Sadkomed project - Digital signage use case from Healthcare industry (Video)

The Customer, first of all, wanted to optimize a content management process for 40 TVs placed in clinics’ lobbies within 23 locations
Sadkomed project - Digital signage use case from Healthcare industry (Video)



Sadkomed clinics.


1. Turning an existing TVs network into remotely managed digital signs.

2. Improving a content management process in all the clinics, making it centralized, simple, fast and controlled.

3. Boosting patients’ loyalty by enhancing their experience of visiting the clinic with quality infotainment broadcasting.

4. Cross- and Up-selling via ad content included into broadcasting.


Creation of the centralized digital signage network by connecting the TVs located in the different clinics operating under one brand to the cloud-based Look digital signage service using reliable powerful and affordable media players Look HD-2214.

“Couple of years ago we’ve installed a number of digital screens across the clinics in order to reduce patient waiting time with infotainment streaming and to advertise our services and special offers. For bringing a content to the screens we used flash drives and since the very beginning the content replacing became the real nightmare for us. Twice a week we were required to put a new content onto dozens of flash drives and then to drive around all the locations to replace the sticks contained an old content by the new ones. It was pain! Well, we've found Look when we were searching for the software, which could simplify this process for us. The main requirement was to have an ability to change a content remotely and the main concern we expected was the cost of implementation, because we already had a very diverse hardware infrastructure and we also worried about the possible difficulties with an integration of the solution into our IT eco-system. But we were really surprised on how fast, smoothly and cost-effective the deployment was. Currently we use about 40 of the Look hardware players in our venues and nearly didn't have any issues with the network for almost a year. The CMS is so easy as you even can't expect. Me and my colleagues can manage any changes even right from the convenience of our homes and it will start to play almost immediately in all the clinics. Our content manager also uses different Look inbuilt apps like Instagram, Weather or RSS to make the broadcasting more diverse and interesting to patients. The Look team is helpful and prompt in responses, which is important. Overall, really helpful and totally recommended product!” – says Anastasia Pustovalova, Marketing specialist at Sadkomed.

About Customer:

Sadkomed now is network of 23 clinics in various fields and 22 years of successful work in the market of medical services. There are 400,000 people who have entrusted Sadkomed with the most valuable thing - their health. This is a wide range of services from diagnostics and treatment of the whole body to rehabilitation. This is constant care of the patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.