Top 6 Digital Signage Apps to Use in Your Playlists

You can take advantage of several Look’s apps to reduce some of the pain and struggles of creating content. Just because you don't know what to play doesn't mean it is the end of the road for your signage solution.
Top 6 Digital Signage Apps to Use in Your Playlists

If you are using a digital signage software, you may have realized how overwhelming creating content can be. It is not a straightforward task, yet it determines massively how successful your marketing campaign is likely to be. Unfortunately, if you are not careful or lack an arts degree or a costly software system, you might realize that your content either gets old fast or doesn't meet your target audience's expectations. It would help if you only played the best content using digital signage.

Luckily, you can take advantage of several Look’s apps to reduce some of the pain and struggles of creating content. Just because you don't know what to play doesn't mean it is the end of the road for your signage solution. Your screens deserve something fresh and attention-grabbing. Using the top applications in your playlists should be resourceful in developing social media feeds or live streams depending on your needs and those of your customers. Let us look at some of the apps that you should be exploiting:


Instagram’s growing popularity is one of those trends that should never go unnoticed exploiting the opportunities that this social media platform offers can be a game-changer for any business. If you use Instagram to play digital signage content on your screens, you can share the latest posts from your account or ensure you have the perfect content flow by focusing on the common thematic tags. Remember, most social platforms are all about how you present yourself to your customers. If they feel like they should visit a particular page or check out some products, they will not hesitate to do so as long it fulfills their unique needs.

Weather 2.0 DS App

Weather 2.0

Everyone likes talking about the weather or at least knowing about it one way or another. It is one of those discussion topics that are bound to capture people’s attention. So, if you install digital signage, playing weather updates on your screens should be a no-brainer. This app provides your target audience with an opportunity to see the current weather in different locations, allowing them to know what they should do for the rest of their day.

If you look at this from a content management perspective, you will realize how straightforward setting up weather updates is. What's more, with Weather 2.0, you get an app that allows you to keep your target audience engaged with the rest of the content played on your displays. You get various designs and options to choose from as long as you get to play content that meets your business needs. Once you have a version that allows you to meet your existing layout and branding requirements, you are good to go.


You are on the right path if you are using digital signage as part of your marketing strategy. People retain 95% of a message they view on video, which explains why you should not be left out of this exclusive club. Static displays or text messages are not as effective, and most people do not remember them after a short while. Furthermore, video has emerged as the type of content that provides the best ROI. Again, if viewers have access to both video and text, there is a high possibility that they will end up choosing a video.

With all the preferences on video content, YouTube is a must-have for any digital signage project. The platform has over a billion users, with close to a third of internet users accessing it in one way or another. Likewise, at least 72 hours of video is uploaded every sixty seconds. Taking advantage of YouTube is a smart move for any business. It gives you an option to rest assured that your target audience will notice whatever you are playing, and it is 100% free content. However, if you are using the YouTube app, you must be creative in your approach. You should develop playlists and channels that allow you to display highly targeted and relevant people to keep your screens fresh and capture your audience's attention. Besides, you’re required to set up and maintain a fast and reliable internet connection on the screen’s side.

Embeddable code

Did you know you could add original widgets from your own or third-party resources right into your playlists? It is all possible with the embeddable code app. You get to play content as you would like and have many options too. You won’t lack something captivating playing on your screens.


If you use a digital signage network, the RSS is a handy tool you can't afford to have as part of your arsenal. But if you are wondering why, you would need that, the answer is pretty simple. With RSS, you get to create excellent infotainment dynamic content items depending on the available RSS links. It helps make your playlists more diverse and engaging, increasing your target audience's screen time and building its loyalty.

RSS app

Google slides

What better way to keep everything simple in digital signage than with Google slides? This app makes its mark as part of your content creation tools. The application does everything you expect from it. You can create any slides that you would wish displayed on your screens. You might be tempted to question if Google slides are helpful, especially if your CMS platform is already taking care of it. However, if you are a small business and don't have much staff within your ranks or time to train the employees, using Google slides in your content can make the experience more comfortable and more straightforward. If you want to use Google slides, it is best used with other apps to ensure you get the most out of your digital signage.

With suitable applications, your content creation is well taken care of. Your solution must include the apps mentioned above if you would like to unlock the full potential of your digital signage implementation. Ensure you choose wisely and display what your audience wants to see.