Simple, Feature-rich & Affordable ScreenCloud Alternative ⚖️

Look DS offers easy-to-use, robust and cost-effective solution as the top ScreenCloud alternative for digital signage projects
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Save up to 175 USD per screen/year 🤑

Save your money while getting a one-stop turnkey digital signage solution from Look, the perfect ScreenCloud alternative.
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    All basic features

    Enjoy all the useful features you really need for your daily work, with no bells and whistles
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    Unique possibilities

    Want to dig deeper? Meet interactive features, custom API integrations and advanced scheduling on board
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    Support & Reasonable pricing

    Take advantage of industry-leading CMS-based 24/7 support chat at less then 6 USD per screen/month
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Hundreds of customers around the world trust Look DS for its value for money.
Android OS
Windows OS
Linux OS
Mac OS
Own hardware media players (plug'n'play)
Android-based, from 99 USD per beginner-grade model (2GB RAM, 16 GB Storage) to 169 USD per flagship model (4 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage)
Linux-based, 200 USD per unit (4 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage)
4K support
Сommon file formats support
Offline playback
Layout designer
Free layout templates
Not editable
Free built-in apps
Free content items
Interactive scenario designer
Advanced scheduling
Content playback based on tags
Content playback based on external triggers
Advanced multi-user moderation
Proof-of-Play options
24/7 online support chat
On-premise option
Pricing per screen/month (USD)
from 6
from 24
Pricing per screen/year (USD)
from 64,8
from 240
Disclaimer: Look DS and the products/services associated with this brand and company are not sponsored by, or in any way affiliated with Screencloud, Inc. All mentions of ScreenCloud are for marketing and functional comparison purposes only and the ScreenCloud trademarks remain the exclusive property of Screencloud, Inc.

Key reasons why Look is the top ScreenCloud alternative 🙌️

Use touch monitors? With the Look you can create the multi-layered interactive scenarios without writing a single line of a program code right in your personal account.
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Affordable price

Price always matters. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses, where the impact of regular monthly expenses on the company's profitability is really huge. Here at Look, we clearly understand this, which is why we maintain one of the most affordable prices on the market since the very beginning. Even better, we encourage our clients to grow. We have open prices with a transparent discount system, so you always know how much you will need to pay for your screens when you increase their number.
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True 4K

4K resolution is undoubtedly the undisputed standard in the digital signage industry today. Picture quality always remains a key parameter for any digital screen, no matter what it shows. Whether you're using Look hardware media players or installing our app players on any other 4K capable devices, you'll always get the perfect display. Even with the complicated layouts or demanding scenarios with several 4K videos playing at the same time.
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Round-the-clock support

Do you like chatting with a bot? We know you don't. We also know that if you are chatting with us, you need our help right now. Not in half an hour, not tomorrow, but here and now in real time. And our specialists are ready to provide it to you 24/7. Just click on the chat icon in the bottom left corner of your Look personal account and get best-in-class live support. Problems with the software performance, questions about payments and invoices, incomprehensible functionality, etc. No matter what worries you, we are always there, in the lower left corner. And we believe that it's huge to know that.
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Choose Look for your ScreenCloud alternative👇

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Advanced Layout designer
In Look digital signage service, you can create unique scenarios for content broadcast with screen division into several active zones. Add weather widgets, news feeds, social media posts, tickers, and more. Create layouts from scratch or use ready-made digital signage templates for various industries. All template areas are editable, so you are only limited by your goals and imagination when designing your layout.
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Look plug’n’play players
In case you need to complete your digital signage project with professional yet affordable hardware media players, Look HD line is a real find for you. The lineup consists of several devices with different price and specifications, among which stands out the bestseller HD-2214 (2/16Gb.) for only 99 USD and our flagship HD-2222 (4/32Gb.) for 169 USD. These plug'n'play players are great for powering any digital signage screens with HDMI input and thanks to custom firmware they are the perfect pair to work with Look CMS.
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Interactive opportunities
Everything becomes interactive. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must respond to these changes. And Look helps its customers solve it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. With industry-leading Look interactive features, creating multi-page use cases for touch monitors is a breeze. No coding. No web designer involvement. No extra costs. Just Look Content Manager, you and a cup of coffee.
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Easy setup
Well, you're not too tech-savvy. Excellent. Look digital signage service is made exactly for you. To get started, you do not need to spend hours studying the knowledge base (but, you're able to, if anything), browsing instructions and going through boring trainings or video tutorials. Everything is so simple as ABC. It will take you seconds to connect your first screen and send a playlist to it, while the extraordinary intuitive interface will save you money and nerves.
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Fast-to-deploy and simply scalable
Deploying a screen network with Look DS is a quick and simple process. You register in the service, test the functionality within a 14-day free trial, then add a payment method and choose a suitable tariff plan based on the number of screens you are going to manage. That's it, your network is ready to go. You can change your tariff plan at any time by yourself, removing unnecessary or adding new screens. The system will automatically let you know if any extra payments are required or recalculate the duration of the subscription.
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On-premise with one-time payment
There are many reasons why you might not be happy with a cloud-based solution and related recurring payments. It can be security issues, finances, corporate restrictions and much more. Well, with Look DS you have a choice. We offer an option for on-premise deployment on the hardware servers or any other hosting of your company. No monthly payments. Pay once and get a lifetime world class solution within your infrastructure.

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