Hospitality marketing in 2023: Top strategies to introduce

Hospitality marketing is a constantly evolving field that can build or break your brand. Explore new marketing strategies to promote brand awareness.
Hospitality marketing in 2023: Top strategies to introduce

The emergence of new technologies and the constantly evolving customer demands in the hospitality industry make it essential to develop agile marketing strategies to remain competitive. In 2023, hospitality marketing involves leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide memorable experiences to your guests to attract new customers. Whether you run an independent hotel or restaurant, having unmatched hospitality marketing strategies can help you gain a competitive advantage. Ultimately, your customer base and revenue depend on your marketing strategies.

Hotel marketing strategies

Hotel marketing is the complex process of promoting and selling hotel amenities to potential customers via various channels, including social media and online advertising. It is a multifaceted discipline that requires agile planning and the development of new creative ways to generate leads and engage current customers. Below are various hotel marketing strategies you can implement in your hospitality business.

Partnering with local businesses

This strategy can be especially effective for bed and breakfasts highlighting the chosen location's unique culture and ambiance. Partnering with local businesses like shops and restaurants can help you provide customers with an authentic and memorable experience that surpasses just the accommodations. Additionally, these partnerships can promote brand recognition, significantly increasing your customer base. Joint marketing efforts and cross-promotion can help you and the local businesses access a wider audience, increasing your visibility in the community.

Digital signage

Digital signage

Digital signage is a powerful marketing tool in 2023 that allows you to personalize your content to address the needs and requirements of your target audience. The technology involves using digital displays and powerful digital signage software such as Look DS to help you monitor and update your content remotely. One upside of  hotel digital signage is its ability to capture and retain your guest's attention allowing you to relay informative and engaging content about room availability, local attractions and promotions. You can use digital menus to suggest various meals to your customers and lobby or direction signage to showcase your hotel's mission and vision and provide directions. This can enhance the guest experience, drive revenue, and help you grow your customer base.

Email marketing

Email marketing has shown tremendous results as a marketing strategy in various industries, making it an essential tool in the hospitality industry. The strategy can allow you to develop and maintain healthy client relationships, generate leads, and encourage customer loyalty. Email marketing can help you deliver personalized messages to your target audience regarding the available services and offers that may interest them. You can group your audience into several subgroups depending on their interests and preferences and send them personalized information based on their behavior and response to previous emails. Additionally, this technology can help you communicate valuable information to your clients concerning exclusive deals to subscribers and travel tips.

Retargeting unconverted leads

This strategy involves implementing digital advertising techniques to access potential clients who may have earlier shown interest in your brand but are yet to convert to customers. You can use customized ads to reach out to these potential customers depending on their previous interactions with your social media pages, filling out a contact form, or visiting your company website. Reminding them of your brand's values and offering incentives can increase the chances of converting these leads into paying clients. Before implementing this strategy, you should identify your unconverted leads and analyze their behavior using website analytic tools or data from social media platforms. Afterward, you can develop personalized ads and display them on search engines and social media platforms.

Utilizing SEO techniques

You can optimize your hotel's website for relevant phrases and keywords, placing it higher in search engine rankings and driving traffic, leading to increased bookings, brand awareness, and revenue. Before implementing the SEO strategy, you should invest time and resources in creating high-quality, informative content that resonates with your target population's search intent. The content can include infographics and blog posts that provide vital information about your hotel's location, surrounding area and amenities. Additionally, you can optimize your website for mobile devices and ensure fast load times to ensure an engaging user experience.

Explore the potential of Tiktok

potential of Tiktok

TikTok is a recent social media platform with over a billion users worldwide, a feature that makes it an excellent hospitality marketing strategy in this current age. The platform allows you to upload short, dynamic videos displaying your hospitality business's unique features, like its ambiance and facilities. You can collaborate with popular influencers to help you reach a wider audience and showcase your products and services. Incorporating trending hashtags can also engage potential customers and promote brand awareness. TikTok’s algorithm favors unique, entertaining, and creative content, making it the ideal platform for hotel video marketing. Additionally, you can create videos with minimum production value and utilize TikTok’s music library, effects, and filters to produce visually appealing videos.

Leverage augmented reality

Augmented reality allows you to create interactive and memorable experiences for potential clients by allowing them to preview your hotel’s services before booking. The virtual tour can help them assess the layout and amenities of the hotel, which can increase the chances of them making a booking. You can also use augmented reality to create navigation tools to help guests navigate the property. Integrating this technology into your marketing strategies can help you set your business apart from competitors and entice tech-savvy travelers seeking exceptional and memorable experiences.


The hospitality industry is constantly evolving; you need innovative marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. In 2023, leveraging technology like digital signage and augmented can help you create personalized and immersive experiences for your customers, which can promote customer loyalty and increase revenue. The dynamics of hospitality marketing require you to adapt to your customers' changing demands and preferences.

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