LOOK APP Player completely support Android TV

All official Android TV devices in-build Google PlayStore where you can simply find our LOOK APP.
LOOK APP Player completely support Android TV

Hello. In this short post I'd like to share with you one simpliest way to start your Digital Signage project within a couple of minutes without any additional hardware. It will work for you in case you already have the following types of Android TV devices: smart TV, media player or your local TV provider's set-top box. All official Android TV devices already have pre-installed Google Play Store inside, where you can easily find our LOOK APP.

Android TV after installed LOOK app from PlayStore

After launching an application you’ll see a 6 digit code on your screen which you will need to enter in the LOOK Content Manager. If you are not yet registered there, please, follow this link. It will take a couple of minutes.

Android TV after first launch Look App

Once it will be connected you'll be able to send any content to your device at any time and from any place, divide your screen into the multiple zones, add weather, tickers and online news, share your or third-party social media using the inbuilt apps, broadcast live streams, web resources and etc.

Android TV with launched LOOK app multi-zones mode

Full hardware list you can find here: https://www.android.com/tv/

Here I've attached a list of popular devices with Android TV support for your reference:

Digital media players:

Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield, Razer Forge TV, Xiaomi MiBox and MiBox S, Now TV, Vodafone TV... 


Sharp, Sony, Philips, TP Vision, Arcelik, Bang & Olufsen, Hisense, RCA, TCL Corporation, Vestel