project in 2021

Notably, shopping for the best TV screen for your digital signage installation is not the easiest task. You get a number of options to choose from, which can become challenging to settle on the best.
Best 7 Digital Signage Screens to Supply Your Project in 2021

Digital signage has revolutionized advertising, and you will be missing a lot if you are not using this technology. However, there is more to do besides incorporating the solution in your marketing strategies. The importance of a crystal-clear image cannot be underestimated. For instance, displaying your company messages on a substandard TV screen, this can adversely affect the effectiveness and quality of communication. In 2021, there have been many technological advancements, and the screens you choose should be of the high-definition variety. It is the only way you can effectively communicate with your target audience.

Notably, shopping for the best TV screen for your digital signage installation is not the easiest task. You get a number of options to choose from, which can become challenging to settle on the best. There are so many brands and designs, and it all comes down to one question: Which is the best of the lot? We can help you with that. The following are 7 of the best digital signage screens your project can benefit from in 2021:

1. Mi Led TV 4S 55."

This screen is everything you want for your digital signage project. Thanks to 4K+HDR, you get true to life high-definition picture quality to wow your target audience. It also comes with a smooth motion to give you an optimized movie-watching experience. The sound is excellent as well, thanks to the Dolby+DTS dual decoding. You get that sound you can feel for an immersive experience. What’s more, this option from Xiaomi is pretty affordable and the best option for low-budget installations for small businesses. You will be delighted to hear that your Mi Led TV 4S 55” can be managed using any digital signage software player installed from Google Play Store.

2. Philips 50HFL6114U/12

Talk of a screen designed for an accelerated world. This model features an enhanced versatile configuration settings and connectivity capabilities. It is Android-based, making it agile and easy to navigate and versatile. While it is optimized for Android apps, it allows installing web apps giving you the convenience you need. This Philips professional TV also comes with Built-in Chromecast for easy content sharing. If you are looking for a smart, cost-effective option with Android, allowing you to manage it by any software digital signage player, this is the screen for you. This digital signage screen is best suited for use in healthcare and education industries.

3. LG 43UH5F

This screen is UHD signage optimized for various indoor environments. It features a slim design, external dust protection, superior UHD quality, and excellent convenience to customers. Among its most outstanding features include the ultra-HD resolution. It makes the color and details of whatever you are displaying more vivid and realistic. This screen option is perfect for digital menu boards and indoor installation in retail. You can also manage it both as a SoC solution using any software player created for the Web OS and by any external HDMI media player. Likewise, it supports 24/7 operation mode.

4. Sony Bravia FW-49BZ35F

With this slim, energy-efficient professional display, you get bright, beautiful 4K HDR display quality with easy operation, flexible networking/control and better integrations operations. It is well suited to use professionally for your business thanks to the vibrant, high-brightness 4K videos to capture customers’ attention. This screen is also Android-based, which makes its usage much more comfortable. If your business also wants something that supports 24/7 display, then this is well capable. It suits businesses that would love to integrate portrait mode displays.

5. Look WF3201-T

This all-in-one option is Android-based and comes with 32inch display with a 10-points capacitive touch screen. It supports 24/7 operation mode with powerful six-core Rockchip RK3399 inside, meaning you don’t have to switch it off from time to time. Likewise, if you want an option that allows remote management and simple creation of interactive scenarios, there is Look digital signage service's firmware is pre-installed to give you the best service possible. It is the best choice for the banking and hospitality industries to help improve interactive customer experience.

6. Iiyama PROLITE TE9803MIS-B1AG

If you are looking for a digital signage display that is large enough to attract your audience's attention, then this 98-inch Japanese-quality screen got you covered. With the infrared 20-point touch screen, you can rest assured that the configuration will be more comfortable. It is the perfect screen for educational and corporate use, especially because of the large display. Likewise, this screen provides convenience in durability since it comes with an all-metal bezel and 4mm thick hardened glass. It is perfectly suited for various environments. It is one of those long-term investment solutions that you do not need to worry about making replacements.

7. Peerless-AV XHB652-EUK

You will hardly find an outdoor daylight readable display built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as this screen. It features a fully sealed IP66 Rated design and a patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer System to provide sufficient protection to your outdoor displays against water, insects, moisture and dust. This screen option also features a brightness of 2500 nits, so you can rest assured it will be easily noticeable. If you want something that easily captures your audience's attention, then this is the solution you should be looking for. With the Peerless-AV XHB652-EUK, you shouldn't worry about excess energy consumption since it has an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the display’s brightness for the best viewing experience.

If you are running any digital signage project, you will require the best screen since it is all about your displays. The only way you will capture your audience's attention is by having unique displays that promote your brand. Investing in an excellent screen not only gets your business increased sales but also allows you to remain competitive in the market. However, before choosing any screen, you should understand what your needs are. At least, you should determine if it is for outdoor or indoor applications, will you need to play a content round the clock or not. Another big deal is to decide how are you going to manage your screen! In case you want your digital signage to work smoothly from the very beginning, ideally, you should choose both the screen and the managing software at the same time. Well, if you already are looking for reliable and affordable digital signage software, you’re on the right way. Try cloud-based Look digital signage service absolutely for free to make sure you have already found one of the components of your solution.