Multiplatform, user-friendly, and cheap Spectrio Alternative ⚖️

Look DS offers a multiplatform solution with excellent user-friendly features and low cost, making it the finest Spectrio alternative for digital signage installations.

Pay less money while getting more opportunities 🎉️

Save money by choosing a multifunctional digital signage system from Look, the ideal functionally advanced Spectrio alternative.
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    More choice

    Why restrict yourself to a single platform or device? Consider Look DS as a flexible alternative that provides total independence.
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    Top-notch support & reliability

    Get the most from the Look industry-leading CMS-based round-the-clock support chat and exceptional performance reliability.
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    Save 1123 USD per screen/year

    Choose the most cost-effective alternative in the digital signage industry and save up to 1123 USD per screen each year.
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Our customers from 80+ countries worldwide value Look for its simplicity, reliability and impressive functionality
Android OS
Windows OS
Linux OS
Mac OS
Own hardware media players (plug'n'play)
Android-based, from 99 USD per unit (2GB RAM, 16 GB Storage)
199 USD per device
4K support
Сommon file formats support
Offline playback
Layout designer
Up to 6 zones
Free layout templates
Free built-in apps
Free content items
Interactive scenario designer
At additional cost
Advanced scheduling
Enterprise plan
Content playback based on tags
Content playback based on external triggers
Advanced multi-user moderation
Proof-of-Play options
24/7 online support chat
On-premise option
Pricing per screen/month (USD)
from 6
from 99 USD
Pricing per screen/year (USD)
from 64,8
from 1188 USD
Disclaimer:  Look DS and the products/services associated with this brand and company are not sponsored by, or in any way affiliated with Spectrio (Spectrio, Inc.). All mentions of Spectrio are for marketing and functional comparison purposes only and the Spectrio trademarks remain the exclusive property of Spectrio, Inc.

Main reasons why Look is the best Spectrio alternative 🙌️

Use touch monitors? With the Look you can create the multi-layered interactive scenarios without writing a single line of a program code right in your personal account.
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5 OS platforms

Seamless playback of content primarily depends on the compatibility of software and hardware you use. Make sure the software you choose will work with your current infrastructure or will not limit you when selecting devices. With Look DS, you can save money on replacing your existing devices if you have some with new expensive signage hardware and make it easy to expand your network without changing the user interface. You may use various hardware options with Look since it’s compatible with the five most common operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Fire OS).
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Reasonable pricing

There are a lot of digital signage providers out there, and many of them reveal their prices only at the moment when you have already spent your time studying the product and communicating with their team. And what if the price is too high and you wouldn't spend all that time knowing it from day one? Look DS understands that pricing goes a long way into determining your business success, so we offer one of the most competitive pricing points you will likely encounter. We provide clear open pricing from the very beginning so you will always know an amount to pay based on the number of displays in your business.
flexible pricing
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Support you deserve

Without an internal IT department, specialized product support is essential. Customer service representatives at your service provider should always be ready to dive into your issue and provide an effective solution in the shortest possible time. At Look, we understand that whenever you need help, the last thing you need is a delay. That's why we have representatives around the clock to tackle any issues you may encounter. You can get assistance from your Look personal account for anything you are struggling with. You won't have to deal with a bot that may not address your issue.
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Choose Look for your Spectrio alternative👇

As easy as snapping your fingers
Top-notch digital signage software must prioritize ease of use. You can reduce the time spent maintaining content if the interface is simple and user-friendly. Whether you will use the solution only by yourself or will share this task with your colleagues, it should have a straightforward interface. And Look DS is as easy as snapping your fingers. It’s a fast and easy to set up platform that you don't need to be tech-savvy to manage. It will only take you a couple of minutes to figure out the basic actions yourself. Want to dig deeper? Сheck out the Knowledge base or request a free demo.
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Professional yet affordable hardware
Whether you're planning to use digital signage to enhance a learning environment, facilitate communication within your organization, or drive a retail marketing campaign, the sheer number of hardware options available on the market can be overwhelming. Luckily, Look's players got you covered. Whatever project you are working on, these players have shown best-in-class reliability, versatility, and ability to run without interruption. Look DS players, including popular models Look HD-2214 and Look HD-2222, offer great functionality, especially with the advanced capabilities of the Look DS service.
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Interactive cases from scratch
The proliferation of interactive digital signage in recent years is one of the most exciting advancements in digital signage. Kiosks and monitors with touchscreens are becoming more commonplace solutions in various industries such as retail, banking, healthcare, etc. Luckily, Look DS supports creation and performance of interactive campaigns if you want your network to be eligible for these types of content. The best thing about this experience with Look is that you have an ability to design interactive use cases right inside your personal account using dozens of ready-made templates.
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Triggered playback & integrations
Dynamic content allows you to show various content items depending on the time of day, the amount of traffic, the size of the lottery prize, birthday of your colleague or anything else you can think of. Unfortunately, not all software solutions can display this information that way. If you don't want to lose out on fantastic possibilities, ensure your digital signage software allows dynamic playback. Look DS offers an amazing Actions feature, which lets you set up the scenario where the specific content item will play based on the external triggers.
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Robust performance with proof-of-play
Keeping track of whether or not your digital signage is playing the content it's supposed to is crucial. Thanks to Look DS capabilities, you may benefit from proof-of-play features, such as learning when, where and how many times each specific content item was played, whether your screens are online or offline, has your content been successfully uploaded to your screens or not, etc. You even are able to make a real time screenshot from the desired screen to check what is currently playing there. Needless to say, the solution supports normal offline playback without any screen errors.
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Lifetime licenses & on-premise
With digital signage software hosted in the cloud, you may reach it from anywhere and whenever you want. Moreover, you don’t need to maintain your own server infrastructure to run the software. However, you may not be comfortable with such a solution due to your company's security, legal or business terms. Look DS provides you with more than one option. We offer you an on-premise solution which you can manage in-house using your internal network capacity. In this case you won't have to deal with recurring costs. This solution will require a one-time payment for lifetime licenses.

25 000+